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Oh shit they added some more, this looks awesome and well designed. Jun 15, 11, 1 0. Pretty cool. I might pick up a few PSX games from eBay soon to rip and try out. Jun 25, 4, 0 0. Was disc changing for PS1 games added to this version?

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I kept hearing it didn't work in the previous version. May 8, 1, 0 Only tried a very early version of this and it was awesome way back then. I'm glad to hear they are improving upon it! Can anyone comment on the 64 and PSX support?

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HeisenbergLannister Member. Oct 5, 4, 3 0. You can use the WiiU Pro controller too. DrRussian Member.

Aug 25, 0 0. What's the closest thing to this for Windows? Jun 5, 7, 1 0. Jun 11, 0 0 Japan. Seems nice but I'm already deep into using RetroArch on Mac and I like the controller supported menus, so I'm not about to switch. PSX is great for me, but there is no fancy resolution stuff like in other emulators. Also, no cheat code support unlike pcsxr. Pcsxr is still superior, it seems. N64 has issues, with some games acting like 2x speed, but I don't have of those to try first hand. Also, i still wonder how cheats are implemented since we still can't save them and have to enter them each time.

At least with pcsxr, you can save a cht file. Vashetti Banned. Oct 3, 20, 1 0 United Kingdom. Raw64life Member. Jun 9, 9, 0 1, It's been many years since I've been envious of Mac owners for any reason but this looks awesome. I've wanted to setup something like this forever on my PC but I go see tutorials of Hyperspin and Retroarch and Emulationstation on YouTube and it seems like such a huge time sink. And then there are tutorials on how to use two or more of those programs at the same time somehow and it just seems like a ton of work only for those programs to get a major overhaul and then you have to start all over again.

This looks incredibly simple and clean by comparison. SS4Gogita Henshin! Feb 23, 2, 0 0 33 Orlando, FL www. If you want a decent N64 emulation solution, you won't find any luck with either RetroArch or OpenEmu. Here's what you need: Emulator : Project 64 2. Pj64 allows you to save different plugins per game. So you have to test which combination works the best for every game. And i'm pretty picky, i won't allow even the slightest sound crackling.

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With this, even hard to emulate games like World Driver Championship can work, although this one has a few graphics glitches. In other words, you need to make it work by yourself. Jan 4, 2, 0 0.

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Any chance this ever gets ported to Apple TV. If I do a symbolic link of the Application Support folder for OpenEmu to my iCloud drive, and put the game library folder in iCloud drive, can I basically sync two machines? Any other files I might be forgetting to sync? SS4Gogita said:. KiGB features detailed and accurate emulation, which brings with it excellent compatibility. Support for both Game Genie and Game Shark codes is included, as well as extremely high fidelity sound support.

KiGB can even emulate the Super Gameboy. The project's main goal being an accurate emulation of the Macintosh Plus computer. Mugrat marks my first attempt at writing one of my own, in this case to emulate the Colecovision. Using cycle-exact emulation, it is able to run titles that rely on precise timing, and which therefore break under other emulators.

It supports five extra sound chips and an astonishing mappers. This accurate emulation comes at a cost; Nestopia requires an MHz machine for full speed; but if you have one, this is the best available NES emulation for Mac. For the first time, the 'It just works' philosophy now extends to open source video game emulation on the Mac.


With OpenEmu, it is extremely easy to add, browse, organize and with a compatible gamepad, play those favorite games ROMs you already own. This one does it all and in a well done interface. Despite this, it has fairly good compatibility with original software. ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files.


The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the game, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed! Compatibility with supported games is continually improving, so check back often. If you are using a PowerPC-based system, applications will run at native speeds i. The hardware for the Sega Master System and Game Gear consoles is almost identical from a technical standpoint, which means that when you emulate one, it is trivial to emulate the other.

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SMS Plus features accurate emulation of both systems, with full sound support. It does this by dynamically translating the code that a Nintendo 64 uses into something your Mac understands. This is why I hope that one day, the Gameboy line of which the DS is The Xperia X10, if the advert is to I have noticed, though, that Apart from the hideous Amazon leather case for my Kindle, which makes the device easier to hold.