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At the end of each chapter, you will find a crossword pttzzle that recycles and reviews some of the key vocabulary from the reading. These puzzles can be used as homework, as optional activities for groups or individuals who finish other exercises early, or as review activities several weeks after completing a chapter.

MWs Each location mentioned in a reading passage is clearly marked on one of the maps found on pages This project grew out of our deep and profound love for reading, and for sharing this love of reading with our students. In developing Select Readings, we have eqjoyed the process of talking to teachers all over the world about the types of authentic selections they feel their students eqioy the most, and learn the most from.

We hope that you and your students enjoy teaching and learning with Select Readings. Linda Lee Erik Gundersen. It is the response to error that counts. In the story on pages , a young mlantells a lie. Do you think it's ever OK to tell a lie? If so, when? Readthe title of the story and predict what the story is about. Read the first sentence in the fi.

Now what do you think the story is about? Share your ideas with a partner. I was 16 when one morning, my father told me I could drive him into a remote village called Mijas, about 18 miles away, on the condition that I takel the car in to be servicedz at a nearby garage.

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Having just Iearned to drive and hardly ever having the opportunity to use the car, I readily accepted. I drove Dad into Mijas and promised to pick him up at 4 p. Because I had a few hours to spare,3 I decided to catch a couple of movies at a theater near the garage. However, I became so immerseda in the films that I completely lost track of time. It was six o'clock. I was two hours late! I knew Dad would be angry if he found out I'd been watching movies.

He'd never let me drive again. I decided to tell him that the car needed some repairs and that they had taken longer than had been expected. I drove up to the place where we had planned to meet and saw Dad waiting patiently on the corner. I apologized for being Iate and told him that I'd come as quickly as I could, but the car had needed some major repairs. I'll never forget the look he gave me. I'm telling the truth. So you see, I know there were no problems with the car.

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Dad listened intently as a sadness passed through him. A Long WalkHome "I'm angry, not with you but with myself. You see, I realize that I have failed as a father if after all these years you feel that you have to lie to me. I have failed because I have brought up a son who cannot even tell the truth to his own father. I'm going to walk home now and contemplate8 where I have gone wrong all these years. It's dark. You can't walk home. I had let my father down,g and I was about to learn one of the most painful Iessons of my life.

Dad began walking along the dusty roads. I quickly jumped in the car and followed behind, hoping he would relent. For 18 miles I drove behind him, averaging about five miles per hour. However, it was also the most successful lesson.

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I have never lied to him since. Chicken soup is traditionally thought to be an extremely healthy food that can cure sickness and give comfoft. The title of these books suggeststhat reading the stories within them can have a healthy affect on the soul or spirit.

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The stories in the books are all taken from real life. Events in the StorY Walk l. Order the events. Number the events in the story "A Long Home" from the first 1 to the last 10 ' He apologizedto his father for being late' He went to a movie theater. He dropped the car off at a gaxageto be serviced' He realized his father knew he was lytng' He realized it was six o'clock and his father was waiting forhim. He followed his father the whole 18miles home' He picked up the cax atthe garageand then went to pick up his father.

He told his father a lie. Jason drove his father into town and dropped him off' He tried to persuadehis father to get into the car' 2. Vay thi d day, su tra gia trudc Hch sft la do trung thanh hay khdng trung thanh vdi chu nghia Mac - Lenin?

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  • Cau tra ldi da qua rd rang: su phan bdi chu nghla Mac - Lenin cua ekip Godcbachdp da phai tra mdt cai gia qua dit trudc ljch sft. Bai hgc chua rao muc, ta't ca hay cdn nguyen ven.

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    • Chang le cai gia ma nhftng ngudi cdng san Lien Xd phai tra trudc lich sft chua dii de riit ra bai hpc lich sft hay sao? Hp cho ring ne'u "khdng biet khai thae thuan Igi vd song dd de di den nhung dot pha trong ddi mdi tu duy vi Dang thi Dang se tu danh mat thdi co va cd tdi vdi Hch sft". Luan cft ma hp dinh lay tu tudng Hd Chi Minh thay the' chu nghia Mac - Lenin la "trong tu tudng Ho CM Minh hdm chica nhung phdn tinh tdy nhdt cua hpc thuyet khoa hpc vd cdch mgng cua Mdc".

      Hp an ui nhiing ai cdn nang long vdi chu nghia Mac -Lenin, ring dft chu nghia a'y da "mat tinh ta't ye'u, mat quyin tdn tai, mat tinh hgp ly" di nfta, vin se tim thay nhimg phan tinh tfty eua hgc thuyet Mac cdn sd'ng trong tu tudng Hd Chi Minh. Thing lpi cua each mang Viet Nam tft tmdc den nay diu xua't phft tmdc he't tft ngudn gd'c ly luan Mac - Lenin.

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      Chinh tren y nghla iy, dft bat cft tinh hinh nao, khdng the la'y tu tudng Hd Chi Minh thay the' cho chft nghia Mac - Lenin, bdi vi chu nghia Mac - Lenin la mdt hgc thuyet cd he thdng, hpc thuyet "khung" bin virng, nang dpng, khdng ngftng dugc bo sung, phat trien. Ban than tu tudng Hd Chi Minh nim trong he tu tudng cua chu nghia Mac - Lenin, sang tao va phft trien tren co sd chu yeu nha't la chu nghia Mac - Lenin. Do dd, trong nen tang tu tudng efta Dftig ta, chft nghla Mac -Lenin va tu tudng Hd Chi Minh la mdt the thdng nhft, khdng dugc ddi lap va khdng the tach rdi chftng vdi nhau, vi lam nhu vay tftc la phft nhan mdi lien he ndi tft ca ve Idgich va lich sft cua chft nghla Mac - Lenin va tu tudng Hd Chi Minh.

      Chinh tren y nghia ay, ye'u to lam nen tang tu tudng, kim ehi nam cho hftih ddng cua Dftig ta la bao gom ea chu nghla Mac -Lenin va tu tudng Hd Chi Minh, chft khdng chi cd rieng mdt yeu td nao. Neu chi cd dua vao truyen thdng van hda tdt dep cua dan tdc va nhimg tuih hoa tu tudng cua nhan loai ma gat bd chft nghla Mac - Lemn ra khdi ngudn gd'c san sinh ra nd, thi cd cdn la thuc chat tu tudng Hd Chi Minh hay khdng? That ra, day chi la su cdp nhat nhiing quan diem quen thude cua cac trao luu chd'ng chu nghla Mac - Lenin dugc day len ram rd sau su sup dd va tan ra cua Lien Xd va Ddng Au xa hdi chu nghia vao dau thap ky 90 cua the' ky trudc ma thdi.

      Cdn van de "tu minh danh mat thdi co" la thdi co nao va "cd tdi vdi ljch sft" la tdi gi? Phai chang Dang khdng chip nhan de nghi cua hp thi cd nghla la hp da danh mat thdi co "xda bd" chft nghia Mac - Lenin mdt each cdng khai va triet de? Hp mud'n tao ra "thdi co", nhung trong dat nudc Viet Nam nay hp lam gi cd kha nang va dieu kien tao dugc thdi CO dd.

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      English structural syntax. Euro vi the quoc te. Euroupe , ,to , Encyclopedia, of the early, modern world. Facts and Figures.