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That point decline means an Although in units sold Apple is declining, they are almost the only vendor making any profit in the smartphone sector from hardware sales alone.

In Q3 for example, they captured There are more mobile phone owners than toothbrush owners, [26] with mobile phones the fastest growing technology in history. Currently 3. In , eMarketer estimated at the beginning of the year that the tablet installed base would hit one billion [28] for the first time with China's use at million, which Google Play doesn't serve or track, and the USA's use second at million. Sales quintupled to an expected 1 billion units worldwide this year, from million units in , according to projections from the Envisioneering Group.

While that number is far higher than the plus million units globally projected by research firms IDC, Gartner and Forrester, Envisioneering analyst Richard Doherty says the rival estimates miss all the cheap Asian knockoff tablets that have been churning off assembly lines.

Forrester says its definition of tablets "is relatively narrow" while IDC says it includes some tablets by Amazon — but not all. The top tech purchase of the year continued to be the smartphone, with an expected 1. Last year saw some 1. Folks tend to be happy with the older computers and keep them for longer, as more of our daily computing activities have moved to the smartphone.

Operating System Market Share Worldwide

This suggests Microsoft has a ways to go before the software gets "hit" status. The most recent data from various sources published during the last twelve months is summarized in the table below. All of these sources monitor a substantial number of web sites; statistics related to one web site only are excluded. Android currently ranks highest, [32] above Windows incl. Xbox console systems, every day of the week.

Windows on mobile systems i. Windows Phone accounts for 0. The version breakdown for browsers in Madagascar shows "Other" at However browser statistics without version-breakdown has Opera at In China, Android is the highest ranked operating system since January Windows has occasionally topped it since then. Windows is still the dominant desktop OS, but the dominance varies by region and it has gradually lost market share to other desktop operating systems not just to mobile with the slide very noticeable in the US, where macOS usage has more than tripled from to , with Windows down to There is little openly published information on the device shipments of desktop and laptop computers.

Gartner publishes estimates, but the way the estimates are calculated is not openly published. Another source of market share of various operating systems is StatCounter [59] basing its estimate on web use although this may not be very accurate. Also, sales may overstate usage.

Most computers are sold with a pre-installed operating system , with some users replacing that OS with a different one due to personal preference, or installing another OS alongside it and using both. Conversely, sales underestimate usage by not counting unauthorized copies.

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Web analysis shows significant variation in different parts of the world. Conversely, macOS in North America claims Since mid, the world uses mobile computers more than desktop including laptop computers. This is so every day of the week worldwide, though outside Asia and Africa, it is not true on weekdays. The Stack Overflow developer survey provides no detail about particular versions of Windows.

The desktop operating system share among those identifying as Professional Developers was: [73]. A big reason for the difference in numbers comes down to how they are recorded. Smartphone penetration vs.

Mac OS marketshare stagnant since early | IT Pro

There is a clear correlation between the GDP per capita of a country and that country's respective smartphone OS market share, with the richest countries much more likely to choose Apple's iPhone, with Google's Android predominant elsewhere. Tablet computers , or simply tablets , became a significant OS market share category starting with Apple's iPad. In Q1 , iOS had Since , in South America and Cuba [] in North America , Android tablets have gained majority, [] and in Asia in Android was slightly more popular than the iPad, which was at According to StatCounter web use statistics a proxy for all use , smartphones are more popular than desktop computers globally and Android in particular more popular than Windows.

Although desktop computers are still popular in many countries while overall down to A few countries on all continents are desktop-minority with Android more popular than Windows; many, e. Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti; up to most countries in Asia and Africa [] with smartphone-majority because of Android, Poland and Turkey in Europe highest with In Ireland, smartphone use at As of July , Sweden had been desktop-minority for eight weeks in a row.

Smartphones discounting tablets , first gained majority in December desktop-majority was lost the month before , [ where? In the week of 7—13 November , smartphones alone without tablets overtook desktop for the first time, albeit for a short period. Some of the world is still desktop-majority, with for example the United States at On 22 October and subsequent weekends , mobile showed majority. Smartphones alone have showed majority since 23 December to the end of the year, with the share topping at While an unusually high top, a similar high also occurred on Monday 17 April , with the smartphone share slightly lower and tablet share slightly higher, combining to For the Christmas season i.

The UK desktop-minority dropped down to In the US, desktop-minority happened for three days on and around Christmas while a longer four-day stretch happened in November, and happens frequently on weekends. According to StatCounter web use statistics a proxy for all use , in the week from 7—13 November , "mobile" meaning smartphones alone without tablets overtook desktop, for the first time, with them highest ranked at Large regions of the rest of the world are still desktop-majority, while on some days, the United States, [] and North America as a whole [] isn't; the US is desktop-minority up to four days in a row, [] and up to a five-day average.

On 22 October and subsequent weekends , mobile has shown majority. The biggest continents, Asia and Africa, have shown vast mobile-majority for long time any day of the week , as well as several individual countries elsewhere have also turned mobile-majority: Poland, Albania and Turkey [] in Europe and Paraguay and Bolivia [] in South America. According to StatCounter's web use statistics, Saturday 28 May , was the day when smartphones "mobile" at StatCounter, that now counts tablets separately became a most used platform, ranking first, at Since Sunday 27 March , the first day the world dipped to desktop-minority, [] it has happened almost every week, and by week of 11—17 July , the world was desktop-minority, [] followed by the next week, and thereon also for a three-week period.

According to StatCounter web use statistics a proxy for overall use , on weekends desktops worldwide lose about 5 percent points, e.

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  • Operating System Market Share Worldwide.
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Two continents, have already crossed over to mobile-majority because of Android , based on StatCounters web use statistics. The popularity of mobile use worldwide has been driven by the huge popularity increase of Android in Asian countries, where Android is the highest ranked operating system statistically in virtually every south-east Asian country, [] while it also ranks most popular in almost every African country.

Poland has been desktop-minority since April , [] because of Android being vastly more popular there, [] and other European countries, such as Albania and Turkey , have also crossed over. While some analysts count tablets with desktops as some of them run Windows , others count them with mobile phones as the vast majority of tablets run so-called mobile operating systems , such as Android or iOS on the iPad. India and most of the middle East have clear Android majority on tablets. In March , for the first time in the US the number of mobile-only adult internet users exceeded the number of desktop-only internet users with The region with the largest Android usage [32] also has the largest mobile revenue.

Internet based servers' market share can be measured with statistical surveys of publicly accessible servers, such as web servers , mail servers [] or DNS servers on the Internet: the operating systems powering such servers are found by inspecting raw response messages. This method gives insight only into market share of operating systems that are publicly accessible on the Internet.

There will be differences in the result depending on how the sample is done and observations weighted. Usually the surveys are not based on a random sample of all IP numbers, domain names, hosts or organisations, but on servers found by some other method. The TOP project lists and ranks the fastest supercomputers for which benchmark results are submitted. In June , two AIX computers held rank and , [] the last non-Linux systems before they dropped off the list.

It held the title from November to November , [] and was decommissioned in Historically all kinds of Unix operating systems dominated, and in the end ultimately Linux remains. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: the article has many confusing and poorly worded sentences. Please help improve this article if you can.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Last update: Recent statistics from is needed for this section. August Device shipments, Android. Web clients' OS family statistics Android or based on.

Last update: Recent statistics till is needed for some parts in this section. October Tablets 4. Last update: Recent statistics from is needed for the graph below and the table following the graph. Last update: Recent statistics till mid is needed for some parts in this section. Last update: Recent statistics from is needed for some parts in this section.

Retrieved 22 July Android Police. Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 16 August And only one of them is actually declining. StatCounter Global Stats. Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 1 August Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 15 March The Verge. Retrieved 17 May CBS Interactive. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 15 June Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 26 January W3 Counter. Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 14 June The New York Times. In fact, over the past two years, the three largest PC makers have been increasing their share and even their unit shipments, as smaller manufacturers have struggled.

The following chart shows the combined market share during and for Lenovo, HP, and Dell, which collectively account for nearly two out of three traditional PCs desktop, laptop, and workstation sold worldwide. Now look at the collective market share for all other PC manufacturers, including Acer traditionally a distant fourth , Apple, ASUS, and other brands, the most intriguing of which is Microsoft with its Surface line. Update: In the comments, someone asks why I called Microsoft's Surface line "intriguing.

As for unit sales, the following chart tells the tale. Here, too, the top three PC makers show a generally positive trajectory, with Acer and Apple far behind and basically flat. But that Others line slopes sharply downward. The collective market share of PC makers that aren't at the top has plunged in the past two years. I can think of a few good reasons why the rich are getting richer right now. For starters, the PC market is more focused on business and government today than ever before, especially with large organizations scurrying to replace old devices running Windows 7 before the end-of-support date that's now officially less than a year away.

That's where all three companies have massive armies of salespeople who can write commercial contracts that cover hundreds of thousands or millions of seats at a time. Meanwhile, the consumer market for PCs has all but vanished, with the exception of two groups: gamers and high-income professionals that still need the unique capabilities that a PC or Mac provides.

One other thought I had while going through these reports is that we don't really know what the replacement rate is for PCs right now. Microsoft routinely refers to a worldwide population of about 1. But the company has been repeating that number for at least six years, as far as I can tell, and there's really no way to measure whether consumers and businesses have been retiring one PC for every new one that's been sold since or so.

If I had to place my bet, I would guess that the retirement rate has been far in excess of the replacement rate in recent years and the total population of PCs has shrunk by a few hundred million from that 1. Zeroing in on that number might seem like a frivolous guessing game, but it has a major impact on what the PC landscape will look like in Based on information from its telemetry servers, Microsoft has already confirmed that the number of PCs running Windows 10 is well over million. If the current worldwide installed base of Windows PCs and Macs is closer to 1 billion than 1.

Apple's market share of PC unit shipments in the United States from 2013 to 12222, by quarter

Either way, don't be surprised if corporate demand helps make one last year of flat PC sales before those numbers head south again. As folding screens get hot, PCs are left out in the cold TVs and smartphones can benefit from flexible displays. But there's no sign yet of the tech bringing PCs to a new plateau of mobility.

The most popular PC is in your pocket While you weren't looking, the PC has morphed into even more personal devices.

Usage share of operating systems

Industry analysts are ignoring this because, frankly, they need to reassure clients that their current and obsolete business models are viable. Which they aren't. CES The best desktops on display From Mac Pro clones to colorful gaming systems, here are a half-dozen PCs that stood out on the show floor amid a sea of laptops. How to do a clean install of Windows Which option is best for you?

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    The Chinese PC manufacturer has marked its eight consecutive revenue quarter growth. Samsung continues its fascination with Arm-based SOCs for its laptops, with the latest Snapdragon technology designed to boost performance while retaining its promise of always-on How to speed up your old Windows 10 PC or Mac.