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Click on the Application tab in the dialog box. Select EndNote Online.

Creating an EndNote online account (EndNote online basics for Windows and Mac)

What referencing styles are available in EndNote Web? Next, add your footnote. A numbered footnote will then appear at the bottom of your document page. Finally insert the citation in the footnote. When the search results are shown, highlight the reference you want and click Insert. The citation will now appear in your footnote. Inserting and customizing references. To insert a reference: First check that the referencing style selected is the one you require.

In Word, position the cursor in the text where you would like the citation to appear and enter a space. Go to the EndNote toolbar and choose Insert Citation s. To customize a reference: In the Brookes Harvard style, the usual format of an in-text citation is author and year, for example: Kelly, You can easily add specific page numbers or customize citations in other ways but you need to do this via the EndNote Web toolbar in Word, rather than by making manual changes: Click on the first formatted citation you wish to change.

You can also use the Edit Citation s option to customize citations in other ways, for example to exclude the author's name or year if you have already mentioned them in the context of the sentence. Use the Prefix or Suffix boxes to enter text that you want to appear immediately before or after the citation text.

Dealing with corporate authors. In the author field, put a comma at the end of the organization's name, for example: University of Sunderland. Creating a stand-alone bibliography. Add the style to the My Favourites box using the Copy to Favourites button. Choose the appropriate format for your bibliography HTML, plain text, rich text. You can save, email or preview and print this bibliography. Frequently asked questions.


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How do I put together the separate chapters of my thesis? Make a copy of each chapter as a backup. If you have already formatted each chapter you will need to unformat them. This will remove the bibliography at the end of the chapter and change the references in the text to their unformatted form. Save these changes. Now you can combine the chapters so the whole thesis is one document.

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You can use the Master Document feature in Word to do this. Create a new Word document and designate this as the Master document, by selecting View, Outline. For each of the chapters you want to insert, click where you want to add the relevant document and on the Outlining toolbar, click Insert Subdocument.

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In the File name box, enter the name of the document you want to add, and then click Open. When you have added all your chapters, save the complete document. Finally format your complete document. Learn how to protect yourself and check your writing for problems.

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Citation Style Guides - EndNote will do most of the work for you, but you should still be familiar with the basics of the style format you are using. This guide offers information on all major citation styles. Hint enter to search. Your citation will be added where you left your cursor, and the full reference will be added to the end of your document as part of the bibliography.

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Editing Citations If you need to make a change to an existing citation in the document, do not attempt to delete or type over existing citations. A window will open that allows you to select your citations and make any necessary changes as required. Formatting the Bibliography You can make changes to your bibliography if desired. Open the Bibliography submenu by clicking the small arrow in the lower-right corner of the Bibliography section: A new window opens with several options for customizing the bibliography.