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Skip to content. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises. Installing them is most easily done using homebrew , the Mac package manager: brew update brew install unixodbc freetds Edit the freetds.

Edit the odbcinst. Connect with pyodbc It should now be possible to connect to your SQL Server database using pyodbc, for example: import pyodbc the DSN value should be the name of the entry in odbc. Pages You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

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See the section with the same name in the Linux section. The apt-get command can be used to install database drivers easily on Linux distributions that support it, such as Debian and Ubuntu. On MacOS and Linux, there are two separate text files that need to be edited. However, these are plain text files you can also edit by hand if desired.

This file contains the driver information, particularly the name of the driver library. Multiple drivers can be specified in the same file. This file contains the connection information, particularly the username, password, database and host information. This Web-based assistant is powered by OpenLink's server components, and it provides utilities to configure these components. Use the following instructions to create data source names with the Multi-Tier Administrative Assistant. The following instructions will enable users to create Multi-Tier data source names on Mac Classic.

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There are two methods, which users may employ to configure Mac OS X data source names. Expert users may configure the ODBC. The ODBC. Users may open this file with TextEdit or a similar text editor. The following table describes sections, which users will encounter in ODBC. Here is the OpenLink Multi-Tier data source specification format:. The following table explains the parameters that appear in the Multi-Tier data source specification sections.

All OpenLink Single-Tier drivers recognize a common subset of specifications parameters. Individual Single-Tier drivers recognize an additional set of parameters, which are specialized for the database to which they connect. Different driver managers are installed by different OpenLink install bundles and client applications. Apple dylibs are dynamic shared libraries. One copy of a. These libraries are similar in theory to Unix dynamic libraries. However, their use and implementation are different.

MAC OS X ODBC driver?

Apple frameworks are special bundles or packages, which contain dynamic shared libraries, header files, documentation, and other resources that are necessary to use the library. The Code Fragment Manager loads code fragments libraries, applications, code, etc. For instance, the setup routine will replace Server with Net 8 Service Name, if you choose an Oracle domain. This distinction is critical. The frameworks format driver manager provides the applications developer with versatility that is not available with dylibs.

Frameworks bundles contain multiple revisions of the iODBC driver manager. Moreover, the driver manager library name points to the latest revision of the component. Therefore, developers do not need to set environment variables to point to the appropriate file. However, applications developers can choose to instantiate legacy revisions.

In other words, developers can hard link applications to older driver managers to access functionality that is not present in recent revisions.

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It identifies the correct driver manager format, which to load. These technologies are based on the principle of interoperability. This principle dictates that one client application can access diverse, back-end database management systems, without knowledge of proprietary database protocols.

Thereby, this powerful technology allows application developers to develop, compile, and ship applications, which speak to any, ODBC-compliant data source. The application developer does not need to cater to any specific vendor's DBMS. The application and DBMS may reside on one or more machines. These machines may comprise similar or dissimilar operating systems and hardware.

SQL Server and Sybase

The specification defines the ability to:. The two driver formats also provide the following features:. Oracle Single-Tier drivers recognize these specialized parameters. OpenLink's Mac Classic client installer provides its own driver manager for this platform.

Mac ODBC: SQL Server and Sybase connectivity for Mac OS X by Actual Technologies

Users may also encounter another driver manager created by Visigenic and maintained by Intersolv, Merant, and Data Direct respectively. Passes the full path to OpenLink's Java archive. This variable is not required for ODBC connectivity. Passes the full path to various library directories on Darwin computers. Passes the full path to the odbcinst. Passes the full path to the openlink.

Actual ODBC Driver for

Passes the full path to directories, which contain executables. Shared, iODBC driver manager library. Older, iODBC driver manager libraries are linked to the latest revision. Revised, iODBC driver manager library. This section names each of the ODBC data sources that appear in the odbc.