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Lynxlet is a Termlet - a class of applications designed to make Terminal based programs easy to use. Lynx is developed and maintained by the Lynx-Dev Group. Please send bug reports and comments to chuck habilis. Lynxlet Screenshot.

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Because Lynxlet is a standard browser application, it can be launched in the same ways as other browsers like Safari, FireFox, IE, etc. In addition to being a web browser, Lynx supports browsing for many other network protocols FTP, Gopher, Finger, etc and Local directory browsing.

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The Lynxlet application supports these protocols wherever possible. That's not the only trick that Links2 can do.

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The browser can display frames and tables, and supports basic JavaScript. You can also use your mouse to follow hyperlinks whether you're in text or graphical mode. And like Links2, ELinks can display tables and frames.

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While it supports using a mouse to follow hyperlinks, ELinks lacks support for Javascript. One feature that makes ELinks stand out from other command line browsers is its menu system. ELinks lacks a graphical mode, but it does have a nifty feature that lets you view images on a web page. While it might not have as many features as the other browsers I discuss in this article, w3m gets the job done. You can navigate web pages using a mouse, and the browser will render tables and even accept cookies.

Like ELinks2, w3m lets you view images on a page using an external program.

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The browser doesn't do JavaScript, though. As far as the important job of rendering web pages, w3m does a better job than Links2 or ELinks even with complex pages. The rendering is clean and colorful. Have a favorite command line web browser? Feel free to share it with our community by leaving a comment.

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Among the reasons for using a text-based browser, sometimes you're working remotely from an ssh session on a system with no access to GUI browsers or for that matter, any GUI interface. If you need to configure some gadget on the LAN side via the device's web interface, these text-based browsers come in handy.

Top 20 OS X command-line secrets for power users

It is the oldest web browser Default. See you Ernesto Escobedo. Image by :. Internet Archive Book Images, modified by Opensource. Get the highlights in your inbox every week.

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Why browse the web from the command line? More Linux resources. What is Linux?