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It is a French television broadcast popular science broadcast weekly on M6 since February 10 and presented by Mac Lesggy. It is the oldest scientific broadcast of the French audiovisual landscape being broadcast. The show has received several awards, including a Golden 7 for the best educational show in The science popularization program focuses mainly on the deciphering of French everyday life from a scientific point of view, with topics on food, the human body, technologies or energy Each issue is dedicated to a subject that he explains through reports. Mac Lesggy. In the mid-nineties she departed from her earlier commercial and fashion work and began to experiment with different alternative printing processes, including photogravure.

Michele West, so feminine, so classy. Henri Cartier Bresson : "Everyone can be beautiful … providing the photographer has talent. I work a lot for the for the Australian magazine Simply Living. Ansel Adams: "You don't take a photograph, you make it. Note that I have never used a Minolta in my entire life. Everything is allowed to catch the passengers attention and make them smile. During all my childhood, I suffered from severe asthma, which runs in my family, so I was not allowed to do any sports, not even run on the school playground. So I have no idea, even now, what pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and the high bar are all about, or even kicking a ball, etc.

View my page "scuba". Here with its 35mm lens, amphibious, but terrible on land and just as terrible underwater. It is impossible to make a waterproof lens corrected for both the surface and the water. It captivated my childhood. The 15mm lens and also the "Commandant". For info: "Le monde du silence" was Jacques's famous book. My portrait was shot in on a green background. I do not know how the clown fish got in! Polynesia, Moorea. Franck Chaussinand is the surrounded diver, can you spot him? For info: no Photoshop. With Greg Hellman. I was employed to photograph the chipping in order to evaluate the mess.

Besides the impressive bulk of the ship in front of us, there is nothing else but a deep blue. I pass my gloved hand over the rim of the propellers and, when I feel a catch, I photograph it properly, in macro mode, including a tiny ruler in the photo, and note its position on my slate. There were about twenty chips on the eight blades. The current was pushing us forcefully and we had to do everything with one hand held onto a blade. It leaves a lasting impression.

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Boundless blue and a mammoth metal machine. I felt very small and fragile. And privileged as well, to be able to dive under the most beautiful liner in the world. My report was published in every francophone diving magazine. Nostalgia for the SS France? For extraordinary diving? For my magnificent photos? See more about the property and it transofrmations on page After a 6-month nightmare, a bottomless financial pit, failed investments, I found myself homeless in Paris.

Nicole dumped me. Cruise Picture Co Ltd went bankrupt. I was in a really bad place. Without an address, it is hard to find work. See page 41 for the full scam story. Read the story of this monumental failure, scam and my ruin. With a soft Ewa-Marine housing, circa I do photography for clients portraits, architecture, conventions, fashion, reportages, advertising, still life, editorial and also personal artistic stuff.

Of course, sometimes a simple plastic Ziploc bag is enough. Here, in the Bay of Glaciers in Alaska with Dr. Nicole Bordes. Hasselblad, indispensable for professionals. Hasselblad is a medium format 6x6cm reputed for its high quality. Tell me what other profession would have allowed me to command a captain to position his 24 ton ship in the best spot for a photo?

The image in the viewfinder here the waist level hood of the Hasselblad cm is inverted horizontally. Here, a dangerous exchange. It failed and Barry fell into the icy water. Glacier climbing in Alaska: thank you Barry Moss for introducing me to this sport.

He managed to make me overcome my vertigo. I spend 4 summers in Alaska. Here is Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau. The friend in the middle is Tony. Shannon Templeton: "And thank you for taking me on my first glacier experience! Those are memories I will never forget. We see spectacular images everywhere and often forget the photographers who shoot them. The Hasselblad, indispensable for portraits worthy of this name. It was a perfect occasion to have a professional photo done of the entire family, reunited and well-dressed, at the same time and in the same place and yes, many passengers are family reunions who meet up to see each other without any hassle.

No need to make an appointment with the town photographer. I sat on the idea of a real photography studio , yet ephemeral, when passengers were in line waiting to be introduced to the ship captain. We just had to be very fast and take pictures of everyone during this formal dress evening, which always takes place on cruiseships on the second evening on board.

I experimented, with the 35mm Leica, hand held flash and a plain corridor wall. These photos sold very well. Obviously it would have been better with a neutral background, like mottled cloth, popular at the time the s. And in larger format, something more professional like 6x6cm 2" and a quarter square , a bigger photo with better lighting.

Yet, this would require a lot of change for our team. He agreed to let me experiment with large formats, and gave me free reign to solve all these problems including the proverbial usage of 'tip' to help the authorities. This required authorisation from the maritime company as well as the on-board managers. Nick llewellin, me, Jamie Harrisson. We were young, remember! Notice the 8x10" photo albums and the stand to display the portraits. Yes, we do portrait retouching!

No Photoshop then! My equipment for land photography circa Robert Mapplethorpe : "I admire the naked body. I worship it! I dream I am in National Geographic. Comment from Alicia Goldoni-Pucci: "Splendid. Such a touching subject, the child mother with the baby and the chiaroscuro playing in the back. Excellent photograph.

In , I sign a great contract with National Geographic: for Francs per month, I get a beautiful issue of the magazine with other photographers pictures in it! Thanks to photography. Also Tammy in the background. Where is my picture? Photos: Christian Fournier Tell me which other job would have allowed me to swim outside a shark cage?

The power and beauty of the sharks make them the most feared creature in the sea but also one of the most fascinating. They existed long before mankind appeared on the surface of Earth and evolved to become the top predators of the food chain. Sharks can be found in all oceans and are well adapted to their environment. Most of the sharks species are pelagic creatures: they live in the open ocean, going occasionally to the coast. There are more than different species of sharks : some 25 at least are considered dangerous to men.

An underwater encounter with this seigneur of the seas is always a thrilling and unforgettable experience. But sharks are not so easy to approach. It is now possible, in California, to dive and look into the eyes and mouth of an oceanic shark, from the safety of a cage. Kay White, casino manageress. Cette photo symbolise mes voyages Ici, avec le Docteur Nicole Bordes. In , in collaboration with Eric Naras. Richard Avedon: "A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he's wearing or how he looks.

A world first: I am the first to photograph the dugong in its natural habitat. In Vanuatu. Dugong near Tanna, in Vanuatu, South Pacific. The dugong, or sea cow, or dugong dugong, is part of the order Sirenia. Its freshwater cousin, the manatee, is also a siren. This species, on the brink of extinction, may be the origin of the Greek myths about sirens and the tales of mermaids. It is a mammal and eats grass, which is why it is known as the sea cow. Dugongs can be found in large herds in Australia and in small herds in warm waters of the world.

As it is a shy animal inhabiting mainly difficult waters, it had rarely been photographed or filmed. Vanuatu is halfway between Hawaii and Australia. We visited 3 islands: Epi, Espiritu Santo and Tanna. Our research on the first two were failures. Fortune smiled upon us on Tanna, one of the most southern islands. The villagers harpooned the mother and kept the baby, even taking it into their huts from time to time!

The calf had grown a lot. It was a little tame and approached when it heard children playing in the water, except when it was too busy playing with the turtles. It measured 2 metres. Like all marine mammals e. Fish e. It is an extraordinary experience to swim with this huge mammal, in the middle of a beautiful isolated lagoon. The dugong seems to smile like a cartoon character.

Will Smith | 5 Minutes for the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE ft. Matthew McConaughey and Denzel W.

Scientists estimate that there will be no more dugongs in only ten years. Its only predator and enemy: Humans. More on page Alaska, I photographed Petra Lindblad, top model, in Hollywood, in Black panels all around to prevent the background light from creating a loss of contrast Petra has also been photographed by, amongst others, the famous German photographer Peter Lindbergh for the French Vogue magazine.

I meet Peter Lindbergh later, in in his house rue de Savoie in Paris, to give him an introduction course to computers. I met him again in September during his book signing in Paris. You must always get a signed model release. Thanks to Nigel Atherton for the A. This photo was shot at Thanks Alex. A parasail can also be very useful.

Here circa in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. My assistants of the time, Tim Wenn and Jamie Harrison also shot this. It was great fun. What other job would allow you to charter a parasail and ask to get away from the beach and circle the ship? Near the Amazon in Monte Carlo in Photo by Peter Warner. The foetus and the egg, which one came first?

Pourquoi pas vous?

I could have added this great quote from Richard Schoeder next to my portrait section, but that's too obvious. I learned to fly a plane for photography and pleasure. Also as a revenge on my military service in France in see page PPL licence in Missouri in , see page I learned sailing for photography and pleasure, to navigate to reach desert islands, see page What I find on desert islands.

Do you like desert islands? I carried out my military service at a military disciplinary base in Drachenbronn, in the Vosges. A great model, Julie, with a giant bottle of champagne, a small studio: Death Valley in California, a good reflector… One of my best artistic nude. See page 83 for more of my artisctic nudes. Tell me what other profession would have allowed me to meet so many pretty girls? In my case: none. I am not good looking, I do not dance, I hate discos, I do not drink alcool Susan Schott, Playmate Thanks to Eric Naras and Karel de Gendre for their assistantship.

When I tell my American clients that I work with Penthouse or Playboy, they congratulate me because they understand that I must be talented to be given million-dollar jobs. In France, they act disgusted or disdainful. See page 29 for more But don't go there if you are offended by pictures of beautiful girls scantily clad I herewith thank Sandrine for her loyalty. After I showed my photos to PLayboy France, these bastards said they would publish them and I all needed to do was to give them the model's coordinates.

By the time I got home, Sandrine phoned me saying that PalyBoy France had just phoned her and asked her to redo the shoot with their own photographer, at the same location a shop in Paris , with a snake and apple. Sandrine told them to piss off. Not bad for an 18 year old girl to choose loyalty to her career! I met Sandrine again in She is now a superb business woman. Helmut Newton. Jakarta They loved it. We are the photographic team on board a cruiseship, and for the third time, during our time off in the Jakarta port of call, we visit a slum, near the canal.

What a contrast with the luxury of our floating resort : people here have nothing, often not enough to eat. They live in a horrible, filthy and smelly place. They have no hope of a better future : most are born and die in this horror. And it is not their fault. Many people have to live like this in Jakarta. Yet they smile most of the time, even to us, white Caucasians, and welcome us to their homes. It is not these rich people's fault either : they were born in a different world, they feel that they, too, had to struggle. The usual conclusion : every thing is relative, and money isn't everything.

It is good to remember it, every now and then. Why are there such horrible slums here? Jakarta, on the island of Java, is the capital of Indonesia. It stretches across more than miles. The island of Java has always been the most populated island of Indonesia. Fertilized for thousands of centuries by the rich nutrients of volcanic ashes, its soil supports a large population.

Rice is grown intensively on the island. Mountains are carved in terraces. New fields are taken back from the forests by the slash and burn method exposing the soil to erosion. Most of the population of Java has a rural life but only a few own a piece of land. Attracted by the hope of finding job and money, more people leave the countryside to come to the city : Jakarta.

With its still growing population of 10 millions, Jakarta is to become at the end of the century, one of the largest cities in the world. Located at the mouth of the polluted river Ciliwung, the city has grown chaotically around its harbor, in the oppressing heat and the ever present poverty.

A lot of people fill the streets. Buses, taxies, cars, motorcycles try to force their way through the traffic, blowing their horn.

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Hell could not be much worse. Unemployment, housing, sanitation are some of the problems that the Indonesian government has to face. People in the country side, starving, think that Jakarta is the place where the jobs are. So they come to the city, but the jobs are not there. A third of the Jakarta citizens lives in squalid cardboard houses that lack all amenities.

But there are also some skyscrapers, some modern buildings, the 4 star hotels of Jalam Thamrin and Kebayoran; poverty and wealth live next to each other: Jakarta is a city of contrasts. The slum we visit is next to the Maritime Museum. We have to walk alongside the smelly black waters of a canal lined with trash. Some of the people recognize us and welcome us with smiles. Very soon, entire families step out of their wooden plank houses to greet us. We are may be the only "farangs" to come to this place.

There is no hostility, no begging, just laughs and smiles : we are the surprise of the day! We have our cameras with us and they all ask us to take pictures of them. One father insists that we photograph his son. One kid poses in front of the lens, looking very serious, and surprised by the flash, bursts into tears. We have photographed the same cute kid during our three visits, each time holding his latest photograph. This time, we have brought some "gifts".

We start distributing some of the pictures taken two weeks before. The pictures passes from hand to hand : everybody is laughing. These people living in the worst misery and sanitary conditions, are giving us a lesson of simplicity. We also have brought masks for the kids ; we are surrounded by tens of hands. Everybody is excited. The gifts disappear inside the poor houses.

We decide to explore further inside the slum. Reza: "I have always considered my camera to be a companion of my thoughts, an extension of my gaze, of my visual intention, my creativity, my solitude, my rebellions, my wonder, my sorrows, and my greatest joys. An extension of myself, if you will. This magical object is a tool that has the power to freeze a moment for eternity. What a humble and intense guy. Imagine going deep in opaque blue, slowly a huge dark shape appears and becomes a boat.

Many thanks to Raoul Monthuel for this dive. This is the cover of my book: "Emotions sous-marines". As this was on film, on slides. I had to, as was usual in that day and age, give all my best shots to my client. Here with Gwendoline in Martinique. Survival suits in Tracy Arms, Alaska, July This strange orange object floating on the water is not a new breed of seal but a human being wearing a survival suit. These suits are mainly made for people like fishermen, who navigate on cold waters. Based on the principles of a dry suit, a survival suit will allow a person immersed in cold water to survive for several hours this length of time depends on many factors such as the water and the outside temperatures, the resistance against cold of the person However, unlike dry suits, these suits are not designed for diving purposes but for survival only.

Boots and gloves are attached for better protection, as well as a hood. A front zipper closes the suit up to the chin, the front seal and a piece of neoprene placed over the mouth and the nose provide a relative waterproofing. Buoyancy is achieved by two different ways. As mentioned above, the survival suit is made out of neoprene rubber that contains millions of tiny insulating cells filled with air, making the suit very buoyant.

In addition, a balloon-like ring attached to the suit under the arms can be inflated by mouth using a hose included in the suit. Apart from buoyancy, this ring provides a support to the neck and allows the person to float without effort, head out of water. Thermal insulation is not achieved, as commonly thought, by the suit itself, but by the air trapped in the suit : this air is warmed by the body and provides an effective insulation.

Unfortunately, in cold water, the heat loss is high and the human body must continually compensate for this loss. At a certain point, it becomes impossible for the body to keep up and the body temperature drops ; eventually, the person will die from hypothermia. Hopefully, rescuers will be there before this happens. The color orange of the suit has not been chosen for fashion reasons but because this is the color the most easily detectable on the sea. These pictures were taken in Tracy Arm Alaska during a safety drill, demonstrating the efficiency of the suits.

Six volunteers jumped from a lifeboat into the ice cold water of Sawyer glacier, under the indifferent eyes of harbor seals. After some paddling around, these special bathers were given a flare used to draw attention. Wet or even immersed, these flares continue to glow with a bright orange "flame" signalling the position to the rescuers.

Many crew members are looking forward to this "icecapade", but the waiting list is very long and only six suits are available on board! The suit I was wearing had a tiny pin hole near my ankle and a little jet of icy water numbed the lower half of my leg really quick.

I still have my "official suit tester" certificate somewhere written up in beautiful calligraphy. Thank you for this memory! This was the great inconvenient of 35 mm films. Nowadays, with my digital camera inside an Ikelite housing, I run out of air before running out of photo. Assistants: Nick Lellelyn and John Cable. Sharon Stanley: "Christian, you make everyone so beautiful with the 'gift' of your eye in the camera : ". On the mportance of perspective : exhibit in on the large columns of the Grand Palais.

You must be at the exact spot to view the drawing properly. Good photographers must understand this perfectly. Design too Can you see the zebra? OK it was a staged photograph. I think Jamie Harrison took it for me near Juneau Alaska No I did not break the bridge! Photographer n. Amazing archeological finds: - In the old days, 35mm Kodak and Fuji photographic films grew on trees. I created this photo thanks to the wind which gently swayed the flowers. I used different combinations of shutter speeds to get the blur effect in the foreground, and apertures to get the background blur.

No Photoshop. My best abstract photo. And even before Photoshop, there was painting. Before Photoshop, I painted on my slides. Here is a landscape from the province of Udine, Italy. My painting touch-ups were brought under the limelight thanks to the magazine Canadian Photo Selection. And also in the magazine: "The British Journal of Photography. But later I accept an alluring job offer from a crook The magazine Chasseur d'Images organized a Digital Photography competition in and as there were very few participants, I won everything. He must have and keep in him something of the receptiveness of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveller who enters a strange country.

The 35mm black-and-white film. The 35mm contact sheets. You would write on them with pencil, in red, for corrections and cropping. This one was my choice, but not marked, because it was on another contact sheet.

L Histoire au Quotidien 19ème siècle de Napoléon à la tour Eiffel la fin

I am a Photo-Holic. About 10 minutes boat ride, around 90 feet deep, sandy bottom and clear visibility. This is a close up from above.

Histoire M6 Editions - Albertine - Books in French and English New-York

The weird thing in the foreground is my underwater camera with its two protruding lights. She's my spouse. Near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Nikon D in an Ikelite housing. My heart still beats …. No the whale shark is not dangerous. It eats only plankton and very small fish. I waited 20 years for such an encounter.

I could see it full frame in my view finder; the water is relatively clear some plankton in the water , I hear the camera shutter triggering OK, the photos appear nicely in the screen, wonderful. This feeling is my brain forever. Even better. A bog fish is great, with a human next to it, even better.

If you ask what aperture I used for this photo, I will answer, as Howard Hall great underwater photographer I met in California answered me once: "all of them". I laid down the housing at the bottom of the tank, triggered by automatic time-lapse. Then, later, I fitted my digital camera in an Ikelite waterproof housing I had this housing modified to be able to pull out a USB cable, waterproof of course, which allowed my clients to see the photos on the pool deck.

You can control everything from the surface and see the photos in real time thanks to the software Nikon Camera Control Pro in LiveView. Objectif Nikkor mm dernier cri. Dans la tour. Pour le making of. Rien sur le V. Ne dure pas plus de deux heures sans recharger. Le recharge prend deux heures. Disque dur externe pour sauvegarde. OK sur accus pour 2 heures. La recharge prend une heure. You can see the USB cable come out of the housing. The left flash, sent backward, later inside the immersion tower, triggers the 3 others, which will be inside a soft box on the edge of the pool, via a waterproof slave, which you can see in the middle.

Creating a waterproof slave with a resin inclusion. In , I published a book: Emotions sous — marines Underwater Emotions by Christian Fournier As the title suggests: Emotion is the unifying theme of this work. Emotion which, I hope, is communicated by the photos in this album. In fifteen years of dives around the globe, I produced countless photos which were peculiar, touching, worrisome, mysterious ; here I present only my favourites.

The entire concept behind this book relies on the beauty of the Image. The underwater world is magical, and the act of entering it is rich in emotion. I wished to share these with you. May they bring you good emotions. Christian Fournier. At the FNAC store. What a pleasure to see your book published!

I recommend it to everyone! My work is split between assignments for clients portraits, conventions, architecture, fashion, reportages, wedding, advertising, press, still life and personal artistic endeavours.. Baths in Budapest. With a soft Ewa-Marine housing and a supple bag the orange one to encase for usage on land in other words: on a pool deck. We examined them very closely with a magnifying glass. Certified unretouched photo. All you need is a beautiful girl, a very good make up artist and know a lot about lights.

Cryogenic valves from the manufacturer Ireland in February Arianespace, of course. The narrow and long softbox is perfect to highlight the shiny edges of the valves. The back light is indispensable to give them depth. Polaroid back on a Hasselblad CM. Tank developing at the press space. Fast drying with portable hair dryer.

Scan and transmission at press bench with Macintosh portable computer. Control Polaroids 6x6cm. The Ekta sheets, here delivered in strips of 12 uncut strips. You can recognize a negative or a positive film made with a Hasselblad thanks to the small notches on the left. No, not on the bra. No, my pictures are not included! Tell me which other profession would have allowed me to see this? Tests and computer simulation incredible prowess for On a crane with a very large flash.

Polaroid from Hasselblad Adjustment of perspectives. The must look like from the air. Markings on the ground with nailed gaffer tape. The Phase One back and its software Capture One. Le logiciel Capture One et le super photograveur Patrick Carreau. Here, a photoshoot for Teraillon. The green Tupperware with the pierced bottom contains water which rains down in a controlled way onto the mouse. They are protected from splashes with ziplock bags. Here, a staff photo gallery for the law firm Herbert Smith.

You must add some very large black panels on both side of the model to get this dark effect in a "light" room. Angie Nguyen, once Miss Vietnam. Many thanks to Christine for the assistantship. These flashes have become very sophisticated. Why do photocall photographers use a special bracket to attach their flash? What the stars see. Well, here, I am the star. What I managed to photograph. January 29th, Sidaction — fashion dinner at the Pavillon D'Armenonville.

What the Paris Match photographer managed to get and posted on their web site www.

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  4. Paris Match is a French weekly news and photo magazine, born in and famous for its advertising slogan is: the weight of the words, the shock of the photos. Why to press photographers use this? Here for Redken and Maybeline. A ring flash for close-ups. A ring flash, invented by Lester A. Dine in , originally for use in dental photography, is a circular photographic flash that fits around the lens, especially for use in macro or close-up photography.

    Its most important characteristic is providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the photograph, as the origin of the light is very close to and surrounds the optical axis of the lens. When the subject is very close to the camera, as is the case in macro photography, the distance of the flash from the optical axis becomes significant.

    For objects close to the camera, the size of the ring flash is significant and so the light encounters the subject from many angles in the same way that it does with a conventional flash with soft box. This has the effect of further softening any shadows. Ring flashes are also very popular in portrait and fashion photography. In addition to softening shadows and creating circular highlights in the model's eyes, the unique way that a ring flash renders light gives the model a shadowy halo that is a common feature of fashion photography.

    I was asked to use only frontal light to attenuate the wrinkles. What wrinkles? The softbox works with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cobra flashes here the Nikon SBs and PocketWizards for wireless triggering. Here with 4 Nikon SBs. In any case, all of this is now obsolete thanks to Profoto B2. An inside page of the magazine. The cover. Richard Avedon: "Camera lies all the time. All it does is lie, because when you choose this moment instead of that moment. The moment you've made a choice, you're lying about something larger.

    I don't mean lying. But any artist picks and chooses what they want to paint or write about or say. Photographers are the same. Beauty dishes, reflectors…. The contact sheets from 6x6cm colour negatives on film. Sometimes you need quite a lot of lighting, like in the examples above and below, to create an immaculate white backdrop without any "return" on the subject. Large umbrellas and softbox Chimera. I know how to create a casual atmosphere. The same for Sabine Crossen. Le 8 mars : Une Aston Martin en milieu urbain.

    A perfume urn in my small studio in Port Royal on 24th december Christian Fournier shows behind the scene of photography. The Manfrotto studio stand is very good for drying old rags ans "G" strings. The colour chart. Analysis of an ad in a large studio. Behind her, the hanging rails, full of clothes prepared for this photo session. Ready-to-Wear Catalogue Ober circa I always use my Lightform panels invented by Dean Collins, my old photography professor in California in They are frames made of plastic tubing on which you attach large sheets — opaque white, transparent white, black, gold, silver, with or without holes for wind problems outside.

    I MUST SHARE!! What Are You Going To Do With The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE? [MUST WATCH]

    The frames nest into one another to create any size, and the small legs hold it all up. The whole is very lightweight and can be transported in a large soft bag. If you come to take one of my photography courses, I will explain to you how to make an immaculate white backdrop without any glare.

    It is obviously a great pleasure to see your photo on the cover of a magazine! As always, my Lightform reflectors diffuse lighting behind the piece of furniture and to make the shadows of the flowers more pleasant. Studio: MG. A lighting tent can sometimes be very useful, plus a transparent Plexiglas to give more light underneath.

    The model holds the grey chart which allowed perfect calibration of the white balance during post-production. Of course the model would stand before the white backdrop for the real photos. Another example of use of the Lastolight Highlight. You cannot see the Profoto lights, they are inside the white box It was indispensable for the semi-transparent clothes. The contact sheet showing the Hasselblad notches. Two soft boxes very close to the subject, plus a cardboard reflector for the neck.

    Make up artist : Fabienne Laffly. The background and the torso and, later, the head see below are blue to make it easier to remove with Photoshop. The client inspects a test band of Ekta developed in 1 hour. My photos on the cubes and large panels and giant posters along Haussman Boulevard in Paris. Guess who the client was? You have to use a flash with a focusing head to add is precisely onto the semi-transparent top. Yes, photography is a real profession. Note the camera you only see the lens hidden in the middle of the reflectors, so that its reflexion would not show on the polished surfaces of the can.

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    Model Emilie. The famous designer Marc Atlan beside his Infinium creations.. Portraits of Eline in my small studio; small, but very well-equipped; so is the studio. Assistant Philippe Auger. Hasselblad 6x6. Spring Be careful of photoshoot permissions in the streets of Paris. A T-shirt for identification and publicity, always useful, especially in India!

    Warning: sarcasm inside. Large umbrellas, … I know, I've already said it, but a good teacher must Large umbrellas, I know, I've already said it, but a good teacher must Also a fan to mimick Marilyn. Umbrellas for the rain, too. A truck for make up, hair, heat, stylism, changing, parking, volts is even better. Model Marine Petit and photographer Christian Fournier. I'm the one on the left! A shower in a studio, handy. The model, who is a well known mafia tycoon wife, wishes to remain anonymous. I admit it : the waterfall was not in the studio! An acrylic mirror is also very useful.

    Marianne in I also do hostesses composites. A bargain. This is only for the ones who have read the drawing. Great assistants: Camille and Christine. The camera, on top, in the middle of the cross bar, is remote-controlled via a long self amplified USB cable to the computer with Nikon Camera Control Pro software. The camera triggers the Profoto flash heads. We can view, adjust and transfer the photos instantaneously.

    Thank you to Elodie Biscons. Model: Wanda. Thank you to Camille for her assistantship. Not forgetting the numerous indispensable accessories. Body shaped by a loving god. Here, Angie, top model in Vietnam. Angie and my lighting are absolutely magnificent. What do you think? Another version, just for the eyes. Place de la Concorde, Paris, France. Just timing, skill and dedication.

    I herewith chalenge all photographers from the entire world : "try to do better than me on this fountain! Do not forget your "Rainsleeve". As always: the color chart. Bloopers, very relaxed. The arrival of digital cameras. The Lumina Leaf in , more of a scanner with a lens on it! You should thank me: I may have single-handedly financed their research departments! The Lumina Leaf in Combined ad for Club Med and Schweppes. In collaboration with the Workshop Fournier-Schneck. Incredible anecdote: the Pont des Arts without any locks.

    An extract. Here, in Okay, well, in there are no more locks, transparent walls have been erected to block them. Here also an extract. This also shows the fantastic resolution of my panoramics.

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    The French authorities have thrown away all the padlocks. The Kodak DCS in CRT screens! The link between films and digital photography. Launched in , the discs were designed to hold nearly high quality images, scanned prints and slides using special proprietary encoding. The Photo CD system gained a fair level of acceptance among professional photographers due to the low cost of the high quality film scans.

    Prior to Photo CD, professionals who wished to digitize their film images were forced to pay much higher fees to obtain drum scans of their film negatives and transparencies. In the centre, the Dicomed charger. Le photograveur, Patrick Carreau. At home with my digital equipment in Here he is at his rue de Montorgueil studio in Paris. Remy is another trailblazer for digital photography in France. He now lives in Neuilly-Plaisance. The Nikon D1 featured a 2.