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But this is of course not the main reason why I would build another downloader. The main reason is the speed.

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I used the existing tools to download mixes which are a few hours long which I then could listen in my car's CD player. Downloading such huge mixes took many minutes and if I want to prepare an MP3-CD for an 6 hour ride, it took hours.

This downloader bypasses the artificial download throttle. You can download a stream as fast as your bandwidth allows. When you are listening to Mixcloud the audio data has to come somehow onto your device. You can now use a traffic sniffer like wireshark or even more simple a browser like Chrome to see which data streams are transfered.

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Go to "Network" and see which URLs are opened while opening one web page. Try that while listening to Mixcloud and sort the list by size. You will notice the biggest address which is of the type "media" and has the file extension ".

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That's the actual internet address of the mix. You can directly use that URL to download the mix. And that's exactly what all other Mixcloud Downloaders are doing for you. They spare you the work to search that stream URL. When you've done that, you will notice two annoyances: The name of the downloaded file is meaningless and you will have to rename that.

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  7. But even more annoying is the speed. To solve these issues, this downloader works a bit differently.

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    It doesn't provide the direct URL of the stream. It offers you a direct download instead. That's because this downloader is acting as a proxy. You tell which stream you want, the downloader downloads the stream and forwards the data directly to you. From your perspective it looks as if you would download directly from this site. Actually you are downloading the stream from Mixcloud. You can think of this site as a software for downloading from Mixcloud, like a download manager.

    Instead of locally installing this software on your device and execute it locally, it is running on a remote machine and you are executing it remotely. We are not authorized to download Youtube videos.

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    Click here to get a Youtube downloader. We currently support more than 50 source formats. If it does not work for your file, please let us know so we can add a AAC converter for you. The lossy compression provides better audio quality at similar bit rates.

    What is AAC. Convert media free, fast and online. No software installation needed. Register Login.

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