Mac mini running slow fix

And while these tips cannot wipe the unpleasant experience, they will serve as a shortcut to resolving your Mac mini troubles. Note: These are not the only possible causes of the loss in performance, yet they have proven to be the most common once and make a noticeable difference when dealt with.

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On the hardware side of things, if your Mac is fitted with less than 8GBs of memory it is most likely to be the cause of disappointing performance. However, before jumping to premature conclusions it is best to check how your current RAM is dealing with the tasks you throw at it.

You will need to switch to the Memory tab and take a look at the Pressure graph below.

macOS Mojave Slow? Fixes Here

Select Memory from the list to check how much RAM you have installed and whether your Mac mini has any room memory upgrades. MacOS loves it some RAM in general, not to mention that the system reserves a fair bit for the integrated graphics. The system allocates VRAM dynamically and the numbers can reach 1. Installing additional memory should eliminate stutters and give your Mac mini additional breathing space. Having sufficient free space on your startup disk is crucial for stable performance across any computer running macOS.

MacOS utilizes available free space to store swap data, create temporary and cache files, run maintenance scripts etc. Many applications use drive space too. Therefore, stuffing your startup disk full of files has a direct impact on your entire Mac. Good news for those of you stretching the limits of a startup disk as cleaning your drive is at the easier end of the spectrum of returning your Mac mini to its former glory.

The quick fix that doubles as the first step to a cleaner Mac would be to Empty Trash and revise files sitting in your Downloads folder. You will be surprised how much space can be taken up by dmgs, documents, pictures, and other various files downloaded from the web that had been left collecting digital dust on the shelves of your drive. For the sake of saving your time, it is recommended you grab a reliable Mac cleaning utility for the next steps.

Consider getting MacFly Pro as it comes with a free trial and will be used in this guide. While this can be done manually, MacFly Pro not only makes the process quicker, but also more effective as it picks up leftover application support data and sweeps it along with the main app. Launch the app, select Apps module and hit Review.

Issue 2: Installation is Stuck at “About a Minute Remaining”

Check the boxes next to the apps you want to remove and proceed to Uninstall Selected. Given the date of install, this wasn't even the Golden Master GM so is definitely not ready for prime time. Third party apps need to be rewritten and updated. Any of your apps can cause issues. Want to bet that Adobe says it is not compatible with High Sierra?? Again EtreCheck is showing that in fact at the time of running it, the snapshot is showing lots of Photos processes.

This is a background analysis process that takes a long time, gets interrupted all the time, needs to be run nights on end while keeping the Mac awake, needs to upload to Apple servers if using iCloud anything; therefore, dependent on your internet speeds up and down.

It also causes Spotlight to keep updating its database, lots going on. Photos for High Sierra has lots of new coding so it will be a repeat of Sierra with complaints of slow Macs, even top end Macs. Lots of last minute work in HS for Photos. Photos analysis has to cycle through your Photos multiple times in order to analyze all the various parts and recognize faces and objects.

Little AI is also going on each time through. Next to videos, which might be in your Library, Photos is a very intensive process, using lots of resources. Again only time will solve this, if it is the issue. You can use Activity Monitor Utility Folder to see what is going on. You can also sample the various processes, view internet activity, etc… EtreCheck is great, my hats off to the programmers and many thanks, but it is a snapshot of system.

Mac Mini Speed UP Base Model SSD Upgrade Performance

In AM you can watch in near real time what is happening. Watch as long and as often as you want. This and the various log files can really help you find your problems. My go to trouble shooting locations. Turn off all unnecessary apps and let your computer work overnight for a couple nights without sleeping.

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Leave Photos open. You can turn down your screen brightness overnight if you want. Thanks for all of your suggestions. Yes, I agree that running Beta software is not a good option but I procrastinated and now I'm out of my warranty period. This problem has existed since I bought the computer a year ago when and it was running Sierra so, I do not believe that it is a problem with High Sierra.

Why is macOS Mojave slow and how to fix It

I have booted in safe mode multiple times and the problem still exists. I have multiple user accounts on this computer and the problem exists for all user accounts. I have also analyzed for hours the console log messages and activity monitor has been my constant companion. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. I am going to get another external drive and see if booting from it causes the same problems.

It seems odd to me that with 16 GB of RAM that simply tab switching between running applications causes the beach ball to start spinning. I will also contact Apple support to see if they can help. I will post any response I get from them. Sep 19, PM. Sep 21, AM in response to dunnd In response to dunnd. Sep 21, AM. Question: Q: Mac mini running extremely slow More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Click the [Details] links for more information about that line. Apple Thunderbolt Display Apple, Inc. IR Receiver Apple Inc. WebContent MB com. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Sep 19, AM in response to dunnd In response to dunnd Since I have bought this Mac mini, it runs extremely slowly.

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1. Shut down your Mac

Sep 18, AM in response to dunnd In response to dunnd Hi dunnd Several things are going on here… First it looks like you have some how installed High Sierra Also TM may take a long time to back-up again. Get rid of JAVA if you can. It will cause issues. Hope this helps, Greg. Verifying file system.

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