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Give your connection a name, type in the IP address under PC Name, configure a gateway if required and then type in the credentials for the remote PC. Note that the PC will need to have an account with a password in order for all this to work.

Remote Desktop Connection for Apple

Also, to save the connection, you just have to press the red X button at the top left of the screen. For some odd reason, there is no Add and Save button on the dialog. Click on it and then click on Start to connect to the remote PC. Just click Continue to make the connection. After a few moments, the PC desktop should load full screen onto your Mac. If you need to make any changes to the connection, just select it and click on Edit.

Also, you can click on Preferences to add a gateway or to specify the display resolution manually. Now offering a new display resolution supporting DPI scaling.

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The Parallels Client is available on Seamless navigation Use the touch mechanic gestures you know—swipe, drag, tap to click, zoom in—with any Windows application on your smartphone. Mobile printing Through the outstanding peripheral redirection technology of Parallels Client, iOS and Android devices can be used to print locally.

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Empowered mobile workforce Parallels Client allows end users to work effectively on smartphones and tablets while accessing applications, remote desktops, or data. Easy access Parallels Client can be configured automatically by an invitation email from the Remote Application Server console, or accessed through a web portal. Maximized flexibility Parallels Remote Application Server can be accessed directly from any HTML 5 web-browser , extending the user's freedom to work from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Full-screen applications Mac and PC applications are adapted to fit the entire screen, so the applications are in fine detail, making it easier for users to interact with them. Brilliant mobile experience Select text or graphics with one finger, and easily drag and drop them for a seamless interactive experience.

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Optimized screen resolution Choose either optimal readability with larger text and images, or more information with smaller text and greater detail. Please, complete all required fields. First Name. Last Name.

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The first advantage it offers is an improved performance mode for connections to local virtual machines. Thincast Viewer also provides various control options like starting, pausing or shutting down the virtual machine. These features are implemented using a custom virtual channel that we added to our FreeRDP library.

Remote connections to a virtual machine using H. All current GPUs offer hardware H. What is coming to Thincast Workstation in the future?

We are thinking about adding some kind of gateway service that serves as a central access point to all virtual machines. Currently each VM listens on its own port for incoming connections which makes management and administration a bit troublesome. We also keep an eye out for further extensions or changes to the RDP protocol.

For instance newer video codecs, i. Apart from these RDP-related improvements we also want to improve the remaining parts of Thincast Workstation.