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When I printed the first two times, it worked fine. Now each page just print "Unsupported personality: PCL ' at the top.

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I found the following thread that will help you during the installation of the printer in Windows 7. Let me know if you need assistance? Yesterday, I was able to print.


Help! Laserjet 's with Windows 7!

This morning was an update of Adobe and now my printer doesn't work anymore. MX printer error state. Does anyone have a clue. Welcome to the Canon Forums! The Forums are not intended for immediate assistance. If your question is of an urgent nature, please contact either by phone during business hours or email 24 hours a day!

We're going to get in trouble with a printer all-in-one mdnf one of our customers recently acquired. The printer itself is connected to the network via an ethernet cable and computers that are like him either by cable or wireless. They are all using Windows Vista or Windows 7. They seem all print correctly, with the exception of a few PDF documents from some of their clients. These documents do not print either and we get a print to a PCL XL error when you try to print from Adobe Reader or print, but with black background and white text Foxit Reader.

It appeared at one point that a solution was to change the printing resolution of to FastRes both with active EconoMode. However, after doing this another document presented with the same problem.

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It may not seem like a serious question to some, but with a bunch of users who have only basic knowledge on the use of computers, questions like that can turn large problems. We also have little information on PDF documents and their source, but as far as I could understand at least most of them is generated by scanning from other multifunction printers. We also bring the printer to our supplier and explain the problem.

We could also demonstrate with a PDF file but could not leave the file with them due to privacy issues.

How to Install a HP Laserjet 1012 in Windows 7 (& Windows 8) and Fix PCL Problem Pt. 1

They tried to print with the generic driver but no joy as the matter kept showing. If we send it to the guarantee that they will most likely print a certain number of documents and to say, it works well I'd do the same in their position , that's why I was wondering if people here have the same problem with this printer or have ideas on how to solve it. Sorry to answer so late. This seems to work around the problem and also allow us to use the features of the printer.

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I guess the test that the guys at the service was incorrect, that it seems to work for us. If I manage to test it some time, I will do my best to come back with more information. Thank you and I would mark your post as solution as well if I could. General HP printer error. We bought this new printer to Costco for more than a year. He began to send me general error message just now.

I have replacement cartridges in it not factory HP and they are full and not leaking. For some reason it won't print with them. I tried to reset and sometimes it works, it would reset pull cable from the printer while the printer is turned on it would show that the cartridges are full and he puts himself in 'cleaning up' and all of a sudden it gives me "General printer error" without specific code.

I removed all the cartridges, and then I tried the following:. I would setup Magenta cartridge and it would show me the rest of the cartridges are missing. I called HP customer service, but they were less than helpful. Basically told me to reset it by pulling on the cord and see if it works, has not.

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HP person then proceeds to tell me how their printers are and asked me if I wanted to buy one! I was very anxious at this moment there, I spent several hundred dollars on this printer and I just want to make it work. Its a great printer - when it works. So I wanted to just update. I didn't need printer for awhile until the end of last week and I decided to tinker with it even more. I researched still more and saw a video of someone rinse a print head in warm water under a sink. I decided to do as a last resort. After I rinsed, I dry real and reinstalled.

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I reinstalled cartridges installation and the test page printed printer. Ive printed several pages again later. I changed cartridges of the CISS system installation and printed a few pages to test and it works fine! Looks like it might have been just blocked and had to be rinsed. Printer works again and I hope to keep working for a long time. I was considering using it as a target shooting, perhaps at a later time, then.

Several attempts to export the book to Adobe PDF failed with the following statement:. When I run the command 'Package book for print', it shows that there are some fonts and missing images. However, as far as I know, I replaced all the missing fonts and I'm unable to see all missing fonts or images on the computer screen.

Person documents in the book export to Adobe PDF with no problems, but the book does not print as a whole, affecting the table of contents and the page numbering e. Roman in the front-end vs Hindu-Arabic in the rest of the book. I'm frustrated because InDesign doesn't tell me what the problem is. I'd appreciate any help in this regard. That did not work. However, I just realized that I can export the book by clicking on the small arrow in the upper right corner of the menu that shows all the documents in my book I don't know how it's called.

From there on, I chose "export book to PDF It worked. Also cannot restore to the end version that el Capitan in Time Machine the botou is not accessible? I never had trouble printing to my office, but recently, I get a print error regardless of the document to print. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Can't print HP Laserjet November 25th, 1. Can't print HP Laserjet I need some serious help with this. I installed Ubuntu After playing around for a few days I decided to stick with Lucid and uninstalled Kubunutu and Edubuntu.

I uninstalled Edubuntu by going into Synaptic Package Manager and selecting everything that came up with Edubuntu. No problems. Then I uninstalled Kubuntu by typing in this code: Code:. Adv Reply. November 25th, 2. I print to a couple of HP laserjet printers and I notice from the list of packages that you removed hpijs-pdds which is installed on my computer. I'm not sure if it's going to help you, but I thought I'd point it out just in case you'd removed one package too many.

What does unsupported personality: PCL mean

Also, you should be able to access CUPS using your web browser at localhost You can view the error log on the administration page. November 25th, 3. Re: Can't print HP Laserjet Originally Posted by Sazhen November 25th, 4. Can you check that your user is part of the lpadmin group? November 27th, 5. You can use your own login username and password for CUPS.