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However, Mark Skaggs left Electronic Arts for reasons unspecified shortly thereafter, and there was no mention of a Red Alert 3 until over three years later. The game features old units from the previous Red Alert games such as Tanya, Kirov airships, and dolphins.


Red Alert 3 was the first to feature a 3-D engine. Red Alert 3 takes place in another alternate time line that occurs just after the Soviets lost the war in Red Alert 2 - they go back in time and kill Albert Einstein, removing his influence with the Allies and thus removing the existence of nuclear weapons. In Asia, the Empire of the Rising Sun secretly builds a vast army with technologies and weaponry that forces the Allies and Soviets to occasionally form alliances.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 on Steam

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The car stopped in front of the level railing, and the high beam reflected the dazzling and cold brilliance on the steel plate of the armoured vehicle. A soldier wearing a helmet came over and knocked on our windshield door and said in crappy English: "Show your documents. The driver shook the window impatiently and handed his driver's license out. But unfortunately, the big soldier also looked at the window so much that I happened to run into his sinister look: "And you, take out the documents!

I don't have a driver's license. I reluctantly turned over the pocket and handed the red-black book on the body to the soldier outside the window. There was a wooden butt of the ADK rifle on his waist, and there was only a shallow turn on the epaulette. This shows that he is indeed only one of the many Conscripts in the COS force. And we have emergency measures. If they don't want to get shot, they have to let us go. The mobilized soldiers looked at my documents and seemed to find out what happened.

He called a guy with a white helmet. Unlike ordinary soldiers, his limbs are fitted with simple exoskeletons, and the background colour of the epaulettes is not the military green of the COS general forces, but the dark black colour like ink stains. This shows that he is a member of the notorious "Executor" internal affairs force.

The Executor looked at my documents and leaned down and stared at me for a while before I spit out a heavy helmet that I didn't want to hear: "You have been temporarily detained, please stay and help us on the Investigation. As he shouted, he tried to reach into his chest pocket and tried to touch his "emergency device. But the white guy suddenly raised his gun and pointed at him.

And I was sitting in the back seat and I was stared at by the bullets of several black holes - but there was nothing to be afraid of, and it was not the first time that I was pointed at by gun. We have been stunned for a while. I looked at the fierce eyes of the mobilized soldiers, and the black muzzle that shivered in front of me. Their eyes are fierce, but their hands have been shaking steadily. Suddenly, the white guy raised his muzzle and pulled the trigger against the head of his companion.

Later, he punched another soldier to the ground and then gave a shot to the head of the "companion" without mercy. It is difficult for me to describe my mistakes in words. This cold and unappealing guy has killed two of his companions in front of us. Then, the bullets from other mobilized soldiers screamed on his body and opened one hole after another in his body. I watched them from afar, madly attacking the companions around me, as if there was a transcendent power to play with the world. The gunshot finally stopped, and the mobilized soldier who was hit in the head but his hands twitched and pulled the trigger also blew the last bullet in the magazine.

A sweet voice was introduced into my cochlea, and I looked up at the window and saw her clearly. Her long hair, which was infiltrated by rain, curved into a beautiful arc along her body. The British-filled crimson eyelids revealed unparalleled confidence. The slightly raised mouth showed her relaxed mood and kept her nerves.

I can't help but relax in the allergic state. At this time, the driver sitting in the driver's seat had been shocked by the big ups and downs in these few minutes, and his chin was falling to the ground. He even looked at me in disbelief, as if he had to hand over the decision to me. This is the end of the matter, even if I disagree with her request, maybe she can still use the trick to seize the car. At the thought of this, I felt that there was no need to continue to push it down. I gently pushed the door to the door and indicated that she could come in.

It took the driver a while to slow down, and then he was scared and asked: "Is the little girl like you let the bastards kill each other? This is too dangerous, I can't Just like I can let you can do what you need to be done: drive, and let us return to the Embassy District of the Commune. The driver's eyes suddenly lost focus, became blurred and lost, he turned away and then pressed the engine switch. The girl sitting next to me didn't even touch him, and changed his mind.


Carryall is a type of helicopter remodelled from civil product of Aviation Industry Corporation of Commonwealth. As its name says, the primary function of this fragile aircraft is to carry and send troops to designated area. Thanks to the powerful engine, even the largest tank like Mammoth can be taken under the magnetic scrapper. Although Carryall is armed with a In an accident, a squadron of Carryall carrying a battalion of Tenho Tank was ambushed and eliminated by Commune Fighters, directly causing the impeachment of Commonwealth Defence Minister. Thus Tenho were massively manufactured by Fareast countries after the War of Uprising.

It is irony that the most exploits of this MBT is not recorded by destroying hostile military targets, but created by suppressing Social Movement leading by pro-democracy demonstrators after the foundation of COS. In that case, Tenho caused over 3, casualties and "successfully" destroyed the Supreme Soviet Parliament Buildings.

After the incident, Tenho become the symbol of COS injustice tyranny. During the War of Three Powers, the military leaders found that their Hammer Tank was too vulnerable under enemies airpower while the Bullfrog was not capable to cover the sky all the time. To resolve this problem, Tenho was equipped with a KA "Fang" Anti-air missile Launcher, and it will take a long while to aim at the target.

Besides, Tenho can launch Smoke Grenade to slow down the enemies such that it can catch up agile target, or run away when confronting superior forces.

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In the last war, Commanders usually noticed that before they can deploy Heavy Weapon such as Hammer Tank, their Sickles had to confront enemies armoured units. And its Moreover, it is very dangerous to transport soldiers by Bullfrog or Twinblade without air superiority. Hence, the latest Stalker IFV is armed with Type-9 Rocket Launcher and 20mm auto cannon, which make it is capable to versus enemy light-armour unit and infantries.

A special version of Stalker IFV that served Commonwealth Marines and other elite troops even takes amphibious equipment. Stalker is allowed to carry 5 footmen at once, and five Conscripts will stand by in the vehicle initially. It gives astonishing firepower to Commonwealth commanders at the beginning of military conflict. Conscripts are basic infantry of COS with their very loyalty. As time goes by, an increasing number of old people are removed from the conscription list, and the vast majority of young people are out of work.

Some of them choose to join the Army and become a "glorious" conscript. Comparing to their fathers fighting on the battlefield of War of Three Powers, conscripts are equipped with better weapon and under good protection. At present, everyman can receive a latest ADK assault rifle and a bunch of high-explosive grenades that are much safer than Molotov Cocktails.

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Professional officers provide them with shooting course hence they can fire and target at enemies with higher accuracy. Even though, Conscripts are still suffering severe casualties on the battlefield. A famous exiled critic, Wong Lam, announced that it is the betrayal to Communism ideology that makes the army lose its belief, and that is the reason why Conscripts are seemed to be always in low morale.

Command & Conquerâ„¢ Red Alertâ„¢ 3

While almost any healthy male COS citizens without criminal record can choose to be a part of Army, only those who were born in family of high-ranking military official have the chance to join the Executer Troops. They are mainly in charge of the discipline and order in the Army, hence they are authorized to execute the deserters or those who could "possibly be deserters".

The military officially promised that all Executers are strictly selected from the patriots and well-trained so that they will make no mistakes, but a lot of rumours noted that Executers can kill anyone he doesn't like and the high-ranking officials will even make up some "facts" that have never existed to prove the justice of execution.

According to present intelligence, Executers are armed with latest GD-4 universal machinegun, which can provide long range fire support to frontline forces or directly execute a deserter, and have the right to call an airstrike. After locking on the target for a while, a JF "Lightning" fighter will dive into the battlefield and drop numerous bombs on the target. Let's celebrate end of the year with some much needed info update and a release date announcement. Add navy and new units model.

Improved AI and special effects. New model and texture for General 2 RA3.

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