Format mac os x external hard drive

The operation will erase all data and your files will be gone for good. You could use a recovery program like Data Rescue to retrieve them, but the odds of recovery vary. I highly recommend you also create multiple partitions. When I opened it, the default content was all there. It showed this format:. What is NTFS? Note: The tutorial and screenshots below are based on macOS Sierra They might be different if your Mac has a different version.

Make sure your drive is connected. Select the one shown below.

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Learn more about the differences between these file systems from this thread. You can also check to see if the format was successful. Now your external drive has been formatted to be fully compatible with Apple MacOS, and you can edit, read, and write files to it as you want. Open the Disk Utility app and highlight your external hard drive. If you select the one below it, the Partition option will be greyed out and become unclickable.

Format a Mac's Drive With Disk Utility (OS X or Later)

Located on the left is a big blue circle with the name of your external drive together with its volume size. Then allocate the desired volume to each partition.

Available Mac File Systems Explained

You can do that by clicking the small white circle and dragging it around. Drives are the top-level devices, with volumes appearing indented and below the drives. Drives also have a disclosure triangle next to them that can be used to reveal or hide the volume information. A panel will drop down, warning you that erasing the selected drive will destroy all data on the drive. It will also allow you to name the new volume you're about to create. Select the format type and partition map scheme to use see below.

In the Erase panel, enter the new name for the volume you're about to create. Make your selection.

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In the Erase panel, after you have made all of your selections, click the Erase button. Click the Done button. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. G-Technology 3. Related Articles. Buying Guide. Brett Smith. Specs for Apex Legends. Top Ten Laptops of the Year, Desktop Solid-State Drives. USB Flash Drives.

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Format an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive for Mac OS X

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Ted H. I run Linux and use ext4. Too bad you did not mention ext4. Tuxera or Paragon for Mac!!