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This leaves the spare bay and bracket ready for your new SSD. The bracket is the last piece that gets removed during disassembly. Before removal, the bracket was on the right side of the chassis. Here is a picture of the SSD in the bracket. Below is a picture of the SSD now installed in the upper spare bay, which means at the top of the unit when it is sitting normally on a surface.

The original SSD will be installed on top of the new one in the orientation below, but doesn't require a bracket. In addition to installing the SSD, this turned out to be a good round of preventative maintenance as well. Upon opening the chassis, there was a significant amount of dust in various areas. Below you can see it on the fan, and more was visible on the other side. I run many applications simultaneously, including Parallels and Windows, and for the total cost of my system, including this recent upgrade, it really is a nice setup.

I should mention one other thing, which is that some other years of the Mac Mini do offer some user servicing and upgrade possibilities, depending on the model. Check other blog posts and articles for specifics on your model if it is from another year. I love that the late had the spare slot to add a second SSD. Disclosure: The process of installing a second SSD was enjoyable, but nevertheless has risk and something could go wrong.

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If you do it is much appreciated and I thank you for it. Either way, I hope that this post has provided you with the information you need to upgrade your own system and enjoy more storage at a relatively low cost. Share Tweet Share Share Pin. In conjunction with the above steps, this video is fantastic and shows you step by step how to disassemble, add the SSD, and reassemble the Mac Mini. I played this video on another computer, and just started and stopped it as needed.

One very trivial tip: slide a piece of paper over the logic board as soon as you've removed the fan, as a protection against accidentally touching the components with your fingers or tools. I did not reinstall the plastic cover on the HDD. Dismantling the Mini was simple, but the two hardest steps when installing a new hard drive were sliding the drive back in aligned correctly, and replacing the antenna grill.

Even with the logic board pushed out, I found it difficult to line up the screws on the hard drive and get it seated properly.

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As for the grill, it would not line up with the screw holes. I had to use the Mac Mini tool hooked into a hole in the grill as a lever to lift it up and in towards the lip of the rim it was sitting on. There was an audible snap as it settled into place. I've done about a dozen mac mini to SSD upgrades over the past few years but I've only owned a logic board removal tool for my latest upgrade.

I was struggling to get the drive pegs into the grommet, and the usual 'turn it upside down and giggle it around' trick just wasn't working for me.

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I tried getting a spudger underneath the drive to lift it up into the grommet holes but there wasn't enough clearance to get any leverage. I used the mini opening tool with one end underneath the drive, and the center portion sticking out perpendicular to the motherboard I'll add a picture to lift the drive up and into place. THANK you so much for the idea to use the logic board removal tool.

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Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your mini's hard drive. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Step 1 Bottom Cover.

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