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Remove bay leaf. Stir in macaroni.

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Top with remaining macaroni and remaining cheese. Add panko and toss to coat. Sprinkle buttered panko and Reggiano Cheese over top of macaroni. Bake at F. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Makes 4 servings. Posted by Tanya at AM. This is recipe is a well guarded secret. How did you get it? Never mind, I'm just glad you did!!!

You are welcome, I searched high and low for it! And it helps to know someone who works as a GM. I asked a few questions to check if the recipe I had was correct and had to modify it slightly from what I found to get it to their recipe. Hope you enjoy! Bon Appetit! It is VERY close to the recipe. I dined there this past weekend and asked about some of the ingredients. I hope all have enjoyed! The recipe does list Reggiano cheese in it : you must have missed it.. Miss Tanya- I am trying this today for Thanksgiving. I hope you got it right! I'm counting on you.

I work there. It is not tobasco it is cholula. I hate their horrible treatment of employees so here's the secret. FYI the spinach dip "special cheese blend" is white velveeta. And the steak seasoning is mccormicks Montreal steak seasoning. And the very best chocolate cake has canned hersheys syrup in it, but the fudge on top isnt, it is commercial canned sauce. What else The white chocolate cheesecake is not made there. It's bought frozen. But the raspberry sauce is made fresh. For a replica don't cook the sauce!

It's a coolis. And If you can't get enough of the special onion ring sauce, mix mayonnaise with chipotle peppers. Aaaaand the addictive honey mustard only has 4 ingredients- mayonnaise, honey, grey poupon, and paprika. Even though I am a disgruntled employee, the place does have great food and I would still reccommend eating it every day! I would love the recipe for the carrot cake.. I have been employed with J alexander's for almost a decade and while most of what anonymous said is correct, the white chocolate cheesecake is NOT bought frozen. It is absolutely made in house. The recipe states when to add the cream but says nothing about including the sour cream and half-and-half.

Do you just add it with the heavy cream? The real thing is always the best J's happens to be one of our favorite places to eat out. However, this is still our favorite version of their recipe and I'm happy to always share and modify as necessary. Just had dinner at J. Reserve a small amount of the gruyere with the remaining parmesan cheese.

Set aside for now.

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Season to taste with pepper. When cheese has completely melted add lemon slice to mixture. Remove after a couple minutes. Remove pan from the stove. Fold in sour cream and tabasco. Pour half of mixture slowly, divided into ramekins or your baking dish, over macaroni. Stir to incorporate. Now sprinkle remaining cheese mixture over macaroni. Top with remaining cheese sauce mixture. Melt remaining 1 tablespoon butter in small skillet over medium heat. Add panko and toss to coat. Do NOT brown.

Sprinkle buttered panko and over top of macaroni. Bake at F. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Makes 4 servings. Does it taste good? I hope it does, the pictures says it does! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Now I am thinking of creating one. Will I make it this time? Yes Kevin. Very delicious. Best of luck on your creation.


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I adapted it from another copycat recipe. I have one from Crackerbarrel restaurant, it was when they use to make chocolate Coca Cola cake. Totally decadent! I will look it up and share. Jenny, please do! I did google it because I have a copycat recipe board on Pinterest. I found one and pinned it, but I would love for you to leave me the recipe or link so I can compare ingredients.

Hi Asmita. It really is comfort food that is sure to please. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog earlier when I approved your comment. Going back to peruse your recipes. That being said the fourth is tomorrow and me and the american bunch are having a Fourth Of July party with this to bring, thanks again….

Made this today and taking it to thanksgiving dinner at the in,laws….

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Tastes Amazing! I sure hope everyone else does as well!!!! I did deviate a bit from the receipe but tastes wonderful!!!!! Hi Wendy. Thanks for trying out the recipe and giving some feedback. I appreciate any feedback at all. I do it all the time. That is what makes it uniquely yours!!! I hope your family enjoys it as well. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Kayla. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment. Would love for you to drop by again and tell me if you loved the recipe or not or tweaked it to make it even better.

Happy Holidays. Has anyone tried to freeze it? How does that work out? Usually heavy whipping cream doesnt feeze well….

Appreciate any feedback. If you found a way, please let us know. It turned out amazing. My kids are scarfing this. I am definitely making it again. Mandy, Thank you so much. Your nice compliment makes posting this recipe so worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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Please stop back for more recipes. I read a lot of recipes for this dish and decided on yours — glad I did, I think it is the best one out there. Kelly, Thank you so much. Pretty close! You are still way closer than i could have done! Have you ever made it the day before and just bake it on the day needed? I think this dish is best prepared the day of. The cheese tends to harden when left in the fridge. I have heated it up the next day as leftovers, while still tasty, I prefer the day of.

If you want to make in advance boil your pasta and cool it quickly with ice and running water and drain it…make the cheese sauce and chill it separately and mix the two together immediately before baking. To freeze I recommend making the cheese sauce and freezing it then making pasta before you actually intend on baking it…. Shelley, so great to finally here from a top authority on this copycat recipe. I will try your tips. Thank you for stopping by and sharing them! I make this recipe all the time and everyone loves it!

But maybe I need more Parmesan instead or in addition? I do plan to do an update. I too will adjust the cheese ratio, switch out the red for a yellow onion and add lemon slices to bechamel at the very end which will hopefully eliminate the cheese from later curdling. I did notice mine does that the next day after sitting in fridge all night. She gave so many great tips! Jackie, please feel free to come back and give us your thoughts on the changes as well.

Thank you Ashlyn.

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My family always requests this recipe when they visit. Pingback: Celebrating A Birthday at J. In October my wife took me to J. Alexander's -Redlands Grill is Never a disappointment. They are there to serv, Not to entertain. Very 'Uniform' and disciplined staff! Thankyou for this and future experiences! This restaurant provides a consistent experience with good value. Great setting for a business lunch. Great time yummy food. Prime Rib was to tough to eat very disappointed.

Limited menu but our server was really nice. I think this is my second time there and I don't really like it. Great service Good food. Lunch out with my teenage son. This is one of his favorite restaurants. Service and food quality is always high rating. Always a great place to take out-of-town guests.

The Food is consistently great. The music playing was strange: techo-like. Also, they dimmed then raised then dimmed the lights. The candle on our table also was at the very end of its life and went out at the end of our meal should not leave on the table like this. Food was delicious, as always. I appreciate the refilling of chips with the queso appetizer.

Service started a little slow with getting our drinks out and there was no acknowledgment of our anniversary despite putting it on the reservation. Had to ask to have candle on table lit when all other tables around us were already lit. The salads were delivered in wrong order as well as our second round of drinks. We played musical food and passed around to right recipients.

Of note is that in this case these items were not delivered by our server. Meals were delivered in correct order however. Overall though our server was awesome and we had a great experience. Cold food, slow arrival of food, service was as fine. Server did a good job keeping up with our table of 10, keeping drinks filled, etc. One member of the party ordered the French Dip, but it came out unsliced.

Perhaps they just made the Prime Rib sandwich instead. Other items were ok to pretty good. It had a strange smell and an even stranger taste. Several people at the table agreed. Would never order that again. My husband and I enjoyed our meals.

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  6. My husband had a salmon dish and I had the Bayou pasta. We absolutely loved our dinners. The service was amazing as well as the atmosphere. Celebrating my friends birthday!! Very good service! Food is always delicious! Sign up Sign in. Overview Photos Menu Reviews Twitter.

    Alexander's - Redlands Grill - Cincinnati. Top Tags : Special Occasion. Good for a Date. Thank you for your review! We will publish it shortly. Dined here? Add a quick review Rate your experience. Write a review required add photos See Photo Guidelines. Your review will be posted as null. Edit Save Cancel. Please sign in to write your review.