Kde mac os x look

I have 2 docks now and none of them looks like the Mac OS's dock ":.


My (k)Ubuntu (OSX look alike) desktop setup

Do you really want to report this comment? Need Dash-to-dock plugin must be installed on your system. It comes preinstalled with Ubuntu. But it looks amazing.

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I'm thinking of preparing a tutorial if can find the time. So, if you installed the suggested fonts and the default date format remains, then you saw the ugly "square colon".

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I'd like to recommend "Clock Override". Doesn' t work out of the box via the install button.


In my case, it's still dark. Does not contain GTK theme. Disabled transparency onthe topbar only graphite verions SachaYuri Jan 05 9 excellent. Jont Sep 17 9 excellent. Jocix Sep 05 9 excellent.

Kde Mac OSX Splash Screen - ilodykuh.tk

Senk0n Jun 19 9 excellent. Shevchuk May 14 9 excellent. JustPerfection Feb 10 9 excellent. Count: 4 Rating: 5.

Customize Ubuntu : Make login screen look like Mac Os login screen

SachaYuri Jan 05 Che68 Oct 16 Jont Sep 22 Jocix Sep 05 Wilco Jun 22 Senk0n Jun 19 Dedwen Jun 03 Rehazen Apr 26 TravelingBavarian Feb 24 JuandS Feb 14 Righclick on the kicker, go into preferences MightyJack join Buffalo, NY. I may be wrong, but I think you're referring to having a large panel with single-click shortcut icons on it Hope that's what you're looking for Wrath join Philadelphia, PA.

Making Your KDE Look Like Mac OSX

WinXP has got to go. I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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I still prefer the real thing [text was edited by author ]. If that's the link for the Crystal Icon set, then yes for some reason - likely crapcast internet I get connection refused trying to get to kdelook. Look above, that's real OS X with the aluminite X theme KDE 3. So not now but if you want to download KDE 3.