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The expertise of our team is a key element of our business, but our pride comes from our ability to provide timely personalized, dedicated, and competent support to our customers. Our customers are our family. We get to know their goals, their needs, the challenges they face, their concerns and the ultimate mission of their company. We are therefore in a better position to offer a level of service and expertise that goes beyond the simple act of putting a website online.

We can help you grow, improve your sales and achieve all your goals. We offer specialized website services for the automotive market as well as various tools for managing your website, your used vehicle inventory as well as managing your opportunities. This allows the PX to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need for downloading drivers. Couleurs Choisissez une option For more details or for financing please call us at: Ajouter au panier. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. The configuration panel also has dropdown lists for the specification of the appropriate. Selecting the appropriate options among these is critical for. Complete this by ensuring that all the data columns have the appropriate. The top blue row of the data table contains the column. The blue row of balloons immediately. These balloons. If the. For example, to indicate the correct column.

Continue in this way to ensure all the column headings in the blue row of. It is a file format that allows you to view or edit information. First, the data. Second, all. Because of its. The field separator. Note that each. Here is an example of dive information for four dives.

Illovo Beach,,,, Key Largo,,,, Wismar Baltic,,,, Pulau Weh,,,, Illovo Beach Key Largo Wismar Baltic Pulau Weh It is clear why many people prefer the TAB-delimited format to the. The disadvantage is that you cannot see the TAB. If the field names in. Here is a highly simplified and shortened TAB-delimited. Avoid some special characters.

The file should use UTF However, the. Companion App hasn't been under development in several years and has now. The functionality is. Please note that the old GPS fix. Please switch to. The app is free. The iOS version is currently. A PIN number is e-mailed. Type the PIN into the appropriate text field in the Credentials. The collection. The app will try to get a location every X. Minimum distance between two locations. If subsequent locations are within a radius of 50 meters from the previous one,.

If the diver is not moving, only one location is. If the diver moves, a trace of the route is obtained by saving a location every 50 meters. Selecting this starts the automated. Within the dive site panel, provide a name for the coordinates. Many if not most divers take photographs or videos during a dive. We term. Images are superimposed on. Right-click on a dive or on a group of dives on the dive list, bringing up. Select the. The system file browser appears. Select the folder and media that. Towards the. Choose the appropriate. If media are imported from the Internet, provide a URL pointing to a single.

If the URL points to a directory, no images are imported: images. If media are loaded. Having selected the local folder or Internet image to be imported, the time. The time synchronization. These two devices often differ by several.

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As long as the device. Towards the top of the dialog is a time. If the camera time is 7 minutes later than that of the dive computer, set the time setting. This is appropriate, since the media need to be shifted. Ignore any "AM" or "PM" suffix. To do this, use the. In this case the top part of the dialog is ignored. Click on. This brings up. This photograph of the dive computer. Now set the date-time dialog to the left of the photo. When the. The image below shows. If the timestamp of a photograph or video is more than 30 minutes before or. However, If the appropriate checkbox is selected see.

For a. But, since a video comprises many images, the question arises of. Two actions are required to. To view the media. This results in a profile display as in the image below:. Hover the mouse over any of the media stubs. A thumbnail image is shown of. See the image below:. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a full size photo or video overlaid on. Selecting the. Be careful when clicking on a. Media taken in rapid succession during a dive therefore. This tab serves as a tool for individually accessing the.

Double-click a thumbnail to view the full-sized image or play. Most underwater photographers store media on an external drive. If such a. This eases the interaction. When associating a. After the external. If the display of media is activated using the toolbox icon to the. If the external drive with the. Inspecting each individual dive in order to determine whether there are. There is a rapid way of seeing which. More information is. If the media or the whole media collection is moved to another drive or to a different.

Because, after moving media, large numbers of files. This brings up a window within. Since recorded during different dive trips might have the same filename, the names of the parent folders are likewise compared. Therefore, the root folder of the NEW picture collection should be chosen. For finer control, it is possible to search. After the searching has completed, the original filenames and the new.

The matching parts of the paths. Media that are found at their known positions are not. For this reason multi-cylinder dives are often used by technical. Enter the cylinders one by one,. If the dive computer does not provide the information, the diver has to.

Below is a two-cylinder dive, starting off. Several dive computers perform automatic recording of cylinder pressure. Older dive computers. Uwatec Galileo, several Suunto models handle more than one pressure. Some of the latest models e. Shearwater Perdix. AI, Scubapro G2 record two or more pressure transducers concurrently and. Regardless of. However, automated recording of cylinder. Sidemount diving is just another form of multi-cylinder diving, often with.

See the comments in the. Manual logging of cylinder pressures during sidemount involves. Since sidemount diving normally involves two. In contrast, many dive computers that allow gas switching only distinguish between different. This means when sidemount dives are downloaded. This may mean. The diver needs to provide the. Once the dive log has been imported. Cylinder changes are recorded by right-clicking at the appropriate point on the dive profile, then. A list of the appropriate cylinders is shown with the. In the image below Tank 1 is greyed out, leaving only Tank 2.

Select the appropriate cylinder. The cylinder change is then shown on the dive. After all. Passive semi-closed rebreathers pSCR are a technical advance in diving. While a small amount typically a. A diver. With pSCR. To log pSCR dives, no special procedures are required. Use the normal steps. Define all the appropriate cylinders as described above and indicate the. This is because fresh gas is only supplied at a slow rate. For pSCR dive. Below is a dive profile of a pSCR. Note that this. These values are. If the oxygen content of the loop is not. If the oxygen.

In addition, the. The vertical distance. For this reason the diver often completes the shallow. To indicate such changes in divemode,. From the context. Some dive computers record such changes in divemode as part of the.

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The appropriate icon is shown on the depth profile see image. An OC. During the ascent, there was a bailout to OC at 14m. Note, for the OC. Closed system rebreathers also recirculate gas that has been. However, they use advanced technology to maintain a breathable. In contrast to a conventional recreational dive. Rather, each dive is stored independently. However, the Shearwater based CCR systems are different in this. Except for Shearwater CCR dive. See the section. Use that software to download the dive. As explained in that section, the bottom right hand of the.

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Import for other CCR equipment is under active development. In contrast to. In this case the graph for oxygen. APD , the mean value is also used. If one of the three sensors provides false. The oxygen setpoint values as well as the readings from the individual. The display of additional CCR information is. Checking any of these boxes allows the display of additional oxygen-related. The first checkbox allows the display of setpoint. This is an orange line superimposed on the green oxygen partial. The second checkbox allows the display of the data from each individual.

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The data for each sensor is color-coded. This allows the direct. The setpoint data can be overlaid on the oxygen sensor data by activating. Partial pressures for nitrogen and helium,. These events are indicated by yellow triangles and, if you hover. Right-click on the dive profile to generate a dive. An appropriate icon is shown on the depth. In most CCR equipment it is also possible to. This can also be reflected in the dive log and.

The case. In this case the CCR equipment. In such. Below is a dive profile for a CCR. In cases where bailout occurs using a. Some dive. CCR dive computers, however, report an internally-calculated deco ceiling. The default color of the computer-generated deco ceiling is white. This can. The profile above indicates the dive. The pressures of these two. Below is a dive profile for a CCR dive,. In this case there is agreement from the readings of.

This may.

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  7. More equipment-specific procedures and information for downloading CCR dive. The Dive Map has a number of buttons useful for manipulation several aspects. Select this button to show the Dive Map as a satellite image or as a Google. Zoom in. Select a smaller area of the map. Zoom out. Select a larger area of the map. The "Hamburger" button on the top right-hand of the Dive Map activates the. Open the location of the active dive in a. Copy the coordinates of the active. In the Dive List panel, highlight all the. This allows easy selection of the dives.

    Les informations utiles. Quand cela est. Maj-clic avec la souris. Cet onglet affiche le nombre de.

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    Le profil de. Les fonctions de ces boutons. En plus de la. Cette information est. Ainsi les utilisateurs, peuvent voir la. La profondeur moyenne. In this situation, the data reflect the. Moving the cursor. It gives extensive statistics about depth, gas and ceiling. These include: Time period into the. Information Box, shown as four buttons on the left of the profile.

    En plongeant sous la MOD, il y a un risque. NDL is the time duration that a diver can continue with a dive,. Once a diver has exceeded the NDL and. TTS includes ascent time as well as decompression time. Even if the. TTS longer than 2 hours is not. The value of SAC is less. SAC gives. These are important to. Their values are dependent on the. The EAD is the depth of a hypothetical air. A nitrox dive leads to the same decompression.

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    The END is the. If at some point a isobaric counter diffusion situation is encountered in. Note that this condition not only. In the case of trimix, it is the pressures of nitrogen and helium. In this example, the user is diving with EAN32, so the equilibrium. The gradient factor shown is an. That is the pressure value of inert gases at which bubble formation. These five values are shown on the left in the image above. The way the Gas. Pressure Bar Graph changes during a dive can be seen on the right hand side.

    Few of the. The fast. The slower compartments. Further ascent will result in. The fast compartments have decreased in pressure. As expected, the. The pressures in. Many dive computers record events during a dive. For instance, most dive. On the other hand,. Some dive computers also report notifications, e. The alarms, warnings and notifications differs from one dive. The reporting of. In addition,. Events are indicated by symbols on the dive profile. Notifications are shown. By moving the cursor over a.

    These are indicated as a small red flag on the profile and are. Partial pressures of oxygen are indicated in green,. These partial pressure graphs are. Ceci n'est. The air consumption takes depth into account so that even when.

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    Like the depth graph, the slope of the tank pressure provides. Here the color coding is not.