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Seriously a great program. For all the griping about mono it has proven its worth in creating polished apps very quickly, something linux has really needed.

Looking through the site and documentation has left me confused… Do you need the Server iFolder 2. Perhaps they should put up some sweet Flash animations and screenshots on their web page. The iFolder client is split into two components a user daemon and the application itself. The user application is specific to each platform. On OSX the application is written against Cocoa and completely native. On Windows, Windows.

Forms and. NET along with a small native dll for Explorer integration.

Mac OS X Basics: Working with Files and Folders

Hey can you give a link to this SimpleServer. I have searched high and low and can not seem to find it. I really want to test out iFolder, but because of the unfinished p2p, code as you mentioned, I need the SimpleServer that is not so simple to find.


That you pretty much can get the same functionaliy and versioning with a good versioning server and an ssh tunnel into it and a client which hooks into the file browser. I have been using this kindof functionality for a long time and have been thinking bout hooking friends into my SVN infrastructure with tortoise and dedicated clients. The whole concept is interesting but dated, i have downloaded the latest client and tested a bit, albeit it has a very big downside, you must have the server, which is closed and only available with Novell Open Server betas.

This SimpleServer is not good unless it is easyer to compile or even packaged, it takes more time to fiddle around the source to compile it than downloading all the simias source from cvs.

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I love how so many comments imply that iFolder is useless since Cryptic Command X can give you the same functionality. My method is far less pleasant. The point is that iFolder is supposed to be better than those. You be the judge. Is simple server just available for Linux, or do they have plans to release it for windows as well?

Maybe the open-source version is though the official release was a while back but iFolder on Netware has been around for a couple years now since NW6. It works pretty well. The client is very easy to use on Windows it really only asks you where the iFolder is on your current workstation during the installation , you just save all your files to that directory on your workstation and iFolder just takes care of it from there.

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Follow me on Twitter EugeniaLoli. Very useful app. Well, make up your mind. Is it Flash demos or is it viewing pleasure? Can someone tell me if the mac verion is mono based too?

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Oh, and how likely is it to arrive for Mac, honestly? I thought Cocoa was effectively dead? See, now everyone is happy to use mono. NET framework, no Mono is needed under Windows.

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Kind of useless without that capability. In addition, the requirement of. We will use the key recovery agent. Indicate that LDAP be safe. Specify the access path. Indicate the apache user: www data Indicate the group apache: www data We accept the server certificate And ready! Each iFolder we have synchronized with the server will leave us with a different icon that will identify quickly so that the content we have on the iFolder server. Any folder iFolder can share it with others, we can force a synchronization to have it available everywhere on any device or remove it and we can easily make it so in a 'normal'.

This would be the iFolder client if they need access, where we can see in more detail the status of synchronizations, applications, quotas…. And orphan folders that are no longer in use.

iFolder Client for Mac on OS X Lion () - ilodykuh.tkr

These configurations could also be done by user. A good idea is externally storing the data content of our iFolder server to a network server, in this case it will be a Windows to a shared folder on a LUN with Deduplication.

We select it and bring it up! With this we will have a full deployment of iFolder, perfect for sharing files between users that are remote and not always be near the office or some other common information sharing companies.