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Many thanks for the link. Really unimpressed. My point is that the hype around this product is misleading,,.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking to upgrade to pro when the trakt integration is better as this looks to be a really nice product I just think they should only claim what it can actually deliver Log in. Joined: Nov Posts: Kudos : 2. Joined: Dec Kudos : 0. Posts: 8. Joined: Mar Posts: 6. Noahkaoi wrote:. Does it make a difference? No difference for me.

Posts: 4. Jdoe wrote:. Joined: Sep Joined: Jun Posts: 13, Kudos : 1, Posts: 3. MortUK wrote:. One More. Posts: 9. One More wrote:. Love the app, looking forward to future updates. The trackpad is first rate however. The touchbar is so much less functional than the keys it replaces. I walked into an Apple store last week prepared to hate the keyboards and touch bars, but was very pleasantly surprised. My ladyfriend wanted to see the Air, but was so taken with the Touch Bar for photo work that she will be buying an MBP instead.

While it might not be everyones cup of tea, I think Apple may have figured is demographics correctly on this one.


Yes, You Can Get 1080P out of a Mac Mini

I don't have a problem with the touchbar, its the keyboard that they introduced on the same model. I also think the new MacBook Pro is the worst laptop I've ever had. I hated it so much I switched to a Thinkpad. Thankfully these are company issued laptops and I could do this pretty easily. Had I bought a personal one I'd be quite distraught. Anyone who hates the touchbar has never chased a chat window for the mute button it's there. Also, no need to leave the keyboard to click on dialog box buttons - they also get there. It could be better - it could require a bit more of pressure to press buttons and could have haptic feedback like the touchpad, but I bet someone is working on that, even if it means extending haptic feedback to the whole chassis which is not a bad idea anyway.

I vastly prefer the and , even though they are bare-bones specced and the newer MBPs are top-of-the-line. The touchbar MBPs are provided to me by my employer. I just bought my 13" this year, after considering getting a newer model, and I'm planning for it to be my main personal laptop for years to come. I don't like the touchbar, I don't like the new keyboard, and I don't like the new ports. I think there is something wrong if, now two years later, there are still people like me who not only don't see a clear benefit to upgrading, but see it as a net-negative.

Ideally, there should be nearly no one if anyone who prefers the previous iteration. It makes things universally worse imo. Everything was by touch for me previously, including adjusting sound. I had the keyboard memorized. Now I constantly have to look down. A keyboard shouldn't require me to change my focus, that defeats the entire purpose.

Before that, I owned a MacBook Pro, the last one with the mechanical trackpad. My new machine is absolutely better than my old one. In what ways is your new machine better, apart from being thinner and just a bit lighter? The dimensions aren't really a selling point for me at all. Both laptops are thin enough and light enough for me to carry them to and from work comfortably. It has a larger, pressure-sensitive track pad. The display is better. I have a slight preference for the old keyboard, but I don't dislike the new one. I could take or leave the TouchBar.

I like having Touch ID. I'd prefer to have a real escape key, but the button is still in the same place so I haven't had to retrain my fingers to hit it. I do miss MagSafe though. These are almost exactly my thoughts as well coming from a MBP. I would only add that for me, I actually like the new keyboard. I felt like the old keyboards were "mushy". That's obviously a personal preference, however. If drcongo doesn't mean to speak for "Anyone who owns a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar", drcongo should refrain from using those exact words.

And you should probably refrain from speaking for drcongo. It's pretty common to make sweeping generalizations in casual conversation, which this is. I find it really annoying when someone says something like "everyone likes cats! Sure, it's not necessary to completely accurate in casual conversation, but you can say "heaps of people like cats!

It almost always carries a negative connotation. I find it annoying when someone speaks for me and gets my opinion wrong. It happens every single time? No, but communicating clearly and honestly is important, even in casual conversations. You know what? I love hash browns too. One of the best uses of a potato imo. I'm terribly unhappy with mine and so is everyone else I know, so i'm pretty pleased with it. I like the Touchbar more than most of my other colleagues like the Touchbar. And I hate the Touchbar.

The new macbook pro keyboard is flimsy and easily broken. I bought my own macbook pro, delete key stuck. Got a new one from my new job, keyboard stuck. My brother bought a new one, keyboard stuck. Clearly, you are holding it wrong. You are liking it wrong :. HN: This is the worst Apple product ever and Apple has abandoned satisfying their customer with the things they actually want. Reality: Apple product breaks sales records. McDonald's also makes record sales in Japan right now. So by your logic that must be the best hamburger in the market. Would you suppose that price and convenience might be factors aside from food quality?

This is the thing - narrow single issue analysis that doesn't even acknowledge that other factors of consideration even exist, inevitably will result in conclusions with very limited applicability. I don't mind the touchbar. It has it's moments. I just wish they had included it in addition to the normal keyboard, rather than replacing the top row.

I think really the goal was replacing the top row in the first place - the function keys are generally useless except for ancient legacy compatibility, advanced user's macros, and media control. I also wish there was a standard way for applications to advertise functions for it I have some really useful tools that are third party, such as mic mute. I don't dislike the touchbar, I'm just annoyed at having to pay so much for something I'm ambivalent about.

I don't understand why it isn't just an option. If you want it give you can pay for it. Hate it or not, Apple has to make it relatively commonplace if they want macOS apps to bother developing for it instead of ignoring it. Keeping it optional indefinitely, then, defeats this goal. Wowfunhappy 9 months ago. Then is it going to come to desktop machines too, where people often use battery-powered Bluetooth keyboards, or peripherals not made by Apple? What about the tiny 12 inch Macbook?

I don't see how this thing is practical across the entire Mac line. The inch Macbook has an F-key row which is what gets replaced with the touch bar. But I can imagine a future where Apple keyboards have a touch bar option. Though not as important because Macbook touch bar penetration can drive developers to integrate with it, alone. At which point it's not much different than gestures when it comes to answering your questions. Note that touch bar integration cannot have unique features, so it's never required. The challenge is to get developers to care about it which is the prerequisite for users to care about it.

From Apple's perspective, extending this to desktops kills two birds with one stone. Widespread touchbar adoption 2. Increased sales of Apple keyboards. Actually, I do: They'll raise the price of the cheapest iMac configuration and include the keyboard in the box. After seeing the starting Mac Mini prices, it makes total sense. Probably because it can't be made to be "just an option".

Having seen teardowns of a MacBook, I'm pretty sure that one without a touchbar would be more-or-less a completely different computer - different keyboard, yes. To accomplish that, though, you'd need to also make a different housing to accommodate it, and a different motherboard, too, because this stuff's all soldered together as a single unit these days. And for all that, people would still be griping about the keyboard and the monoport.

They sell a version without a touchbar. A low end 2-port version, yes. I'd bet on the full keyboard MBP getting discontinued now that it's out, or best case having the hang around while the touchbar models continue to see updates. I doubt the "MacBook Escape" 13" non-touchbar will be revved, because it will either be met by the air or an eventual revved MacBook focusing on ultraportable demographics. But, echoing what I said, it's not "just an option" - it's a whole different model that they happen to be selling under the same name.

Different CPU options, different monitors, different port configuration, etc. They don't even have the same number of microphones. I don't have a problem with the Touch Bar. It's kind of handy for occasional things that are context specific and normally involve using the mouse. I think the thing people have a problem with is the atrocious new keyboard. It's taking me some time to get used to, I'll grant you that.

I'll be getting a Mac Mini once they're available for order here, so this machine will see much less use then, just basically if I need to be able to do something while travelling which isn't that frequent. Elidrake24 9 months ago. Chiming in to agree that it wasn't a problem here. Though I also never understood why someone would be crazy enough to leave ESC as the default keybinding anyhow.

The Solution

You'd think that Courage Incorporated would have had the gumption to officially move Escape to where Caps Lock is. TomVDB 9 months ago. How else would you bind ESC? Well, tbh, if it's simply a choice of which key to map to the currently-Caps Lock key then Escape should be the winner even if exiling Caps Lock to the Touch Bar would cause significant annoyance to some heavy users.

However, while users are mostly just faced with perhaps-hard choices about how to remap the given keys, the keyboard manufacturer and integrator Apple had many other options. You could even give Escape the outside position: that's not a big reach, just the mirror-image of the ISO English key and more convenient than Esc's existing position in both ANSI and ISO, and there's an arguable case for not putting Esc on too much of a hair-trigger position near the home row anyway. Caps-Lock is a waste of a key. I learned high speed touch typing in the eighties, with included heavy use of the caps-lock.

There is nothing wasteful about it when you've been trained that way. I don't think that really changed the implication. Regardless of whether he's speaking specifically about the Mac Mini, about Apple products in general, or about the entire industry; he's still saying that it's bucking the trend of "being a series of compromises and disappointments sold as innovation" and that almost everything is genuinely an improvement.

I'm going to hold on to my Mid MacBook Pro for dear life. I'm hoping it will be good for 3 more years. JohnBooty 9 months ago.

audio - Mac mini HDMI surround sound output - Ask Different

You're not alone. I actually bought one refurb from Apple this year and I plan on extending the AppleCare to the full 3 years. Tactic 9 months ago. Given the use of the word "donglage" I suspect it was a somewhat snarky reference to the iphone and the disappearing head phone jack. It's actually a reference to the USB-C ecosystem for the laptop line; Marco and his cohosts on the Accidental Tech Podcast have burned a lot of time griping about the state of connecting things to a laptop.

Not so much time on the head phone jack, which was mostly a no-op for them since it was paired with the airpods. No, that quote is not out of context at all. The expectation that Apple would in some way ruin the Mac Mini in the next update is the topic of several of the first paragraphs in the article. The gist is indeed "It hasn't gotten worse! He is celebrating that it's gotten better, but he is also specifically celebrating that it hasn't lost many advantages. They probably figured that people who want these are acceptably served by USB.

For SD cards in particular, having the reader slot on the back has always made it useless for me. External card readers are more flexible. You can get more options with multiple slots, or card sizes, or whatever. Similarly with audio I don't know if this is true with Macs too, but on PC laptops I've often found the mic quality sucks or has interference, and I started using USB inputs. I completely forgot about the SD card reader. Probably because I plugged it in and never looked at the back again. Having an SD card reader on the back of a device just isn't practical.

I've just been using a USB hub with an external reader. The SD card reader was the first thing to break as well. I missed that! So not only is 'not any less useful or versatile than the outgoing Mac Mini, including the generous assortment of ports' a shockingly low bar, it's also what might charitably be termed 'rather a bit of a fib'.

It also doesn't look like it has a DisplayPort. It has four Thunderbolt 3 connectors. Thunderbolt 3 features DisplayPort 1. With the old one, you would probably need a mini DP to DP dongle anyway I did for my displayport KVM on my Mini , so this isn't really worse, but it might mean you now need a different dongle.

I use optical audio in a mac mini as a home theater TV driver. No thanks. These days optical audio is dying when it comes to home theater systems, primarily due to its lack of codec support. Pro audio for recording has been shifting to USB over the past few years. They were heavily on Firewire or PCI card formats before, but USB has finally gotten fast enough to do the throughput, and of course it's much cheaper and more standard.

USB has had the throughput to handle multichannel audio for decades; USB still has issues regarding device priority when it comes to the nature of its interaction with the OS. And thus throughput is not enough. In pro audio, we can't afford dropouts or lost data, even when the CPU is under heavy load. I'm not a pro audio guy, but I think if you want to work with any external audio device and want that connection to be noise-free, your safest bet is still optical.

Now I am using USB, because the new motherboard doesn't have optical; I assumed USB would be fine, so the lack of optical wasn't something I considered with the purchase. I'm not knowledgeable enough to pinpoint what's causing it, but standard remedies I've found eliminate ground loop, try ferrite cores, get a usb filter have not made a difference. I like it. I also don't like adjusting volume through a tray applet. No amount of electrical interference can do anything to the digital audio going Ofer USB.

The electrical interference can't do anything to to the digital audio, but interference on the USB cable can potentially be picked up by the analog amplifier circuitry in the DAC.

Re: 2010 Mac Mini 4,1 and audio over SP/DIF (or HDMI) with 10.10 Maverick

I had a particular combination of headphone, DAC and amplifier years ago that I could hear electrical noise on when no music was playing. Applejinx 9 months ago. Optical digital means perfect isolation from the ground plane of the computer. It's that simple. The DAC can do whatever it needs to manage its own noise levels, but you're pretty much guaranteed a huge difference from entirely decoupling the DAC from the computer's ground plane. That electrical interference can do a surprisingly enormous amount of damage to the analog circuitry of the cheap DAC, which itself is probably not very resilient at rejecting any sort of electrical interference.

But it sounds like its the same DAC, which was hiss free with optical. So it's not the DAC "generating" the hiss. Rather electrical "interference" making it over to the analog side from the digital side. A higher quality USB DAC either has to do quite a bit of signal clean-up, and may use its own power supply rather than trying to clean up the USB power from the computer. Optical has the benefit of always being electrically isolated. I thought so too, but regardless, with this same device there is no hiss when connected via optical.

So if I had the option, I'd be using optical vs. USB today, which was what the GP asked. Logically, it seems like if you had a USB-optical dongle you would have no further trouble. I don't know if there is such a thing, but I do know that in that situation all the 'it's digital, so it should be perfect' talk becomes somewhat true.

You'd be converting from USB to optical, at which point you'd break the ground connection which would be where your hiss is coming from assuming it's still noiseless when still being used with optical. Then, your concern would be jitter and whether the added conversion is adding lots of jitter to the equation. Your DAC might or might not be good at rejecting jitter noise. I've got a Lavry DA10 that's exceptionally good at rejecting jitter in crystal mode , but that's mastering grade and maybe overkill for you.

It wouldn't add literal noise, but it's also possible for the USB connection to be more jittery than a different computer making the optical connection. That's partly hardware and partly software design controlling how the data stream is buffered, and associated things that might slightly modulate the audio data clocking.

So a change in computer feeding the DAC could also substantially affect the 'sound' of the DAC, as well as the noise issue you observed. I agree, that should work. I haven't seen USB-optical devices that weren't straight media converters though. This isn't a huge issue for me, it's just an example of where I'd prefer to use optical. If it ends up bothering me such that I need to fix something, I'll 'fix' the motherboard.

A lot of USB audio interfaces already have this. I bought a soundbar for my TV a couple months ago. Recent Samsung model. Has optical. I beleive the only other option was 3. I bought a pretty cheap soundbar this year from Yamaha and I think it had optical as an option along with 3. And it works great over ARC!

The TV remote's volume buttons get passed through automatically, and it turns itself off and on along with the TV. I don't even know where the soundbar's own remote is anymore. The easy answer is: same thing I was using it for 10 and 20 years ago. Audio equipment doesn't age nearly as quickly as personal computers. I'm not going to replace my entertainment system just because there's a new Mac. I don't know how to troubleshoot those sorts of issues.

I do know that optical audio always works perfectly with every device I've ever used it with, though. Never would have guessed that for headphones! I guess they have some kind of a dock? Marsymars 9 months ago. Wireless non-Bluetooth Sennheiser headphones also take optical input as well as 3.

Since they're only doing stereo, and require a digital-to-analog conversion on the headphone side, makes sense to avoid an additional analog-to-digital on the transmitter side. I'm probably in a tiny niche but I use it so that I can have optical out to my speakers and analogue out to an extension cord with a plug next to my keyboard that I plug my headphones into. I have the same setup actually! But my speakers only take analog in so I use a cheap USB sound card.

Matthias 9 months ago. Sonos, which might be one of the most hyped average user audio things in the last years, only offers optical inputs for their soundbars. Or simply because of cost savings. Am hell-bent against smart TVs, so my next display will probably be either a digital signage display or a projector still without ARC.

The other half of the time I can go through the menu with the slow-ass on-screen menu, and manually toggle back to receiver. I just want an effing option that says "never in hell try to use the fucking TV speakers, for the love of god". My very low-end Samsumg soundbar only has optical and 3.

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I think a lot of cheap equipment still uses optical. Still pretty popular in the 2-channel audio world Somehow HDMI audio is still less convenient for me. Earlier this year I bought a nice sound system with a receiver for the reasons you mentioned, but it added extra lag to my video games, so I returned it. My current sound system also supports ARC but it causes most of the same problems.

Decoding those fancy codecs creates lag on every system I've tried, so sticking to LPCM over optical seems to be the only way to enjoy games still. Isn't that what it was before? I swear I had previous mac minis with a combo port like that Yes that is precisely the thing that used to be in all macs that they discontinued. Now that I think about it, axing the optical audio ports was probably a deliberate move by Apple to nudge home TV users of mac minis into using Apple TVs, where they have way more control over the interface and content.

I doubt it -- the number of users who use a Mac Mini as an entertainment center is probably so small Apple barely thinks about them. More likely is that HDMI has superseded the optical audio port for most users, so they save money by removing a port few use these days. It's still a little weird.

This is just a standard annoying thing with Apple though. Their designs are very 'forward looking' in that they don't consider what potential customers already have so much as they do what their own future peripherals are going to need. Audio-only digital connections aren't necessarily going the way of the dodo yet, but they're becoming progressively more niche. So are home theater PCs, of course. Anecdotally: I do have a Mac mini with my receiver, which I replaced this year. But the new receiver not only has USB input, it has wifi and built-in clients for Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, TuneIn, Roon, whatever protocol Windows uses for media sharing whose name I'm utterly blanking on right now, and a dozen or so other services, with Apple Airplay 2 theoretically coming in an update.

The AppleTV doesn't have optical audio either. Ok well I guess that's even dumber than I thought. Don't judge, maybe the next version of the mac mini will be waterproof! Marco gotta keep those free gifts from Apple coming in. Marco made a few million when Tumblr was sold, has a profitable podcast app and is on either the most popular or second most popular Apple related podcast.

That's a reasonable expectation from Apple these days. Their "War on Ports" and "War on Repairability" has gotten to groan inducing levels. I would phrase it more like "Yay it has made improvements without compromises". The MacMini is a near perfect computer in its category; only thing was it wasn't updated for years. Now it is. The combination of price and absence of user upgradable M. The current price is fine if I could upgrade the drive later.

Non-upgrade-able SSD would be acceptable if the price for larger drives was more reasonable. Opened my system preferences and then sound, but there is not an HDMI option listed. Internal speakers listed only. Any ideas? I have the same problem.

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I think external speakers are the answer unless some clever person out there has a solution. I have the same problem as well. Someone please help, I can see the video but have no audio. I found your instructions great, but I had a problem the screen on the tv has a pink tinge to it. Any suggestions. Many of the cheaper adapters for display-port to HDMI do not support audio, you have to buy an adapter that specifically does support audio output. Thanks so much for this.

Just got a 23 inch monitor and was all good for mirroring but was getting the black box when playing videos — which was the main reason I got the monitor. After switching the main monitor to the display as you suggested … Perfect! Thanks for the clear and useful help. Thanks Paul!

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2010 Mac Mini 4,1 and audio over SP/DIF (or HDMI) with 10.10 Maverick

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