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Originally Posted by Darkjagwar [ Original Post ]. Seen February 15th, Also whenever i try to use gameshark or codebreaker codes they don't work it says that they're not in the right format, please help! Seen March 20th, Seen May 16th, Ive downloaded Laiths but how do i "install" it ive got VBA Leviathan DarklyCute. Seen May 28th, You guys are the bestest fails I ever seen. Seen March 9th, Seen June 16th, Nothing works for me It freezes up after certain times.

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Seen July 21st, I have the same problem as KN3R, anyone know how to fix it? OMG haaaaaaallppp i need a file for a visualboyadvance on the mac for pokemon but i need it for one of the old games like yellow blue red silver gold or crystal! Seen September 10th, Can't save properly in Visual Boy Advance.?

I played a little bit of Pokemon Emerald, then I saved the game and quit. I opened the emulator a bit after wards and the save was available. Then, I logged off the computer a mac and when I came back and logged back on, the save file was completely deleted.

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I've concluded that whenever I physically tell the I've concluded that whenever I physically tell the application to quit by right clicking , it deletes the save file. I've tried to figure out how to solve the issue, but I can't. Is there anybody that has the answer to my issue? Signaler un abus.

Can I protect save states from being overwritten by accident? Tap "Protect Save State", and the save state will be moved into the Protected section. You cannot overwrite a protected save state, but you can still load it and delete it. If you want to unprotect a save state, tap and hold the protected save state, then tap "Unprotect Save State".

Mac OSX version of VBA will not save

How do I access the Cheats menu? While playing a game, tap the Menu button, then tap "Cheat Codes". From the Cheats menu, tap a cheat to toggle between it being enabled and disabled. How can I add new cheats?

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From the Cheats menu, tap Edit, then tap the plus button. A new cheat menu will appear, where you can name the cheat, select what type of cheat it is, and then finally type the cheat code itself. What types of cheats are supported?

How to save visual boy advance for mac

How do I enable Dropbox Sync? From the main menu, tap the gear in the top left corner. Scroll down to "Dropbox Sync", then tap it to open up the Dropbox Sync menu. From here, you can toggle the switch at the top on, which will give you the option to sign into Dropbox. Why are all my games listed as "Conflicted" after turning on Dropbox Sync? This means a save file for this game already exists in Dropbox.

Since GBA4iOS doesn't know which save file you'd prefer to use, it marks the game as conflicted and turns off syncing, so the correct save file isn't accidentally saved over. How can I un-conflict a game?

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From the Dropbox menu, tap the name of the conflicted game. From the new view that appears, you'll see the local save file for this game, as well as any that exist in Dropbox. Select either the local save file or one of the Dropbox save files to use on all your devices, then toggle the switch at the top on. This will sync the save file you selected to all your devices, and turn syncing back on for the game. How can I change skins? From the menu that appears, select either Portrait or Landscape, then tap the skin you want to use for the selected orientation.

From the skin selection view, tap the plus button in the top right. A list of views will appear with previews of what they look like. Tap the skin you want, and it'll begin downloading to your device.