Office 2008 for mac product key not valid

A giant time waster, multiplied across thousands or maybe millions of documents per day. Notable Gaffe 2: registering the product— which you must do before using it— is a pain. But, as you can see from the figure above, the link does not exist. How helpful. Maybe I will anyway. Come on, Microsoft!

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And, when am I supposed to do the registration? They force you to activate , but leave registration up to the user, without telling him how to do it. Yet another example of a tiny bit of extra work that Microsoft could have done, which would have made things a lot easier for EVERY user of Office.

ONE person at Microsoft could have added that link in 15 minutes. I have to find that person and talk to him.

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Of course a lot of people never bother to register— this screen is the last time they think of it. Of course it was exactly the same in the previous two versions of Office, dating back to — no surprise there and no improvement either.

Fixes or workarounds for recent Office installation or activation issues

Smaller but still notable blown opportunity: Poorly designed Document Gallery template chooser At first glance, this looks pretty good. The issues listed below reflect the issues caused by the most recent product updates. For more troubleshooting help, see Troubleshoot installing Office below. Telephone activation is no longer supported for your product. For more information, see What's the difference between Office and Office ?

We have released a fix for this issue on March 9, for Office customers in build For older versions of Office, we are continue to work on fixing this issue. For more information on this issue, go to Next button doesn't work during Office Premium install.

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Upon accepting the update, Office for Mac gets automatically upgraded to Office This issue has been fixed in Microsoft AutoUpdate version 3. For more information on this issue, go to Microsoft AutoUpdate for Office for Mac offers incorrect version updates.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 FOR MacOS Mojave Compatible FREE!!! (UPDATED July 2018)

After the release of Microsoft AutoUpdate version 3. When installing the latest Office for Mac updates, the update process hangs. This issue is now fixed in Microsoft AutoUpdate 3.

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Please download MAU 3. Good news!

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There are no installation or activation issues affecting Office for Android currently. All cylinders are firing. After installing Office from the Microsoft Store, the icons of Office files are displayed as white icons. This issue is being investigated.

How to change productkey Office 2008

The issue affects Office Version Build Background: The company I recently started working for is an all mac shop, and they have 30ish licenses for office The problem, is that I have a stack of CD sleeves with product keys, but you cant directly link a KEY to any installed version of office. My initial research: google, mactopia, macosx hints, ars - nada about this, except to say it cant be done, but that seems stupid.

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  • I ended up calling MS, getting punted around the phone system, and for the guy on the line who finally knew something about something to say it basically cant be done.