Como fazer boot camp no mac

The last release of Mac OS doesn't have the option to create a bootable USB from Bootcamp like previous versions, and it is a problem because that require uses other tools. I am updating this post today Dec 12, The reason is that I was only using UNetbootin to create the bootable USB, I will leave guide as a second method since it still working, and I will explain to you how you can create the bootable Windows USB without extra software. This step is the same for both methods. You need to show all the devices in Disk Utility" before to start the process.

Select your USB device in the list not the partition , right click and then click on the Erase option:. If for some reason it fails, probably is because MacOS still using the USB, just repeat the steps, but if you see a screen similar to above screen is because the operation is successful. You also can format the USB from the terminal, but you have to take care to use the correct device because, if you use the wrong name you will lose everything.

This process is very easy doesn't require to install other software, and they are just a few steps:. UNetbootin is free software and it is also available for Windows and Linux. Always in Disk Utility, select the new partition that we created in the previous step, and click on the information button, it will give you the information about the new partition. Oh now it, now it's— — [Mike] It's trying to download Windows Oh yeah, 'cause it changed — [Mike] Uncheck the box Oh wait, the install is blurred out — [Ken] Yeah, now it grayed it out, so we go, let's try it — [Mike] Shit. There shouldn't be anything else on here Yeah, there's one container, and the container has one volume Alright, let's just reboot the computer maybe Maybe it's just confused Ah, beep you.

I had a coworker who was having trouble using Boot Camp recently, and I was just like, oh my gosh, I'm about to jump into that myself, and I'm just so scared Alright, so we're rebooted Let's try doing that again Hopefully it works this time Yeah, right. Why doesn't this beep work? Could we manually partition this?

macOS Mojave bootable USB from Windows 10/8/7 PC

Would it work still? How would the BIOS emulation end up functioning? Since nothing is working, maybe we just try it? Just for shits and giggles maybe?

Bootcamp: Instalei o Windows em um Macbook Pro!

Okay, there's gotta be a way to do this Can we do this from recovery mode? Can we resize this stuff or something?

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Okay, well let's try doing this in Recovery Mode I doubt we're gonna get a different result, but maybe we'll luck out. And if this really doesn't work, we can try it on your system, since you volunteered your computer as tribute — [Mike] Yeah — [Ken] Ah, shit Wait, we don't have a way to plug this SuperDrive in, though do we? Do you have a dongle? Oh wait, you have a hyper thing, right? What the bitch, what? I don't remember it ever saying that before You can just put the ISO right inside it?

Alright, so I gotta wait for it to mount, and then I'll have to type the password to unlock the disk There we go, okay, so we're unlocked Partition It's gonna do the same bullshit Yep. I don't have anything that will take advantage— — [Ken] Cry me a river!

Disk Utility para macOS Sierra: Crear particiones en un disco físico con Utilidad de Discos

What's your plan? I'm gonna let you sit in the Krazy Ken stool and navigate — [Mike] Certainly Normally if you try to visit this on, this is the site, on a Windows computer, you'll get the download to the media creation tool However, 'cause we are not running Windows, we can't use that, and it will just give us a direct ISO file.

I don't know, and then if we come around here I also have HDMI out — [Ken] Awesome, I mean, at the office I'm at for my day job we should probably get some of those for the MacBook Pros laughs — [Mike] Yep, and they do come in both colors, so like here I have the luscious Space Gray version, but there is the Silver one if you do have the Silver version — [Ken] Sweet Alright, so image is downloaded.

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Let's drag that boy in here Okay, 64 gigs, Install You might need to fingerprint or no, oh wait, hang on Oh, nevermind — [Mike] Yeah, we live dangerously. It doesn't work for me laughs Wow, this is nice Okay, also I love the orange with the Dark Mode I might have to change my accent color to that, 'cause that looks really fuckin' cool — [Mike] Nah, you have a pretty hard-on for blue last time I remember.

Aumente um volume

Gosh darn it, my screen won't turn on Asshole, turn on! My computer's mad, wait, did I shut it down? Oh, I shut it down, that's why — [Mike] You shut it down!

Wow, this, it's been one of those eons — [Mike] Oh, wait, partitioning Ken laughs I thought for a moment that said formatting — [Ken] No, no, no, no, no, no, no — [Mike] What the beep is it doing? It's just partitioning, but yeah, it's workin' It's workin', man Oh, now it's saving the Windows support software, but yeah, Midnight converted me I'm gonna be using some orange with Dark Mode for now Yeah, alright, so can you reach your finger in there?

Are you able to see? There's probably some fingerprints on it, too Oh, hey, we got a Windows — [Mike] Hey! Rest in piece, startup sound — [Ken] Yeah, set up is starting. Wow, this is, I've said this before, but this is so much more automatic than before — [Mike] Well, the good news is is that thing Since this is a temporary install on my system, we don't need a private key — [Ken] True — [Mike] Alright. Wasn't it Pro? It's been a long-ass time since I've touched Windows.

What I still don't get is they still have the old 7, Vista look, but it's Windows 10 I guess they just never changed the way the setup looks — [Mike] Or the setup is based on Windows — [Ken] Or yep, that could be — [Mike] It's based on Windows 7. Maybe it's a type of converter of sorts — [Mike] I think you have it right there Just put converter and technology. I think you might have mentioned it before on multiple occasions I can't put my finger on it — [Ken] Converter technology, hmm I don't know That just doesn't have the same ring to it as something else maybe.

What if we play with the words a little bit? Not converter technology but maybe, what else could we say that sounds, what about a conversion maybe? It works! Alright, we're gonna do the startup sound ourselves Bong Cool — [Mike] This is going super fast — [Ken] Wow, holy crap. Dude, I think this installs faster than macOS does. And then what Function key would be the volume by default? Just a moment Ah, this is going really smooth, though I'll just make a dummy account Alright, so we're in the Virgin Islands, nope — [Mike] Three, two, oh I guess, yay, because it doesn't recognize there's a microphone.

I would go set up for an organization — [Ken] Really? Confirm, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Security questions, beep you — [Mike] Eh, we can just do random shit — [Ken] What was your first pet's name? Sorry, that was really immature What was your childhood nickname? That will be a little bit later, and Maniac Mike sacrificed his hardware for the experiment We just need to get all the operating system stuff installed Yeah, now we're at the this may take several minutes stage — [Mike] I know exactly what it's doing It's installing all of that bloatware, like three different versions of Candy Crush.

Fix Incorrect Clock Settings in Windows When Dual-Booting with OS X or Linux

Look at that — [Mike] The support software — [Ken] I was hoping that's how it would be, so, yeah, let's just install that. Enumerating pre-installed packages Oh, oh, okay, yep — [Mike] Oh, Okay — [Ken] Everything's doing the thing Fix apps that are blurry 'cause of the resolution. Oh, that makes it very hard to adjust Oh, shit! I haven't used a lot of the, not material, oh my gosh, the Fluent interface yet — [Mike] Yeah, remember what I said about Candy Crush? There we go — [Ken] Oh, yeah What the beep?

Well, I guess they gotta have some games That's kinda a Windows thing, but, yeah, I just hope soon they unify the interface look, 'cause the Win32 stuff looks totally different from the universal stuff, and the Fluent Design. No way, but well I think our Boot Camp bonanza is done!