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Bypass throttling from your Internet provider and get maximum speed for BitTorrent traffic. Hardware encoding on both Windows and Mac used only when trancoding is absolutely required.

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  • The proper Apple TV isn't quite here yet, so why not watch TV on your existing Apple kit?.
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Support for 5. Support for subtitles most subtitles will not require transcoding the video.

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Automatically get matching subtitles in your language. Support for all the common subtitles formats. Hardware decoding for H. When the latest upgrade to the Mac-OS hit this app crashed and didn't do a thing.

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It worked well on and older Computer with the previous OS on it now its working back to its top form! Good job! Thank you so much for your feedback Mr. Always starts in a ridiculously small viewport. You have to double-click to return to the small screen and then coax the popup controls back to life mouseover recog is poor and, THEN re-enter full screen mode. The app decides latency settings Since when does such a basic function constitute a 'premium' app? This app exists only to skim money off the Apple store customers.

And, this one made me stop long enough to convey exactly how poor it truly is. There may not yet be an Apple-branded television set, but there are lots of ways in which you can watch TV today.


On your Mac, you can fire up Safari and head to the website of one of the main TV channels. Each has a catch-up service that allows you to watch programmes broadcast in the last few weeks.

How to Watch Worldwide TV Online On Mac OS X

And if you subscribe to Virgin Media or Sky, you can watch some of the channels from your subscription package on their websites. These little gizmos allow you to receive Freeview TV channels over-the-air and watch them or record them on your Mac. You can even hook a TV tuner up to your network and watch it from different Macs in the house. If you have an iOS device, there are numerous apps that allow you to watch live or on-demand TV. The BBC iPlayer app allows you to download programmes to your device to watch later. There are also TV tuners available for iOS devices.