No administrator account mac os x 10.6

No worries! Start your Terminal session with the su command:. Then you can do anything the admin can do in a Terminal window, including the sudo command. The iMax I bought a few years never needed an administrator password. The need for one was removed as I would be and am the only user. I realise that, if this were easy to do, in most cases, it would be easy to breach security. Name required.

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How to Enable the Root User in Mac OS X

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How to reset your Mac OS X password without an installer disc

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Nov 27, PM in response to tan In response to tan Exactly how did you do this? You cannot simply change an account's username. If it is then you can log into the "old" account which has admin status, then change the status of the "new" account so it has admin status. Nov 27, PM. The old username was the only one existing in the user folder. But I think I changed the account's name, then I later tried to change the username in advanced settings. What do I do? I'm not quite sure I understand what you did. I believe you tried to change the account's username using the Advanced Options for the "old" account but you did not actually create a "new" account.

Is that correct? If that's correct what in Advanced Options did you change? You should be able to create a new account in Accounts preferences that has admin status. You can then log into this new account and change the status of the "old" account to admin status.

Fixing no Admin accounts in High Sierra | tonymacxcom

Before creating a new account I have to open the "padlock", which I can't, because there is no administrator. If the directory services entry for the admin group gets corrupted do the following: Log in as the "root" user. Open the Terminal and paste in the following commands. Restart and again log in as "root. Credit goes to forum member, biovizier , for this solution.

How to Create a New Administrator Account on Mac OS

Nov 27, PM in response to noondaywitch In response to noondaywitch. Read the linked article which does provide a method for doing so when you do not have an admin account from which to work. An alternative would be to perform the process from Single-user Mode where you do have "root" authority. You would need to provide the system with write privilege by first entering:. Boot from the Snow Leopard disc. After the menubar appears select the Utilities menu, choose Reset Password.

Can't login to one user account, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Select the account to reset password and choose System Administrator root. Enter in the new password and verify it.

Save the password, then exit the installer and restart. At the login window, or if you have it set to auto-login, log out to return to the login window, choose Other In root you will have full access to the system including granting admin rights to the accounts which are standard at the moment. You also will see some additional folders in Macintosh HD you couldn't see before. Do not touch these in any way or you could hurt the OS.

To disable root go into Accounts preferences from an admin account, click Login Options at the bottom of the list of accounts, and to the right, click the Join button next to the words Network Account Server Consult this Apple support article if you get lost. Question: Q: No administrator account, os x