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And we racked up some sweet XP - next level, here we come - If you renewed your Origin Access membership recently you may have noticed that either origin. We've improved their communication skills so now they both recognize you as one of our awesome members - no reload required - We've optimized some of our trial messaging so the right words get to the right people at the right time.

It just seemed like the right thing to do Origin Like take-you-to-an-Errordead-end broken.

Re: I cannot reinstall Dragon Age 2 onto Mac OS X (activation.dll)

Now it's super fixed. Like take-you-where-you-want-to-go fixed - We thought you might want to scroll through the videos and images on the Play First Trial page so we fixed the buttons that will let you do that - If you're an Origin Access member and you tried to play a Vault game offline recently you may have seen a "Your membership has ended" message.

Dragon Age: Origins - Gameplay 2

It hasn't, so we turned that off. Sorry if we accidentally spiked your blood pressure there - Warning messages only work if you see them. Now we've made sure you can. So the next time you try to download a game to a full hard drive or invalid folder, you'll know why and what to do about it - Did you feel a great disturbance in Origin?

As if dozens of bugs suddenly cried out in terror and were just as suddenly silenced? That was entirely thanks to our brilliant engineers and not that huge space st-…we mean, moon. Definitely a moon Origin And did you only find out about it because friends told you that they can see it but can't gift it to you? Were you deeply confused? Not gonna' lie, we were too, so we spent some time investigating and fixing this weird little bug and now the DLC you already own won't be cluttering up your wishlist anymore - We noticed that extra content in the download queue just kept right on downloading even after the base game had been uninstalled.

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We admired their never-say-die attitude, but this was going a bit too far. From now on if you uninstall a game the DLC downloads are canceled immediately - Mac users who've tried to install the client recently have spoken of a restless spirit lingering on their screens.


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This helper tool "Permission Required" pop-up stubbornly refused all attempts to dismiss it. Luckily, we've reworked the summoning spell on that particular apparition so now instead of haunting your screen for all eternity, it can be banished with the simple click of a button Origin Would you like to know that there is a higher edition of one of your games in The Vault?

Yeah, we thought you might, so we fixed a problem that caused our "Oh hey, you can upgrade your game" messages to disappear - We've made some site stability improvements so now when a web browser process crashes it won't take Origin In-Game navigation out with it. Yay stability! Sorry about that. From now on, no more sales pitches for games members can download and play whenever they want - We'd like to let everyone who received the error message "We can't seem to find that gift" know that we have, in fact, found the gifts.

A hamster-based gift delivery system may not have been our wisest choice.

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We've learned our lesson - it's squirrels for us from now on - The Details button on game extra content is working once more. Now you can read all the words. All of them. We built it a nice new queue to keep things humming along smoothly from now on - The Origin Helper service has been a little less than helpful recently, at least on PCs.

Switching it on in Application Settings seemed to work, it even showed a nice little message saying it was working, but without a client restart it was all an illusion. Fortunately, our team saw through the smoke and mirrors and got that slacker back on the job - no restart required - Clicking "Cancel" on a window shouldn't cause your download queue to have a complete panic attack and get jammed up. Unfortunately, that's exactly what was happening to our Mac users who tried to download games requiring external installation applications.

Good Luck!

After a little work and a lot of therapy the download queue is calm, cool and working normally again Origin The bar's been tweaked, we used our label maker to take care of the buttons and gave the download manager a stern talking-to about respecting others' personal space - You can now resize Origin chat windows when they're popped out, instead of having to accept whatever default size they feel like being that day - Have your text-to-speech messages sounded alittlelikethisrecently?

It's hard to hear anything when people are talking too fast or interrupting each other, so we've slowed things down a bit. Now messages should sound more like a conversation and less like an auction - Now the Origin installation window shows off more recent games in its image loop, because we love our children and want to brag about them Origin We're all for journeys of self-discovery but not when it comes to buttons on our site.

The button is now back in its proper place and considering mindfulness meditation instead - If you used voice chat recently we'd like to assure you that you weren't seeing double. Our system just really, really wanted to make sure you knew your call was over, so it told you We're not sure why anyone would want to click the button over and over again, but now you can do so to your heart's content without crashing Origin.

Enjoy - The Torchlight 2 Mod launcher is back in working order. Now you can go dungeon crawling with a pet honey badger in your favorite pirate outfit once more - Our party invites used to be really high maintenance - if you weren't looking at the game window the exact second they came in, you couldn't accept them.

The Esssential Top 30 Best Games for Mac

They're more down-to-earth now and you can click them right when they pop up - The Origin chat window didn't respect proper spacing rules and would squish "WhataCoolUsername says" right up against the first word of your message. We refreshed the English lessons coded into its language cortex and now it spaces things properly Origin We've made it easier for you to share diagnostic information with our advisors so they can pop the hood, take a look and get you back to your games faster! Wondering why you couldn't download the latest version of Origin?

Our system was supposed to offer up information about no longer supporting OSX It wasn't just supposed to leave you hanging. It's all fixed now so start your downloads - Now you can see if your friends are online or not even if their real name appears on your friends list, because apparently, Origin couldn't handle that level of intimacy for a while - The scroll bar on download queues seemed to get stuck going in only one direction.

Installation Guide. Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter bhagan Start date May 5, Joined Sep 8, Messages 6 Motherboard Hello I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. I installed DA several months ago when it was on sale and it ran albeit poorly since I was using integrated graphics. About a month ago I purchased a Gigabyte and installed it.

Most of the games I have run a ton better now, though Dragon Age now crashes on start up. I have tried reinstalling the game, patching and running unpatched, as well as running it without the dlc and awakening installed, but so far nothing has worked.