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9. Easy Resume Creator Pro 4.12

Saves without a watermark. What We Don't Like No quick preview option.


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No Android option. What We Like Premade templates. Instant previews. Cover letter support. Offline use. What We Don't Like Isn't free. Runs on iOS only.

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What We Like Free app. Preview any time. Easy to use. Limited templates. Some editing isn't free. Lots of ads. What We Like Wizard walkthough. Exports to PDF. Back up files online. What We Don't Like Android only. Not very user-friendly and limits customizations. Low-quality previews. Shows ads.

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What We Like Lots of export options. Attractive interface.

Updates often. Collaboration options. Huge file size. Limited template selection. What We Like Several templates. Android and iOS app. Cover letter option. What We Don't Like Not free. Buggy app. What We Like Free, web-based apps. Collaborate and share files.

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You can also use the web based Resume Star Online. Clean, professional results. Got me an interview in this tight, competitive market! Thanks so much.

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Works flawlessly! This app definitely help tons!! Have not had one problem! Easy to use and very professional looking resume! We care about you getting that job, that's why we're betting the farm on this payment system.

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Here's a simple trick that will at least double your chance of being interviewed, that almost no one uses:. Write the name of the company and position in the resume and cover letter. We've scanned through hundreds of resumes in hiring for our own business, and I can tell you that the worst thing is to read generic descriptions of what people are looking for. It sends the message that they aren't that interested in this job. So, instead of saying you are looking for 'a manager position', say you are looking 'to fill the Sales Manager position at BigCorp inc. What kinds of things should I leave off my resume to make sure I don't torpedo my chances at an interview?

A really old internship, or maybe that job I got fired from? What should I avoid mentioning, even if it's relevant?

How to Write a 2 Page CV on Microsoft Word On a Mac

Dear Job Seeker, When it comes to your resume, less is often more—but if you ask a dozen career counselors what they think you should include and what you should leave off, you'll get a dozen long-winded answers. Let's tackle some things we think you should definitely omit if you want to get your foot in the door.

The objective statement is dead. Seriously—if you're tweaking every copy of your resume for each job you're applying for, then your objective should be "To get this job," not some generic, vague statement about the general type of job or opportunity you want. Pull this off of your resume and use that space for more relevant details about your work experience or accomplishments that'll help you land the job you're actually applying for.

Photo by marshillonline. Be careful including things like your marital or familial status, religion, or other personal details on your resume that the potential employer could get in trouble for asking you—they may shy away from your resume for fear that someone will assume they've asked for this information. However, if you worked for years at your local church or a charity doing relevant work for the job you're applying to, by all means you should keep it on your resume.

Even if you volunteered and it's applicable, put it on there—the fact that it's applicable is more important than anything else. If you're applying to be a systems analyst at a technology startup, they probably don't care that you were a delivery guy for Domino's when you were in college, unless that's somehow relevant to the work you'll be doing at the startup.

Keep irrelevant details and jobs off of your resume—especially if they have no relevance to your entire field, much less the job at hand. To that point, while there's no hard and fast rule on how long your resume should be, try to keep your resume as compact as it needs to be. I know, you may be tired of hearing that line, but a good rule of thumb is to only include details that are important for your field, then do another pass and make sure your details are critical to the job you're applying to.