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The dollar sign in front of PATH means you are referring to an environment variable. To set or change an environment variable for the lifetime of the shell, use the export command.

An important thing to remember here is that you need to use a colon : as a delimiter between command paths. These commands will last for the lifetime of the current shell, which is as long as that Terminal window is open. When bash first starts, it looks for run command files. Commonly called rc files, Unix apps use these files to store basic configuration data that is used as the program loads. You can learn some more about them in Chapter 5.

This is a system-wide set of default settings that are superseded by any other files subsequently loaded by bash. Next, three files in the Home directory, if they exist, are used to configure bash :. Contains environment variables and commands that are read and executed every time you create a new Terminal window and a shell is created for it, or when you SSH into your machine and are presented with a prompt.

This allows you to customize the shell to your liking. Contains environment variables and commands that are read and executed only when you create a subshell by typing bash in an already running shell. Contains commands that are read and executed when you log out of a shell. You could use this to clean up files before you log out. The most useful of these three files is. For example, if you wanted to permanently modify the PATH that the shell uses to resolve commands, you could create a. This causes the PATH environment variable to be set to the given string each time you open a new Terminal window.



In addition to searching the PATH for commands, the bash shell lets you define a set of aliases. Finder aliases are closer to the Unix concept of a symbolic link. One common use of aliases is to accommodate fat-fingering of commands. Another use for aliases is to create a simple command for a longer one. For example, if you are often changing directories to somewhere deep in the hierarchy, you can set up an alias that will allow you to go there quickly:. Notice the use of quotes around the command. This is required when a command consists of more than one word.

Yet another use for aliases is to redefine a command to add some default options. The first Unix shell, known simply as sh , was written by Steven Bourne in the s and spawned the development of dozens of shells over the last 30 years. The first of the alternative shells to achieve prominence was the C shell csh , written by Bill Joy at Berkeley as part of the Berkeley Standard Distribution.

As part of the GNU project, bash became the default shell on Linux and became possibly the most prevalent of the shells. Just as bash reinterpreted sh , tcsh was written as a derivative of the C shell. Even though there are so many shells to choose from, several of the core Unix utilities still depend on the functionality of the original sh. Mac OS X ships with sh , bash , tcsh , and zsh.

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Viewed 74k times. These commands require the user's password to be entered. Do you mean to ask that you want to run a script without having the user enter their password?

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Allan I want to run one file instead of multiple commands. Running it without having the user enter their password at least once would be good, but most likely impossible if I'm not mistaken. Short answer A. You're done! Double-click the file to run. Dragging over the terminal icon will also work. Notes: If you need to do something that requires root admin access, you can prefix your command with sudo.

When the script runs, you'll have to enter your password and be an administrator If the end user isn't an administrator, but you need to do something that required root access, you can use su someAdminName , which will perform the command as someAdminName you'll need his password. Cullub Cullub 8 8 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Is there a way to make a command file not to log out? Free and open-source software portal. Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on January 8, Archived from the original on September 1, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved July 1, The Verge.

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Retrieved June 13, Retrieved March 22, For a year and a half, the GNU shell was "just about done". The author made repeated promises to deliver what he had done, and never kept them. Finally I could no longer believe he would ever deliver anything. So Foundation staff member Brian Fox is now implementing an imitation of the Bourne shell. Tower Jr. June 8, Retrieved October 28, September 28, Free Software Foundation.

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Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved March 13, Retrieved October 4, The Register. Retrieved September 25, The New York Times. Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved March 21, Two notable ones are the C library and the shell. We funded development of these programs because the GNU Project was not just about tools or a development environment.

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Our goal was a complete operating system, and these programs were needed for that goal. Linux Journal. Archived from the original on December 5, Retrieved November 13, Retrieved November 1, Retrieved October 30, Beginning Shell Scripting. Retrieved June 6, Mastering Linux. The Bourne Again Shell bash is the most common shell installed with Linux distributions.

In Linux, most users run bash because it is the most popular shell. Retrieved June 21, Red Hat. Section Retrieved March 5, Ask Different. The Linux Documentation Project. October 5, Retrieved July 21,