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The cure is simple. Remove the e-book file from the wrong place, and put it in the right one. Another thing that people sometimes do is to copy the Universalis program onto the Kindle - or to drag the Universalis program icon onto the Kindle. These things won't work. The Universalis program is a program, not an e-book; and the Universalis program icon isn't even a program, just a pointer to a program. To get things to work the way you want them to work, use the Universalis program to create e-books, and then transfer them to the Kindle yourself, in the way described on this page.

3 Ways to Read Kindle Books on macOS 10.14

Once you feel confident, you can skip the business of saving the file to your desktop and then copying it to the Kindle. Here's how you go about it:. Ask Universalis to create the file, and when the window pops up, scroll through the "Devices" list on the left until you see "Kindle", then click on "Kindle". You'll see something like this:. Do not press Save yet. You are not yet looking at the 'documents' folder, only at the Kindle as a whole. Double-click on 'documents' and you'll see something like this:. The key thing to check is that you have 'documents' named in the box near the top of the window.

Now press Save, and the Universalis program will create the file and put it straight onto your Kindle for you. Once it has finished, do the same "Eject" procedure that was described above. Connect the Kindle If you have set up your Mac to show removable drives on the desktop automatically, an icon for the Kindle will appear on your desktop. Otherwise, open the Finder and you will see "Kindle" listed as one of your devices: Open the Kindle window on your PC Either double-click on the Kindle icon on your desktop if there is one or click once on "Kindle" in the sidebar of your Finder window.

You will see a collection of folders: The important folder is the one called 'documents'. Open it by double-clicking on it, and view its contents: your Kindle will probably have a lot more files listed than ours does. Copy the e-book to the Kindle Now all you need to do is to copy the file that you created in step 2, which is now sitting on your desktop, into the Kindle's 'documents' folder.

The easiest way of copying the file is to drag it from your desktop into the 'documents' folder that you are looking at: You will end up with your file in the Kindle's 'documents' folder, something like this: Eject the Kindle - IMPORTANT You are nearly there. Common problems When people contact us because they have trouble getting a Universalis e-book onto the Kindle, the commonest reason is that they have copied the e-book file onto the Kindle somewhere other than the 'documents' folder.

A more direct method for advanced users Once you feel confident, you can skip the business of saving the file to your desktop and then copying it to the Kindle. A: It takes time for Kindle to react, and it depends on the storage usage situation and Kindle generation. Q: Why there is no cover in home screen?

How to Read Kindle Books Free on macOS 10.14

A: This is how Kindle works. Amazon only wants Kindle to display paid Amazon books in Kindle home screen.

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By manually uploading a thumbnail image to Kindle you can fix this Q: Why the book doesn't show up in my Kindle Fire after being transferred? A: By default the Mobi books won't show up in "Books" tab, you can find the book in "Docs" tab.

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Amazon thinks a Mobi file is a document rather than a book. Q: Why there is no cover in Kindle Fire's home carousel? A: You need to make sure the cover image is higher than PX in width. Amazon doesn't want to show a low resolution image on the home screen. Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since , loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.