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This makes it easy to find the last file you saved, no matter what it was or where you saved it. These are sort of metafolders to which you can add any other relevant folder. One macOS feature that Windows lacks is the ability to have multiple tabs in a Finder window. Finder also lets you quickly preview files in the Preview utility. Windows includes at least two apps that let you enter the world of 3D and VR. And we can't forget the device that runs Windows 10 called the HoloLens, which is all about augmented reality.

Apple has made some progress toward VR support. You can edit degree video content in Final Cut Pro X with external enclosures for graphics cards that are VR-capable. When it comes to game selection, there are many more top-level titles on Steam that are compatible with Windows than macOS.

Operating Systems | Windows 10 vs Mac OS vs Linux vs Chrome OS!

Even Ubuntu is getting stronger support for Steam games than Macs, with Steam Proton offering support for more than 2, Windows games. This one is another no-brainer. Windows PCs have fallen prey to far more malware than Macs in the recent past, including ransomware, spyware, botnets, and good old-fashioned viruses. But Microsoft is constantly beefing up its security, pushing Windows Defender updates, and even introducing anti-ransomware measures.

Just look at the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, which affect both operating systems. Our security guru, Neil Rubenking, strongly recommends using antivirus software on Macs. Macs win on this count, too, mostly because Apple controls the hardware ecosystem third-party drivers are a major cause of instability on Windows PCs. Those looking for the ultimate in stability, though, should check out Linux. And you'll have your own priority weights based on your OS needs. If gaming is everything to you, for example, then Windows is a no-brainer.

MacOS VS Windows VS Linux

So, without further fanfare, here's the final score tally:. Do you agree? Are there other categories that should have been included in our evaluation? Let us know in the comments. Michael Muchmore is PC Magazine's lead analyst for software and web applications. A native New Yorker, he has at various times headed up PC Magazine's coverage of Web development, enterprise software, and display technologies. Michael cowrote one of the first overviews of web services for a general audience.

Linux vs Mac vs Windows - Pro's and Con's

Before that he worked on PC Magazine's S See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. View As: One Page Slides. Winner: Tie. Winner: Windows Winner: macOS. Both OSes come with excellent, plug-and-play multiple monitor support, though Windows offers a bit more control.

With Windows, you can span program windows across the multiple screens, whereas in macOS, each program window can only live on a single display. Winner : Windows Winner : macOS. Both operating systems include a good deal of support for users with disabilities, but Microsoft has consistently made more of a priority of this. Both have screen magnification, text narration, Braille support, sticky and slow key entry, and voice input, but with Windows, a blind person can set up the system by voice. Microsoft has even added the ability to control the computer with your eyes , as shown in the photo above.

Microsoft Windows

Fashion Mode is most easily compared to macOS, sporting a dock that's centered at the bottom of your screen by default. It will also feel familiar to Gnome or elementary OS desktop users.

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This dock has a collapsible "system tray" as well which shows notifications, volume controls and network connections. Deepin's "Efficient Mode" wtih a Windows 7-style application menu. If you prefer a more Windows-like desktop implementation, "Efficent Mode" is what you're after. Simply right click in the dock, select it, and then you'll be rocking a taskbar on the left and system tray area on the right. In both modes these areas can be snapped into the left, right and top of your screen.

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In both modes you can easily adjust the sizing and whether or not it auto-hides or stays locked onto the screen, as well as activate or deactive any plugins or applets you've installed with a simple right click. I won't spend too much time on this one, but it's awesome. Like most modern operating systems, Deepin has a global Dark Mode, but you can toggle Dark Mode on or off on a per-app basis, too, just by selecting it in the open window's menu. I use Linux for multiple reasons, and paramount among them is freedom of choice. KDE Plasma is polished, ridiculously extendible and speedy. Gnome is sensible, attractive and minimalist in nature.

Budgie is gorgeous, lightweight and complete out of the box. And all of those choices are valid ones. What I love about Deepin is that it elevates the perception of what a Linux desktop is capable of. And when stacked against Windows 10, it's no contest. Microsoft needs to go back to the drawing board.

It's also very welcoming to new Linux users, and that's something I personally appreciate. I haven't needed a command line once, and it's just a joy to use. Deepin Linux can be downloaded for free here , but you can also get the Deepin desktop experience in Manjaro Deepin , which I highly recommend.

That gives you the immense flexibility and software availability of Arch Linux, but with the decidedly beginner-friendly attitude of Deepin. The biggest advantage is being able to build your own rig. When you buy a Mac, you get a prebuilt system that usually doesn't feature the best graphics card. Forget about graphic cards like Nvidia GTX or Windows is probably the only choice when it comes to gaming.

Each operating system is best on its own the sphere.

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  • Operating Systems | Windows 10 vs Mac OS vs Linux vs Chrome OS!.

Windows and Mac tend to do the same thing, and you can live with one just as good as with another one. However, if you want to do specific tasks like gaming, business and so on, you will have to choose between one of them. And what about Linux? It's a great operating system for those who want a complete control over their operating system. The most customizable OS out there.

And all of that is completely free. Linux seems to be more for professionals. I agree with much of this article. This is a perfectly good OS for consumers or people who have no trouble operating within a Google ecosystem. Most consumers and businesses will continue to use Windows simply because so much of their system runs on Windows. If you start from scratch say a new users or business, you could option for a Mac or even Linux. Tailoring your software to what OS your using. As they say old habits die hard and people who have used Windows for years if not longer have a harder time moving past Windows even though they may want to.

I think a lot of people rely much less on a particular OS then a browser or familiarity of navigating a system. There is much less today holding people to a OS then there was 10 years ago. I like your article, I think it is generally well balanced. This may be due to many factors, but certainly the much smaller Linux user numbers makes it significantly less attractive to the bad guys. The choice of operating system is not a problem for most users, as you simply use the operating system that came on the computer as supplied to you by the company you work for, or when you bought it at retail.

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