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Design and Print Labels and Envelopes on Your Mac

There are many applications for the Mac OS X that support Mail Merge, so we've written this article showing some of the best solutions for Mac and how to use them. Office for Mac has great mail merge support. Using Microsoft Word, you can link an existing Excel document containing contact information to a Word document, allowing you to pull contact data into labels, letters, and envelopes. Select Mail Merge from the drop down menu and a Mail Merge pop-up menu will appear.

Using mail merge in Word 2016 for Mac

The Mail Merge popup menu has a ton of options that will make for an easy data import from Excel. From this menu, click the Create New button to start a new Mail Merge. You'll be prompted to select a document type: a letter, label, envelope, or catalog.

Easy How To: Mac Mail Merge with Microsoft Office and Excel

For this tutorial, we'll be using labels. Select the printer you'll be using to print these labels. You can do this by looking under the Printer Information option.

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The body of the letter is an example of identical content. Your mailing list has names, for example, and your main document is the letter that will be addressed to the names in your list. Mail merge pulls information from the mailing list and puts it in your main document, resulting in a personalized for each person.

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Before you begin the mail merge, prepare your letter. It's those details that would be important to all recipients of your letter.

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The mailing list is your data source. It can be an Excel spreadsheet, a directory of Outlook contacts, an Access database, or an Office address list. Or choose Define Custom to create and define your own label.

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  • To change the order of the first and last name in mailing labels, change the setting of the Show First Name option in Change general preferences in Contacts on Mac. Tip: Want to print the same address on a page of labels?

    How to Create a Mail Merge in Pages

    Create a group that contains the contact card with the address you want to print. Copy and paste the card in the group as many times as you need. Then select the group and print. Or for a nonstandard envelope size, choose Define Custom to create and define your own layout. Include your return address it must appear on your contact card. Print an envelope for a specific address such as work or all addresses for contacts who have multiple addresses. Choose the paper size and orientation, then select the information attributes to include in the list.