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But when he does this, QuickTime doesn't recognize. Is there any player that can play. If not, is there a converter that could change. Thanks in advance.

I would like to convert a sound file from a digital voice recorder with the extension. I am on Windows 7 64 bit.

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So I just bought a new little voice recorder, and it's pretty cool. But when I tried to upload the music my band recorded to the computer, it was all in. VOC file format.

I recently got a little voice recording thingy for my birthday but i can't for the life of me figure out how to use the data it presents to me. It records everything into creative labs VOC format which is completely useless since I can't get it to play on the computer. I've tried to find a winamp plugin with no luck; I've tried several free conversion utilities that were not able to open the file.

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I am having the many VOC audio file on my computer system and I want to convert them in the mp3 file format. This ensures that WavPack encoders and decoders will remain open and royalty-free. WavPack 5. With Rockbox installed on these players you can play all current WavPack files in all modes although the very high mode is not recommended and models that allow it can even record to lossless WavPack!

These models have both been discontinued, but currently all of the high-end Cowon Plenue models except the low-cost D support WavPack playback, like this gorgeous gold Plenue 1 pic.

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This is another great looking player pic than even comes with a leather case pic. Click the banner below to see more about the L5 PRO: Moving into the home, Dune HD makes a complete line of media players including the high-end Duo 4K pic and several less expensive, but fully functional, media players.

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