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Tagged as the youngest person ever to hit the number one spot for Beatport's Top chart, with his dance song 'Animals,' it's no wonder that he's such a talked about personality. But did you know that before rising to the top, Garrix was actually a ghost producer for someone else? At a very young age, before becoming a DJ superstar, he ghost-produced a track that eventually became a hit in the music industry.

He refused to say whose and what track, but when Spinnin' Records found out that he made it, he instantly got signed, thus kicking off his career. So, how does someone become a DJ at such age?

Top 3 Best Beatmaking Software For Beginners

As someone who started when he was only eight, Garrix said the most important thing is that you work hard. Spend as much time as you can creating and improving your music. And in an industry with a lot of competitors, you should develop your own style so you can stand out from the rest.

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The next most important thing is that you should know your tools. Whether you're starting out and using free music making programs or high-end DJ software , familiarize yourself with them and learn how you can make the kind of music you want to produce. On top of this, if you want to make it big in the industry, one thing you could do is try and reach out to stars for collaboration so you can spread your music. These are only some of the things you could do, but if you're determined enough, then just keep pursuing your craft until your music lands on clubs, parties, and top charts.

Macsome Audio Editor Freeware is a music-making software program for Mac that features an all-in-one iTunes music and audiobook converter. Hydrogen is a free music production software program that marries the deep complexity of most drum machine suites with a setup suitable for newcomers. It features a sample editor, with the basics of cutting, and looping functions.

GarageBand is a music making software and app for Mac and iOS respectively. It offers a sound library with software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers. Users can access piano and guitar lessons.


Top 10 Best Music Production Software – Digital Audio Workstations

Goldwave is a digital audio editing software that allows you to record and edit audio with the most advanced audio processing tools. Goldwave works on Windows and Linux. Music Maker Jam is a music creation application and software that also lets users share and discover tracks across a wide variety of genres. They can pick a loop, beat, or melody to start mixing your new track. Free - with in-app purchases.

What are the best free music making software tools? This is a good solution 8. Jeremy Willis. Someone recommended Audacity, and it's really changed my life! It's a lightweight and easy to use piece of software for all my recording needs. Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again. Easily capture changes to any channel strip or plug-in parameter. Share projects and tracks with AirDrop, Mail Drop, or a comprehensive set of features for exporting stems.

Learn more. Buy now. Logic Pro X. The power of Patches. Smart Tempo. Flex Time.

8 Best Music Production Software for Mac and Windows

Flex Pitch. Perfect the pitch. Logic Remote. Multi-Touch mixing. Pair and play.

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Acoustic Drums Electronic Beats. Alternative Rock. Tech House. All you need to bring is some sounds, your talent, and most of all, your creativity. A DAW is a computer program designed for editing, recording, mixing and mastering audio files. Professional, semi-pro and home studios use DAWs as their backbone for making music if their main focus is to have a digital setup. This trend only continues to grow as technology advances. To us, choosing your DAW is like picking which soda to drink. However, taking into consideration your personal needs is very crucial.

Here are some important aspects to keep in mind during your search that we recommend. Below is our list for top 10 best DAWs out there.

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  • GarageBand for Mac - Apple.
  • Recommended level : All levels. Operating system : Mac or Windows.

    How to choose your production software

    However, we feel this is the best digital audio workstation for most of our readers. Another huge plus is the included sound packages included. Although this really depends on your preferences and whether or not you have your gear and sounds up to speed, it comes with 23 sound libraries about 50 GB of sounds , so you can make music right out-of-the-box great for starters. To finish off our description for the beloved Ableton, this thing is the absolute best music software for performing live with. Recommended level : Beginner and up.

    Operating system : Windows only. Free Trial Full Version. This is one of the best DAWs for those looking to start out and get their feet wet in the music making world. FL Studio by Image-Line has been out and about for quite some time, being one of the most popular software to date. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there dating back to giving tutorials for pretty much any feature you need explained. You can use MIDI keyboards, record into it with a microphone , do your standard editing and mixing — it just gives you what you essentially need in music software with a simple interface.

    There are some advanced features as well, so once you become familiar with it you can delve further into these to attain a solid learning curve for the future, too. Another perk is it works great with PC or Mac.

    Part 1: How to Choose the Best Music Production Software

    Recommended level : Medium to expert. Operating system : Mac only. Full Version No free trial available! This is an amazing digital audio workstation, particularly for those with a Mac not compatible with PC. This thing is just jam-packed with features, synths, plug-ins, and not to mention a great interface for easy learning. Just remember this only works with Mac. We also know some pro musicians who use Pro Tools only for mixing and mastering and having an additional DAW to make their music from scratch.