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Bootcamp was made for Macs, not PCs. If you do not want to partition your Mac, having to reboot to switch between Windows and OSX, virtualisation is the way to go.

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You may need to try several versions of the driver, depending on your version of Windows. You need this driver for the keyboard to work correctly regarding key mapping and the Fn key. After the driver is installed, you should go to the Control Panel and select Regional Settings , Region and Language or whatever Microsoft decides to call it.

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Then navigate to the Keyboard and Languages tab and click Change Keyboards. You should then try to add the Apple keyboard from the available list of keyboards like you can see on the picture below, again Portuguese version of Windows 7. Try using control,shift and esc.

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Control is at the bottm and shift is at the top of it. Esc is at the top left hand side. So use control, shift and esc. Are you using other software to log in to windows.


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I use Macbook Pro also and i have windows 7 install on it. But i use parallel desktop to log in windows. You know when you use windows you have to press the 2 buttons to log in my macbook just auto log in without needing to press anything. I have used BootCamp to install windows..

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Therefore i installed Windows server to set up different servers e. In windows 7 I can't get more networking features compare to Windows server. Bootcamp, however, lacks the translation controls of that software and simply boots you up into Windows Server. I wonder if it's an application issue specifically with the login for Windows Server being particular.

Hitting up the Del key right above the pipe always does it for me in the VM environment.

Delete key on MacBook Pro

While the advice about the Mac-side Force-quit function is correct, it won't help in boot-camp-launched Windows. Thanks for this post and the helpful answer at the end, it made my day after a lot of stuggle. These answers are worse than the ones at Yahoo Answers.

There is no keyboard shortcut for Ctrl-Alt-Del in bootcamp. You need to click on the "Ease of Access" button in the bottom right corner and then select the On-Screen Keyboard. After you get into Windows, download a keyboard re-mapper like Inchwest MapKeyboard and bind the Delete key to another key like that useless right-cmd key.