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Resolved multiple issues with crashes and the User Interface. I enjoyed the Quicken software. The app is nice. But I feel that the app is just a regurgitation of what the desktop version is without customization. I feel that as a mobile app I need more customization.

For example, I want to be able to see my budget right up front.

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When I am out and about, that is the information I care about so as to not blow my budget. The other information is great. And needed to make decisions on finances. But I would much rather just make those big decisions off the desk top version. I would like to see the app customizable so that I can view what I need to view on the main screen. Thank you. Double-click, choose the app from the open apps, same thing happens. Left my previous review here from I really need to find a better alternative. List 2 months of data thanks to the not knowledgeable rep. Not a happy camper. Agree with the other reviewer that everything is harder to read.

I do not mind entering what I spend where it needs to go.


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Thank you anyone who can lead me in a direction. With the Premier version Quicken Bill Pay is included although I understand you only get 15 transactions. But you still have to buy stamps and those stamps add up not to mention the proprietary envelopes and blank checks. The perfect program would be one that allows a dot matrix printer to print the account number and routing number on blank check stock, plus the latitude where to place my name and address and the name and address of the payee so I could use a standard 10 envelope which I could purchase at Walmart.

I fear that is asking too much. Why not a laser printer? Those checks come 3 to a sheet and most laser printers will not allow a single check to advance through the printer. On the flip side check reading equipment in the banking industry probably will not read the account and routing numbers printed with the ribbon in dot matrix printers. Oh, what to do??? Mine all offer it for free. Works fine. Yes, I have to login, but. You were basically sending a scheduled transaction to your checking account bank.

Essentially telling your bank to send it at a specified date. Simply put, I scheduled ALL my bill payments through the Quicken software for years and it never cost me a dime. Some people like me and others posting replies here only want a program to track our accounts. Last time I had to upgrade Quicken , I found a spreadsheet template for tracking accounts, but managed to get by with With Mint you can change transaction dates when needed for budgeting alignment.

For us who receive a 1st of the month paycheck, which usually posts early when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday non-banking day , the inability to change the date completely messes up the ending month and next month budgets. Happens about 3 times a year. Or what if I make an ATM withdrawal on or near the last day of the month but want it to hit the next month where it will be spent? This makes Personal Finance PC worthless for budgeting. The change transaction date feature has been requested for years and PC ignores it. Poor customer service in my opinion.

No thanks to PC. Mint sounds great.. Can I say that a program that was once very good is now something I despise? Apparently Quicken is not allowing an import of QFX files. Another push toward their rental policy!

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  4. Who ever the heck owns the program these days deserves a loss of revenue and a lower stock price. Have selected a software other than Quicken? If so, who have you selected. Everything I see is pointing to Personal Capitol but I have my concerns. Moneyspire is mediocre at best and their CS is non existent. Works for a few days then wont download and Customer Service is no where to be found.


    So everyone who was a long time Quicken user hates the new subscription arrangement and is looking for alternatives. Is there anything that will take care of the simple needs of a retiree that has forsaken the usual retirement model, hunkered down to SS and an odd job and frugal living, no investments, volunteer work? I just want to keep track of my income and expenses — for free. Google Sheets — a spreadsheet if your needs are that simple. The program has value that they should be able to earn a return on.

    All the programs out there are going this way. Office, etc. I get it.

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    Using Quicken since s. Hate the more than 3 times the price as 2 years ago, but went wjth it. Many Canadian investment funds i. Tangerine investments have not updated since October … matter brought with Quicken, but customers are given the runarounds. This is why i am now forced to look for another similar software. I really liked Quicken, but since Intuit sold it, the service and product quality went downhill. I want a simple program that lets me download the transaction data from my bank into an easily readable register.

    I just want to download transaction data from my bank, categorize, and print reports. Savings 2 is an app that is a replacement for Quicken on Mac that aims to simplify by eliminating unnecessary features. It is also very affordable. I am the developer of this app. Go to savingsapp. I am still using Quicken That, in my opinion, was the last usable version of quicken.

    I bought a couple of other versions but they were terrible.

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    The new subscription model is a no go for me. I have yet to find a suitable alternative to Quicken. Most want you to store everything on their severs. NO WAY! I have started writing my own software as nothing exists. My sentiments exactly. Each new version got worse and worse. And, buggy. I use and the clipboard copy interaction stops working after about 30 minutes.

    You can continue to use the software forever, without the downloading of stock prices and use of Quick Pay. Same boat. Moneydance imports Quicken files easily. I ran them in parallel and MD works fine. I am so used to Quicken and the interface is different. Its just another money grab IMO. I have and it was worse than IMHO. I set up bill pay at the utility or whatever — I just want to be able to track in a program. It still downloads from bank but will stop April 30, How many Mac apps are there to manage your Money? But not all are as complex or expensive as Quicken Essentials.

    A few help Mac users manage a checkbook. A few others manage investments. If the Mac is the computer for the rest of us, then Buddi is the personal budget software for the rest of us. Buddi is free and aimed primarily at users with little or no financial background.

    Start Buddi by setting up accounts. Checking or savings or credit card. Buddi also defines some specific budget categories, including Salary, Utilities, Rent, and so on. You can edit or add more. Select the amount you spent, select a matching category. Buddi tracks your transactions and spits out a few reports, including income and expense totals, as well as by Category. If all you have is a single checking account and a need to know where the money went, Buddi is fine. Still, Buddi might seem complex to some Mac users. In that case, simple is even better than free.

    One of the very first apps I tried after Quicken was CheckBook. This Mac app is inexpensive and easy to use. Like most money apps, CheckBook lets you set up multiple accounts and categories. You enter the transactions checkbook style. But features abound. Transfer amounts between accounts. Import data from Quicken or other money apps. Even manage multiple currencies.

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    CheckBook Pro adds a few more features, including smart folders, global account summary reports, and scheduled entry reminders. But if all you need is a good digital checkbook, CheckBook is about as easy as it gets. Still on the easy list is EasyMoney. While not as easy as CheckBook, it follows the same path of simplicity, but with a few more goodies. EasyMoney segregates financial functions. Each has a separate window so you can see where money is, where it came from, where it went. Accounts in the left column, transactions in the center column, and an easily understood toolbar at the top to add, delete, edit, transactions and accounts.

    One of my early favorites as a replacement for Quicken is the cute and sassy Cha-Ching. First, Cha-Ching works in a familiar manner.

    Sticking It To The Mac, Man

    Set up accounts, set up categories, set up transactions. But Cha-Ching also lets you sync with iCal so you can be reminded when to pay certain bills. Recurring expenses can be set up according to a schedule.