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Therefore, if you have a special SSD setup on your system, then the option to erase free space might still be available.

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However, you would benefit from avoiding it. Furthermore, even if the system prevents you from using the erase free disk space feature, the Finder's Secure Erase option that overwrites deleted files with random data may still be available.

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However, as with the option to erase free space, it may be best to avoid this feature because the multiple writes it performs will reduce your SSD's lifetime. If you wish to keep files secure on your SSD device, then the best option to use is encryption. With encryption, the system keeps the data scrambled unless a proper password or decryption key is provided, so to securely delete files you just need to delete the decryption keys or password to access them, and for all intents and purposes the files will be irrecoverably deleted.

Apple provides two options for encrypting files in OS X. The first is to use the whole-disk FileVault technology , and the second is to use disk images as encrypted wrappers to house subsets of files instead of encrypting everything.

How to Secure Erase a Mac SSD / Hard Disk from Recovery Mode

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How to erase your MacBook Pro and reinstall macOS

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How to erase a Mac that seems to lack erasure options

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How to undelete files on Mac OS X? How to fix 'Mac internal hard drive won't mount'? You can later restore this disk image file to a partition, erasing that partition and copying the data from the disk image to it. Combine disks and partitions into one or more RAID sets and choose whether you want to mirror, stripe, or concatenate your data.


If one drive dies, your data is still available elsewhere. Striping RAID 0 will alternate disk writes between one drive and the other for faster speed. Concatenation JBOD allows you to combine different drives as though they were one, useful in certain circumstances.

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