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These applications won't be paged out much regardless if they are running on 1GB or 16GB, but by using the extra memory they may perform better. The only way you can really tell is to run your application before and after and time it.

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Or, you could figure out the working set of all your applications and files, and compare it to the size of your RAM. I don't think performance is all that different most of the time but there is a noticeable improvement in WoW. I'm a bit late but I would absolutely advice you to go to 8GB if you can. There is a significant overall responsiveness boost in most cases. You might ask why? In Mac land it's common to keep applications running. Not to mention if you dare to run VMware for Windows. Not to mention background helpers and utilities.

Basic apps like Safari alone can take up a lot of ram and cause paging easily. I used to have 8GB on a hacintosh and it ran beautifully, extremely responsive. How exactly does paging affect OSX responsiveness? Also launching apps is not as responsive because the HDD is paging. Also creating new tabs in Safari may not be responsive and delay several seconds because of paging. I suggest that you use utilities like iStat Menus to monitor ram usage to evaluate how tight ram usage is. I think you'll be surprised.


4GB ram vs 8GB ram?

I would say 4GB of page outs is definitely a huge number. Ideally, the page outs should be zero, but it also depends on how long your use your computer for between restarts. RAM killer. Too bad RAM prices have spiked in the last 6 months. If I may. I have an i7 with 8 Gb. Sometimes my free RAM is down to Mb. I often work with Capture One and CS3. Is it worth it?

Please see above. Also, minus point for thread resurrection. I know I can upgrade to 8gb and that has been my intention for a long time. I am currently running MacOS Sierra. If I upgrade to 8gb, would I notice much of a performance improvement? I've noticed recently that the memory pressure occasionally goes yellow, but most of the time its green.

More recently Safari has been performing poorly an some websites, but I think thats down to the sites rather than my hardware. Also booting up is quite slow and opening apps can take a while.

Is the MacBook Pro faster with 8GB RAM?

Jan 3, 58 0 18, 1. Have you ever replaced the hard drive in this machine? If not I would suggest that you install an SSD. You would see more benefit from that upgrade then upgrading the RAM. Upgrading the RAM will not improve boot times or application load times.

That is all hard drive dependent.

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Once it's in RAM then it's a different story upgrading will allow you to run more things at once. Jwpanz Commendable. Apr 17, 82 1 1, More RAM is always a good thing especially on your daily-use laptop. It won't speed up your system across the board but it will speed up demanding programs. I'm not sure what you consider as spending a lot but a good budget SSD. Mar 27, 2 0 0. I also want to change my RAM. Jun 14, 4, 2 14, Feb 26, 6 0 1. I would go for the ssd upgrade over the ram upgrade.

Aug 5, 1 0 10 0. The investment is really worse it, the computer is MUCH faster for web browsing, photo browsing and editing under Photos. Moreover, the MacBook will be ready for Mojave! You must log in or register to reply here. MacBooks 1 Jan 2, B Solved! If so which one, and why? Ask a question. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: shldr2thewheel shldr2thewheel.

Answer: A: Answer: A: How to tell if your mac needs more ram. View answer in context.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: dominic23 dominic Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Beyond 8G there will be only very little advantage. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Tomoscan Tomoscan. In my case with 8GB of ram Parallels windozzzz 7 runs much better! Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Otherwise you may be spending money for no gain. Feb 2, PM in response to shldr2thewheel In response to shldr2thewheel Thank, shkdr2thewheel!

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