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At the bottom of the Select a Destination screen is the Options button, which offers three mutually exclusive choices:. The Previous System folder cannot be used to boot but it does contain any and all files that were in any of the Mac OS X folders before you upgraded. Mark it if you want to import all the existing users of this Mac, their Home folders, and their network settings — but still archive all the old System stuff into the Previous System folder.

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Erase and Install: Choose this option if you want to completely erase the disk that you selected in Step 4, starting completely from scratch. In most cases, erasing the start-up disk is not necessary. Suffice it to say that Then click Disk Utility in your menu bar and quit it. Now you're back at the installer. Highlight the drive that is now showing up and click Continue. Drop down Kernels and choose Legacy kernel. AMD option below System support.

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Intel Users check: Any Updates included at the top. Drop down bootloaders and check the newest Chameleon. Then click Done and hit the Install button. To speed up the process you can click Skip when the disc check pops up.

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As soon as it says "installation finished" and starts counting down to restart, press the right Ctrl key. Next you'll see the Chameleon loader and then OS X will begin to boot. After it boots you will see the setup screens for OS X!

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You're good to go. The only hiccup I've found is that it can only be virtualized with one core.

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It could be the OSX disc I was using or it might not be. And I have yet to find the right kext that will allow audio to work and the resolution is limited also. But other than that you'll have a fully functioning OSX virtualized! Update : I'd like to post some answers to the resolution and audio.

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I should have looked around before posting this but I just didn't have the time. So anyways heres what you can do:. To fix the resolution issue, open Finder and go to the OS X drive on the left. Download and install the firmware update. If the firmware update is already installed or your Macintosh was purchased after the date of the update release, you will get an error message when you run the firmware installer. If this happens, your machine is already up to date and you can proceed.

Your system is not harmed. Insert the CD, and restart the computer while holding down the C key to start your computer from the CD. After the installer loads, run the Disk Utility program located under the Installer menu to repair any disk directory problems. Such problems can cause the upgrade to fail. If Disk Utility reports an error that it cannot fix, you will need to use a more powerful program such as DiskWarrior to repair the drive.

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Do not proceed with system upgrade until you have completely repaired the drive. Submit a HelpSU request if you need assistance with disk repair, at. Quit Disk Utility and Installer , check Startup Disk to verify that your hard disk is selected for startup, and restart your computer normally. Create a complete bootable backup of your hard disk or system partition to another disk drive or partition , if a large enough one is available, using the free program Carbon Copy Cloner , available at.

If you cannot backup your entire hard disk, back up your home directory, which contains your documents and personal settings, to some other medium such as Zip, CD, etc.

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If you have an external firewire disk, check the manufacturer's web site to see if it needs a driver update to run smoothly with Mac OS X Problems have been reported with some external firewire drives. In System Preferences , select Login Items and delete any items from the list -- you don't want your new system to try to start old incompatible applications. After the upgrade, verify that these applications run correctly before adding them back to your Login Items list. Check for updated versions before re-enabling after the upgrade.


These can be re-enabled after you re-install MacLeland. Under the MacLeland icon in the menu bar select Settings.