Wd my passport mac os x 10.4.11

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Changing the Finder icon for an external disk formatted as ExFat? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 3k times. And the icon is not that important. It would just be a nice touch. What I've tried: Basic. If so, how? You can open a. Does that work? I am not sure what you are doing wrong. I tested on my Mac and this works. My procedure is a little different from what you are using. IronCraftMan No, gives me the same incorrect image. DavidAnderson You did this with an ExFat drive? Both fat and exfat.

WD My Passport for Mac Review

MBR partitioned with 5 partitions. I don't think GPT partitioning would be different. How is your drive partitioned? If you something goes wrong read this: There must be a cache of volume names to icons buried in OS X. Something like the following is happening: The operating system encounters a valid. Even if the. This is one of the bugs! Rename the drive to some name never used before.

Eject the drive and remove from the computer. If necessary, quit the Disk Utility application.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB Portable USB Hard Drive Review

If necessary, quit the Terminal application. Select "Relaunch". Connect the drive back into the computer Drag and drop the. Experienced users can also use the Terminal application to verify this file exists Use the Disk Utility application to unmount the partition volume.

Use the Disk Utility application to mount the partition volume. David Anderson David Anderson I tried with the first icon in that. The drive is partitioned as a Guid Partition Map. Lasse: If my update does not work, I give up!

If you something goes wrong read this:

Be sure to read my answer all the way to the end. I will try your final steps when I come back home later today, out of the house right now so don't have the disk. I did relaunch Finder and restart my computer at some point but I'm not sure what else I did just before and after so I'll be sure to try your specific steps.

Thanks for the effort, even if it turns out not to help me out! Change the name of the drive will fix it. All data lost. There are quite a few threads online concerning the use of these as Time Machine drives, unsuccessfully. I bought a GB one of these a few weeks for use with a MacBook. It seems to work fine doing SuperDuper clones and booting the MacBook.

It feels a bit slower but otherwise OK. The small, no power cord, form factor is excellent. I have 6 WD external harddrives and love them. One I use for backups of my computers and the rest I have graphics on. I believe they are excellent drives. With them, I am able to keep my computers harddrives uncluttered and and fast.

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None of them have failed me. Based on my sample set of two, the portable Western Digital drives last 1 to 1. Fortunately, mine is still operating as expected but this always is a concern of mine. You might try taking it into a computer service center. A friend of mine had a portable hard drive fail on him once and they were able to work some magic and get stuff off, for a price of course. It was working fine yesterday, now I cannot access anything I stored. I googled also, and no usefull solution is obviously known. My step-mom got me it and when i plug it in it installs it then says ready to use.

After that i tried searhing fo it under:computer. THEY are crap ,brought 2 both died within 12 months of buying. Anyone have problems with breaking pin connectors on the HD? I figured that it would be a good idea, so I said to use it, assuming that I would still be able to use it as a normal hard drive as well. It said that a reformat was required and I googled that and got the impression that was normal for a new one no matter what, so then I continued and it said that it would have to erase anything on it to use it, which I figured was fine because it was brand new and so it had nothing on it.

After realizing how much space Time Machine was going to take up, I canceled it it had just started and now, the My Passport icon is gone and I cannot find it anywhere on my computer. What do I do?

I just moved everything to wordpress so everything is broken

It just seems to have completely disappeared. I disconnected my drive and plugged it back in and it password protected itself! For Mac users at least, this is an absolutely demonic drive. Why was it necessary to install proprietary driver software to use this drive? Why does so much drive space have to be wasted on a separate virtual virtually, stupidly wasteful partition that cannot be erased. The smartware demons running in the background even when the drive is not plugged in!

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Oh, did I mention it was very, very expensive compared to the competition? Why pay less when you can get ten times the aggravation? Hi Guys, I have read many people having the same issues with it requiring passwords that none of us installed. I am devasted. There has to be some way to get around this. Mine seemed to start when i installed norton but can be sure.

I have emailed wd and got nothing back. If anyone can walk me through this i will pay cash. The same problem with WD essential gb. Does the WD take any responsibility for their defected products??? I tried using WD Quick Formatter. It got disconnected and when i replugged it is asking me for a password.

Never set a password in the first place…. Can someone please explain to me how can i do that?

Repair a Mac OS X HFS+ Partition table – [PERR0_HUNTER]

I have none of that. I am so disappointed. Going to purchase a Samsung today to try and get my data ghosted over to. Wd should be aware of this very terrible thing. Just like everyone else, i too have been having a problem with my passport. Ive had mine for almost a year, and yesterday i was in the middle of moving files from the passport to my computer. When it finished its task it password protected itself.

It went from gb to mb. I called WD up and explained what happened. The guy i spoke with asked me if i had any important documents on it.