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Google isn't going to just drop a billion-install user base, though, and despite Hangouts Classic and Hangouts Chat being different services with different use cases, Google plans to close the gap between the two and migrate Hangouts Classic users to Hangouts Chat. Google says it will spend April through September launching new features for Hangouts Chat. That will include, the company says, "features from classic Hangouts" and some interoperability. Further Reading Google Minus: Google keeps backing all the wrong social products Google doesn't hold anything back on this support page , which lists the upcoming features for Hangouts Chat.

Key features like "Chatting with users from outside the domain" and "Google Voice integration" will bring the app a bit closer to a consumer product. Hangouts Chat has a long way to go in terms of matching the clients for Classic Hangouts, and this list has both "Deep integration with Gmail" and "Apps for Windows and macOS," which will help a lot.

The Great Google Hangouts Shutdown begins October 12222

There will also be an "Enhanced video calling experience. Most of the new features don't seem like they would close the gap with Hangouts. Instead, they're focused on closing the gap with Slack. The features include: "Rooms where users can join and leave and can hold multiple threaded conversations;" sharing documents; searching for text, people, and rooms; link previews; and support for bots.

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The big feature, though, is interoperability. Starting April 16, Google says that Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat users will be able to message each other back and forth. Sadly, this does not apply to group chat, which will remain separate between the two products. If the Hangouts shutdown sounds like an extremely complicated mess—it is!

Google Hangouts for Mac - Download

Google's "transition plan" is worrying—Hangouts Chat isn't even a good Slack clone yet. Throwing a totally different use case at it—and giving the Chat team only 10 months to make the transition—doesn't sound like it has a high probability of success. Google's argument seems to be that the transition plan makes everything OK. You must login or create an account to comment. Open Chrome and select the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Mouse over More tools , then select Extensions.

Download Hangouts Chat and get started right away

Search for Google Hangouts in your app store, then download the app. After you have it, launch the app and skip ahead to Step 7. Select the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen, then select Open Chrome Web Store towards the bottom. Search for Google Hangouts in the Chrome Store. The first result will likely be the correct one. Select Add to Chrome.

Chrome will ask you again to confirm you want to add Hangouts to your browser; select Add extension. This is a one time process. After this, the Hangouts extension will remember your account and sign you in automatically. Once you've successfully signed in to your account, the extension will let you access your controls. There you'll find your previous text conversations, if any, and you'll be able to start a new conversation or call.

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The interface is almost identical to the one in Chrome, save for the green plus sign to add a new conversation, located in the bottom right of the screen. To start up a new Hangout, Select New Conversation. Under the new conversation tab, you'll find a list of people you've added to Hangouts.

You can also start typing the name, email address, or phone number of the person you want to start a conversation with.

To start up a group conversation, select New group , then add the names, emails, or phone numbers of the people that you'd like to add to your group. Afterward, give your group a name, then select the checkmark to begin the hangout. Your new group will start up, and you can chat with all of the friends you invited to the chat.