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Important You must register your copy of the software, to ensure that the software engines, virus definitions and the program itself are updated on a regular basis. This is described in the next section. Note : If you do not register your copy of avast! You must be connected to the Internet to register avast! Click at the figure 5 above to activate the following screen:. Click under the Standard protection column as highlighted above in figure 9. Step 3. At the Register your! Step 4. Click Stay with basic protection as highlighted in the following screen:.

During the avast! For reasons of internet privacy and security, it is recommended that you disable this option as shown in the following steps:. Click from the left hand column of the avast!

How To Remove A Mac Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware, Maintenance, And Cleaning 2018

From the General tab unselect the Participate in the Avast community as shown in the following screen:. Once avast! By default, avast! This can can cause issues for some email clients such as Thunderbird. SSL scanning of email connections can be disabled to prevent avast!

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Click from the left hand column of the! Click and select Mail Shield and Customize as shown below. Click and unselect SSL Scanning as shown below. This can be disabled by following the steps below. Click and select the Sound settings arrow as highlighted below. Unselect Use voiceover sounds where available as shown above. However, in situations where your internet access is discontinuous, restricted or temporary in some way, performing a manual update may be necessary.

There are two ways of updating avast! Note : It is advisable not to disable automatically download updates unless necessary. Click to activate the avast! Click and then to activate the following screen and display the Program and Virus Definitions versions:. Step 3 : Click to update the Program version as follows:.

Click to update the Virus Definition as following:.

Avast Boot-time Scan: Important notes!

Right click in the System Tray to activate the following pop-up menu:. The following sections describe the avast! Click and to begin the scan. If the scan detects out of date software it will display as shown below:. Click to begin updating the application. Browser Cleanup can detect and remove unwanted or malicious add-ons installed in your computers Internet browsers. Such add-ons can spy on your activity, cause an annoyance and slow down your browser. To review and remove unwanted add-ons:.

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Click to activate the Browser Cleanup as shown below:. Select the browser icon from the left hand menu to show add-ons per browser as shown below:. Click for the chosen add-on. Step 5. Click Yes at the prompt Do you really want to permanently remove these add-ons to activate the screen below:.

Run a scan

To create the rescue disk your computer needs to be connected to the internet. But after the rescue disk is ready you can use it to scan any computer even if it is not connected to the Internet. This is useful in a situation when a different computer is infected with a virus that prevents normal functioning of the computers system, avast! The Rescue Disk and the Boot-time Scan options are the most complete and thorough scan of a computer system avast!

Note Rescue Disk requires downloading large files from the Internet. Click to activate the Rescue Disk option as shown below:. Click to activate the screen shown below:. Click and then to begin creating a Rescue Disk as shown below. You have now created Rescue Disk. The Advanced Virus Removal Methods section describes how to use it. Also visit the avast! FAQ for further information on using avast! Rescue Disk. There are two basic parts to dealing with malware and other assorted viruses when using avast! The first is scanning your computer to identify such threats. The second involves either deleting or moving such threats to the avast!

Virus Chest. It may seem unusual to store malware or viruses in the Virus Chest. However, if they have attached themselves to important or sensitive information, you may want to recover or save that infected document, file or program as far as possible. Also in rare instances, avast!

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Virus Chest is an electronic 'dead zone' or 'quarantine', where you can examine the virus and determine its potential threat by either researching it on the Internet, or submitting it to a virus laboratory - an option available in avast! Double clicking a virus in the Virus Chest will not activate or run the malware or virus because the Virus Chest keeps it isolated from the rest of your system.

Tip : Alternatively, you can transfer important or sensitive information to the avast! Virus Chest to keep it safe during a virus attack. There are a number of precautions you can take to limit hostile or malicious threats to your computer system; for instance using updated anti-virus or anti-spyware programs like avast!

How do I stop Avast from scanning on bootup?

Please read more about those steps under Preventing virus infection in the Protect your device from malware and hackers guide. However, despite the precautions we sometimes find our computer infected by a virus. The following points are offered for consideration when dealing with a virus attack:. Disconnect your computer from the Internet or the local network - physically. If you have a wireless connection, disconnect your computer from the wireless network itself. After clicking Install specialized definitions , you are not offered this option again.

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  5. Use caution when configuring Boot-time Scan to take automatic actions. In the event that a critical system file is incorrectly identified as malware due to a false positive issue, the Boot-time scan may delete the file if an automatic action is set up. Though Avast has a number of measures designed to prevent such issues, false positives may occur.

    Avast Ultimate Was this article helpful? So, after deleting the file I did several more full system scans to check to see if there were any more files.

    Process scan results

    I found nothing, until I restarted my macbook pro today. The file reappeared in the same location. So I decided to let Avast put it in the virus chest, restarted the laptop, and again the file was in the same location again. Therefore the virus is re-creating the file every restart of the laptop.

    I want to avoid wiping the laptop and re-installing everything, so that is why I am here. So if something is mining in the background, I can't tell at all. I have no clue what to do. My Avast runs full system scans every week, so this just recently became an issue this week. I checked all of my chrome extensions and nothing is out of order, I haven't downloaded anything special within the past week, besides the new Mac operating system macOS High Sierra So I have no clue where this has came from to be honest and I have no clue how to get rid of it. Can someone please help me out.

    Therefore, a common virus removal forum isn't helpful in my situation, since I've already attempted to remove it with both Avast, malwarebytes, and manually. As this article explains :. These files are named with a timestamp filename following the pattern logdata. Just check out this reference for known Windows malware files that references that one specific hash.

    And the reason that specific file seems to regenerate is based on this detail from the above explanation:. As for what to do now? I can confirm this is a false positive. The superuser. Has anyone contacted Apple directly about this? This all seems a bit crazy.