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Each tile provides a city with a certain amount of "Hammers" which collect up in the city to produce buildings and units. Unlike in Civilization III, the player is no longer able to transfer all production from one project to another, but all production on a certain project will remain. For example, if the player is building a temple but decides to switch to a harbor, production on the harbor will have to start from scratch. However, the temple stays in the building queue and retains its previous progress, aside from some decay over time. As an ancillary rule, if one culture is building a World Wonder but another empire completes it first, the losing culture is compensated with gold proportional to the amount of Production points lost.

The concept of separate religions is new to Civilization IV. In previous games, players could build temples and cathedrals, but the religion was just a generic feature of happiness and culture. There are no bonuses or traits specific to any religion, except that each religion is tied to a specific technological advance, and the four later religions Christianity, Confucianism, Islam, and Taoism begin with a free Missionary unit for reasons of game balance.

Also, the respective cathedrals of each religion have different resources that aid in their construction, although are not necessary. If a player is the first to discover a certain religion on the tech tree, they can "found" the new religion; a city with no religion or the newest city in that civilization's empire becomes that religion's holy city.

The player can then build Monasteries and train Missionaries to spread their religion s to other cities, both foreign and domestic. Colonization also has missionaries, spreading their version of Christianity.

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Religion factors into a number of existing game mechanics. Civs that share a common state religion will be friendly in their diplomatic dealings; conversely, civs with differing state religions will be hostile to each other. Securing an open-borders agreement, sending in missionaries and then encouraging the other civ to convert is a relatively painless way of encouraging international tranquility.

The founding civ of a religion also receives an economic benefit: if that civ expends a Great Prophet at their religion's holy city, they will receive that religion's most sacred building the Kashi Vishwanath , the Church of the Nativity , etc. Finally, if a civ has 1 a state religion, 2 that religion's holy city and 3 that religion's sacred building, they will receive line-of-sight in every city hosting said religion, providing additional intelligence and a good way to keep an eye on foreign progress. Additionally, if one can gain an early diplomatic victory by building a Apostolic Palace , which also has the same features as a UN building, though nations can only be members if they have at least one city with the same religion as the Apostolic Palace your state religion.

The new civics model of government also has a strong effect on religion: players can found a state religion, declare religious freedom, or take other actions that have profound impacts on the religious lives of their subjects. If a civilization has no declared religion, they are exempt from all described bonuses and penalties. Eight of the eighteen civilizations have two leaders.

Each leader offers bonuses based on what conditions were exceptional during the historical reign of that leader, and each leader acts as differently as if they were a separate civilization and have distinct personalities. All civilizations have some element of uniqueness and all leaders have certain traits based on their achievements in real life. While these are limited, they have some effect on a player's game plan. All civilizations also have a unique unit which can be military such as Persian Immortals or economic such as Indian Fast Workers.

Below is a summary of each civilization's capital and unique features. As in prior versions of Civilization, there are technologies for the civilizations to discover.

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There are a total of 85 technologies in the game, up from 80 in Civilization III. Technologies have many uses; they can be used for trade, for the construction of new buildings and wonders, for the founding of new religions, or for the development of new forms of government.

To discover modern technologies, it is first necessary to discover the technologies that lead up to it for example, democracy can only be discovered after the printing press. See List of technologies in Civ4 for complete list. See the full tech tree here. Technology development is flexible: certain technologies can be discovered in more than just one way. The game has a very useful tech tree, which can be accessed by pressing F6 on the keyboard. The tech tree displays all the techs in the game and their relations with one another. It is possible to select even unavailable techs for research.

This will cause all the prerequisite techs to be researched in order. If multiple paths lead to the target tech, the civilization will pick the shortest. The final tech or group of techs, as in previous versions, are called "Future Tech", followed by a number. Instead of simply adding on to the final score, however, as in earlier games, each city receives a happiness and health bonus for each future tech discovered. In single-player games, the discovery of each tech during the game is accompanied by a famous quotation from history which is voiced by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame.

In Civilization IV the leadership skills of players are compared to a subjective list of twenty of the best or worst leaders in history, similar to the list in Civilization I. The score is based on a number of factors, including military growth and success, technological advancement, construction of wonders and economic growth.

It is shown at the end of the game. The released version of the game abandoned Civilization III 's graded scale. In Civ3 , a spectacular victory on the easiest difficulty would provide the player with only a middling score, and the best titles were only awarded to players attempting the hardest difficulties. The original Civ4 , on the other hand, allows the player to obtain any score on any difficulty level. As of the v1. Many aspects of Civilization IV are new to the series though some appear in spinoffs or Colonization.

These include:. Sid Meier's Civilization IV included some bonus content, released with mainly the purpose of showing modding capabilities:.

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  • Civilization IV is much more open to modification than its predecessors. Major parts of the interface, map generation, and scripted events are written entirely in Python and can be customised. The World Builder allows a player to create a map from scratch, to use an in-game situation as a starting point for a new scenario, or to simply cheat by giving himself more units, gold, buildings, better relations with leaders, improvements, cultural borders, technologies, even take over other cities by placing a border there.

    The terrain can be altered, and resources, military units and cities on the map can be added, removed or modified. Additionally, each civilization's technological progress as well as its diplomatic and military ties to other civilizations can be edited.

    Modding (Civ6)

    In Civ2 one could modify anything using Cheat Mode. World Builder can also be used to create an interesting experience. In custom game mode, the user must first turn all opposing civilizations off as well as all victory conditions. Barbarians must also be deactivated.

    In World Builder, the user can make it so that the player only starts with a settler with no starting technologies. This allows the user to progress through all technologies for a more expanded experience of the development of civilization. More game attributes are stored in XML files, which must be edited with an external text editor or application.

    Barry Caudill, a senior producer at Firaxis Games, said [1] in September:. As a result, some XML files which will work on the Windows version of the game need some slight tweaking before they function on the Macintosh version.

    Editors' Review

    The game uses boost. Python can also be used to modify random map generation and to add complex scripted events. The version of Python present in the Windows version of the game differs from the version in Mac OS X up to and including version The kit allows players to view, modify, or completely re-write the game's DLL source code, enabling the modification of the game's AI and other integral parts of the game. As of the first official patch for the Macintosh version v1. In fact the Macintosh version lacks the separate library of game related code which the PC version uses, but instead includes the code compiled into the main executable.

    There is as of yet no indication of whether this will change in a future patch. The release of Civilization IV did not go smoothly.

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    Technical, production and shipping problems marred its product cycle. Despite all of these problems, many newer computers run Civilization IV quite smoothly. The headache caused by the need to cater to many different computer configurations has caused lead designer Soren Johnson to state that he seriously considers focusing on console development.

    The Macintosh version is published by Aspyr and was released in June Though it lacks some of the customization features which were added to the PC version in v1. Multiplayer games involving both versions of the game work, but require the use of one of the multiplayer options other than "Internet Play" due to the incompatible formats used by the two platforms. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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