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Java version 7 or higher is required, and version 8 or higher is strongly recommended. You should keep Java up to date to avoid problems and for better performance.

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Alternatively, downloading the installer gpg signature ; keyring and then clicking on the file may work on some systems, but if there are problems we recommend the above command lines. If wget is not installed, it can be installed with a package manager, such as sudo apt-get install wget on Debian or Ubuntu.

We would like to make distribution packages for easier installation, and have an in-development and not maintained Debian package , but haven't gotten it stable or made official ones for other distributions. If you are a developer and would like to join us and help it would be much appreciated! If you have a working Freenet installation directory that you have mirrored from one Unix machine to another e.

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All you actually need to do is tell the system you've mirrored to that it should start the Freenet proxy daemon for you on boot. However: each installation has a unique identity key generated at installation time. If you try to run two instances with the same identity at the same time , both proxy demons will become confused and upset.

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Don't do this! Please try the step by step guide to setting up Freenet and various Freenet apps, especially if installing on OS X.

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We are not responsible for unofficial third party apps it recommends including FMS , but many Freenet users and developers use them. Freenet should work fine with most routers, but if you are having problems and you have a firewall or router, click here for some info. When the installer closes, it should open a browser window pointing to the first-time wizard. Here you can configure basic settings, and then start using Freenet.

For best security you should use a separate browser for Freenet, preferably in privacy mode.

On Windows, the system tray menu will try to use Chrome in incognito mode if possible. Internet Explorer does not work well with Freenet, Firefox and Opera are widely used.

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If you know anyone running Freenet, you can improve your security and help to build a robust network by connecting to their node. First, open the Add a friend page. You and your friend should each download their "node reference". Send the file to the other person, and add his node reference using the form at the bottom of the page. You can set a name for your node on the config page to make it easier to see who it is.

Only add nodes run by people you actually know , whether online or offline, as adding total strangers harms performance and does not improve security much they could be the bad guys!

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Freenet itself includes anonymous websites "freesites" , filesharing, searching, and more, but you can also use third party applications for chat, filesharing, to help you upload freesites, etc. The Freenet Social Networking Guide explains how to set up the main third party tools, including email, forums and micro-blogging Sone, a bit like twitter. Navigate the Internet using a browser with powerful search, sharing, and multimedia capabilities. Navigate the Internet using a versatile technology browser with high level of security and privacy.

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