Open disk drive mac pro tower

The key carries an icon that looks like an underlined pyramid, similar to the ejection-button markings on DVD and Blu-ray players.

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When you press and hold the Media Eject key, the Mac releases the disc in its internal or attached external optical drive. If your keyboard layout doesn't include a Media Eject key, the F12 key substitutes for it. Apple's iTunes and Disk Utility applications include provisions for ejecting optical discs through software. Some third-party applications also include controls for ejecting discs, especially software designed for burning DVDs and CDs. If keyboard and software controls don't succeed in ejecting your recalcitrant disc, you can start or restart your computer to take advantage of a power shortcut designed to accomplish the task.

After you press the computer's power button or choose "Restart" from the Apple menu and immediately after you hear the startup chime, press and hold the main -- or only -- button on your mouse.

You have a couple options, depending on how stuck it is....

Your Mac should eject the disc before it finishes starting up. If you rarely use CDs or DVDs and don't use a Mac with a built-in optical drive, you may have set up your Finder preferences so OS X doesn't display icons for these items on your desktop. Press the small button on or near the disc drive to eject the tray or disc.

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However, I am stumped. Surface Pro; Xbox One X;. Work with optical drives to force any stuck media in your optical drive to be. Force eject doesn. Got the message ' drive is in use, force eject? While ejecting a CD from a laptop is generally simple,. Force Eject a Disc on Boot. My Mac would turn on but it got stuck on the white screen just after startup.

How To Open the CD / DVD Drive on a Mac Pro

Mac Pro Mid pdf manual download. Check out these tips and become the Mac. The last models were the Mac Pro,.

No amount of force eject tips is. From to as part of the Power Macintosh line. So if your Mac fails to start- up regularly, try these quick tips to troubleshoot your problem s and get your Mac back to normal operation! Recently I had this problem. That disks can be safely removed from a Powerbook Pro Mac with a.

CD tray on my Mac OS X open and close by itself

Mac Pro Tower Service Parts;. Drives in my Mac Pro. Best Electronics Rev. A list of all the disks currently attached to your Mac is returned by diskutil. The Mac uses identifiers in the following format: diskx where x is a number. The Mac counts drives starting at 0 and adding 1 for each additional device it finds.

Examples of the identifier then are disk0, disk1, disk2, and so on. You may see entries like this:. In this example, there are two physical disks disk0 and disk1 , each containing additional partitions. Read across to find the identifier, and then use just the base name of the identifier in the diskutil eject command. The DVD that is stuck in the Mac shows up as disk1s3. Once you have the optical drive's identifier in the example disk1, you're ready to use Terminal to eject the media from the specific drive.

Remember to change the identifier in the above example to match the identifier you found using the diskutil list command. If the stuck media is in an external DVD drive, there is a good chance that it may have an emergency disk eject system. This simple system consists of a small hole usually located just below the DVD drive tray.

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To eject a stuck DVD, unfold a paperclip and insert the now straight clip into the ejection hole.