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A database hosted by MAXON, that can be accessed by a php script would be the only way for me to avoid illegal c4d users. Originally posted by semerkhet22 what about license depending on hardware like themida, no more worries about sn. But still, it would not be a pleasant thing for developers and customers. I've decided that I am going to build in to my registration code that if the last five digits of the serial number are then my plugin is going to tell the person that this serial number is PIRATED.

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Maybe we can require the users to supply Maxon order numbers with their purchase. This is a unique number that people would have only received after purchasing C4D. And in our plugins have a field for this number that they must enter and it must match what they provided us? How do people feel about that? Would that be worth our time? MAXON can not share any information about their customers, that would be a breach of information privacy. I also don't see why you should be concerned about privated Cinema versions.

The mechanism with the 11 digits of the Cinema serial is just an easy means to prohibit running more instances of your plugin at the same time than the customer owns. If the customer provides you with a pirated serial and it won't run, it is his own problem and I am pretty sure he has no legal rights to claim something. Originally posted by Klaus Heyne I agree.

My plugin serials base on the 11 digits and the user's name. So the plugin serial can only work with a pirated c4d license, when the user makes his name public to the pirates. I definintely think these are good points and I agree with them. I agree with Matthias that pirated C4D versions are Maxon's problem and not ours. I even got confirmation from Maxon that there is no legal action that can come against us for selling our plugins to people with pirated C4D copies. Shawn, I agree entirely. With regard to refunds, yes, they're annoying. I got caught with that '' serial before this discussion started and it didn't even occur to me how naive is that?

It's difficult to make a refund after several months - in fact I'm not even sure it's possible with Paypal after a certain time interval. Other than that, I agree that if someone has a problem with the plugin because they're using a pirated copy of C4D, it's their problem, not mine. In the end everybody should be aware of 2 universal facts concerning software piracy: 1. If someone has crack knowledge and is willing to crack a software, he will. People using pirated software are not the target customer of you in any case.

Cinema 4D Free Plugins (Mega Post)

They are less than 0. So any energy you put in piracy prevention is mostly for your own conscience rather than real protection see point 1 again. That is the point. These facts were true 10 years ago, they are true now and they will probably be also true in 10 years. The manufacturers know there are people stealing cars and that they have their tricks to open a car, but these people are not the target customer anyway so there is no need to spend millions of dollars for researching new locking systems, these people will find a way to open these up again.

My opinion is there are 3 kind of people, not only black and white. If they don't find the cracked version first in google, then they'll consider buying it after some time that the application doesnt appear and if they can they will. Nobody denies there are these type of people. I cannot say anything about the "plugin bought or pirated plugin downloaded" situation as I cannot know which of my customers does it which way.

I can only make a probability assumption from customers using a probable or definite pirated C4D version and then buy my plugin. And my statistic from the last 10 years tells me that the percentage of warez users who bought my plugins is less then 0. All other customers have unique and plausible c4d serials. Therefore I must assume, and according to statistics probability rules one can be quite sure, all other warez users rather download my plugin than buying it.

I agree and am sure there are variations according to popularity, price and size of the plugin but I can of course only judge this from my own plugins though I had small and big ones over the years but well, everyone may have their own statistics. Originally posted by 3D Designer I can only make a probability assumption from customers using a probable or definite pirated C4D version and then buy my plugin.

Originally posted by Kabe Well, it does matter: Certainly you are right in that the loss in direct sales is insignificant. However, pirates compete with your customers, reducing the payoff your solution has for potential customers. So if your plugin set is available for "free" aka as "stolen", your customers have to compete to some of those people.

Cinema 4D R20 Crack Release + Torrent Free Download 12222

This is a fascinating discussion because it raises a fundamental point: why doesn't every user of C4D, or any other software for that matter, use a pirated version? To put it another way, why are so many users basically honest? Legitimate users of C4D which I'm just using as an example here - substitute any other software of choice actually choose to pay for a license.

Why do they do this? It seems to me that such a person, having made the decision to use a knockoff copy is very unlikely to pay for a plugin and therefore will do whatever is necessary to obtain a cracked version. BUT such people will only make up a proportion of the userbase, and as we all know, they are most likely to be kids with huge collections of pirated software none of which they actually know how to use!

How often have you seen someone in a forum say that they have Max, Maya, C4D, Softimage, and so on - did they really pay for those? Such people are not a competitive threat for the most part. Since software protection cannot be made crackproof, we should leave it to Maxon to make C4D as pirate-safe as they feel necessary or possible, and stop worrying about it. Originally posted by semerkhet22 hi, just found that a c4d r Is there a way to make activation via the net like with adobe, or maybe is it possible to make hardware id and then the client send it to me so i will send him serial?

I am working on big plugin package or maybe i will wait till R12 is on. A one, a two, a one two three four five The beat goes on! Believe it or not, I had someone email me a few days about my commercial plugin, and he said that he didn't have 'original C4D I replied that I wasn't sure what he meant by not having original software, but that I couldn't supply a license for a knockoff version of Cinema. I haven't had a reply or a purchase!

I'm not sure about this. Maxon stated specifically that this shouldn't be our concern. Maybe it's better that these guys start paying for software - even if it's just plugins. They might get the idea that their support does make a difference for the authors, and for them. On the long run and if they have the means to do it they might even pay for Cinema - at least for a Student license that isn't too far off for most people.

Hey Steve, I got the very same inquiry. I highly assume it was the same person. Quite unbelievable. I also tols him that only original software is acceptable. Also my italian reseller had some orders with the serial number ending, also rejected them. Their diameter may not exceed the spacing in between them. Keep in mind though that the respective parameters are measured in different spaces. There are channels for auxiliary shaders to determine the spatial density distribution of stars Density Map , and their brightness distribution Intensity Map.

Analogously you can set a probability distribution for the star size. Link Size to Intensity means that bright stars are also large and vice versa. This is a shader plugin to change the time value for the evaluation of another shader. The main purpose of this plugin is to be able to use the same animated texture several times, at different times without having to create a lot of copies of virtually the same material.

The evaluation time is determined by an offset from the current time and this offset is determined by a user data entry in the respective texture tag. The timeshift shader has the parameter "Data Name" to determine from which user data the offset is taken. This is a videopost plugin for color mapping. It works analogous to Cinema 4Ds native color mapping effect but with different parameters. The reason for its development is simplicity, in comparison to the native effect.

The 0. Terms of use: Do not distribute without my permission. Use at your own risk. I am not accountable for damage done by it. I also do not claim it to be fit for any particular purpose. Overview UVtoObject Generates polygon objects from uv maps. Use polygon modeling tools on UVs! Comes as deformer and dialog based Point Collapse Tool Tool plugin to merge two mesh point together Transform Transform tool inspired by Photoshop Duplicate Object Minimalistic generator to make multiple copies of objects Noise Deformer Deforms objects based on noise functions SplineConnector Generator which gathers child splines into a single one SplineNoiseDeformer Deforms splines in perpendicular direction based on noises UV Deformer Place objects on surfaces via uv maps Atmosphere Shader Physical atmosphere material.

Simplifies manual packing of multi-object atlases. You can copy polys from one object and paste them into others. Example Scenes. Edit UV-maps as polygon objects! This is a tool plugin inspired by the transform tool in Photoshop for example. It has the special ability to change the size parameters of the basic primitive objects and scale these objects non-uniformly.

It displays a cage with handles which can be dragged to move, scale, rotate and shear the selection.

Full Specifications

It also displays four icons which can be clicked to switch between modes. Snapping is supported, meaning the handles snap accordingly. Note: Beside polygon objects of course, it really can only scale primitives like Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, etc. In some cases the object cannot be fit to the cage. For example when using a rotated object or a object with only one degree of freedom like a sphere. It will still try to do something reasonable. Shearing only works with polygon objects.

V-Ray for Cinema 4D – Powerful Rendering for C4D Artists | Chaos Group

Spline tangents are not touched. I will fix this some day.

This is hardcoded at the moment. Hold Shift for quantization. A simple noise deformation modifier. The SplineConnector is a generator object that connects many spline object to a single object. This is useful for using many splines in one sweep object. Input: SplineObjects SplineConnector generates a new spline from the base points of the input splines according to the type setting and the rest of the parameters Input: LineObjects SplineConnector combines the LineObject approximations of the input splines to a single LineObject. The SplineNoiseDeformer is made for deforming splines by the usual noise functions.

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