Mac textedit change default font

I couldn't find a way to change the default font for printing generic documents.

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Then I had an idea. Open up TextEdit.

Modify default font in Textedit - Apple Community

In addition to being used for the display font, this setting controls the output font for drag and drop printing of generic documents in Print Center. Now I can print out my code listings in a smaller font.

How to Change Default Text Editor On Mac OSX to TextWrangler

Print Center is really just a go-between, and when you drop the document on Print Center, TextEdit launches and executes a Print command. Therefore, your font settings in TextEdit will control what you get on the printer Set the default print font for generic documents 0 comments Create New Account.

Fonts in Mac OS X: Working with Fonts

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  • Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. TextEdit app on Mac is useful in many ways.

    Hint Options

    Rich text. And the second option allows you to use plain text.

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    • Plain text option comes in handy many a times, especially when you want to copy your text to some other location which may have different formatting options compared to TextEdit. Step 1. Open TextEdit app on your Mac. The easiest way is to search for it in Spotlight search.

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      Step 2. Step 3. Whatever you type now will be in default plain text format. That was about New file. But what if you want to turn the Rich Text to plain text in the existing document? The TextEdit preferences also have other options like changing fonts, font size, spell checker, grammar checker, etc.