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  4. Sublime Text - A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

If you just need a super quick way to strip the formatting from some text, try this online text editor. To make a. TXT file online without downloading a program, try Edit Pad.

12 Best Code Editors for Mac and Windows for Editing WordPress Files

This program can open nearly any file as a text document and supports lots of helpful plugins. Also supported is bookmarking, macros, auto-backup, multi-page searching, resumed sessions, read-only mode, encoding conversions, and the ability to search for words on Wikipedia and quickly open the document in your web browser.

Built mainly for people with code development in mind, so most of the features are centered around project files, displaying code, etc. Brackets is a free text editor that's primarily meant for web designers, but can of course be used by anyone to view or edit a text document. The interface is extremely clean and modern and feels really easy to use despite all of its advanced settings. In fact, nearly all of the options are hidden away from plain site so that it's easy for anyone to use, which also provides an extremely open UI for editing.

Code writers might like that Brackets highlights syntax, can split the screen to edit more than one document simultaneously, lets you click one No Distractions button for a really simple interface, and supports lots of keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly indent, duplicate, move between lines, toggle line and block comments, show or hide code hints, and more. You can quickly change the file type you're working with to instantly change syntax highlighting rules, as well as change the encoding of the file if you need to.

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  • The Working Files area is where you can open all of the files that belong to a single project, and quickly move between them without leaving Brackets. Brackets comes installed with both a dark and a light theme that you can change at any time, but there are dozens of others that you can install through the Extensions Manager. It's a bit complex — even with its minimal UI — for people who want just a simple text editor. Komodo Edit is another free text editor with a super clear and minimal design that still manages to pack some awesome features.

    Various view modes are included so that you can quickly open or close specific windows. This program makes it very easy to open text documents even while one is currently open. At the very top of the program is the path to the currently opened file, and you can select the arrow next to any folder to get a list of files, any of which will open as a new tab in Komodo Edit if you select it. The folder views off to the side of Komodo Edit are also really useful since they let you browse through the file system as well as create virtual projects that link folders and files together to better organize what you need to work on.

    15 Best Free Code Editors for Windows & Mac [ Update]

    A unique feature in Komodo Edit is the area at the upper-left side of the program that lets you not only undo and redo like most programs, but also go back to the previous cursor location, as well as go forward to return to where you just were. Centered primarily around editing and debugging code, so it could be too much for the average user.

    The program is extremely minimal and even has a "Zen Mode" option one click away that immediately hides all the menus and windows, and maximizes the program to fill the whole screen. The tabbed browsing interface seen with other text editors is supported in Visual Studio Code as well, which makes it really easy to work with multiple documents at once. You can also open entire folders of files at once if you're working on a project, and even save the project for easy retrieval later. However, this text editor probably isn't ideal unless you plan to use it for programming purposes.

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    Teletype for Atom makes collaborating on code just as easy as it is to code alone, right from your editor. Share your workspace and edit code together in real time. To start collaborating, open Teletype in Atom and install the package.

    The 4 Best Free Text Editors

    Learn more. Create new branches, stage and commit, push and pull, resolve merge conflicts, view pull requests and more—all from within your editor. The GitHub package is already bundled with Atom, so you're ready to go! Choose from thousands of open source packages that add new features and functionality to Atom, or build a package from scratch and publish it for everyone else to use. Atom comes pre-installed with four UI and eight syntax themes in both dark and light colors.

    List of Best Text Editors for macOS

    Can't find what you're looking for? Install themes created by the Atom community or create your own.

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    It's easy to customize and style Atom. See how to set up Atom. It runs on Electron , a framework for building cross platform apps using web technologies. Fork on GitHub.