Sophos for mac not working

Be cautious when you perform this step.

Sophos Antivirus is not running

Does Sophos Anti-Virus comes with a dedicated uninstaller? Trashing this app will automatically activate the uninstall tool. Think the uninstall is over since Sophos Anti-Virus has disappeared from the Applications folder? Actually you have not totally got rid of all its components yet.

'Issues detected' shown in a Sophos for Mac scan - On Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

If you aim at thoroughly removal, you are supposed to run a search for all items pertaining to Sophos Anti-Virus. Here is how you can detect and delete all traces:. Notice : Whether you are a Mac novice or veteran, it is risk-taking to delete files in the hidden Library folder. Any mis-operation might trigger problems on other apps or affect system files. Felt complicated to complete the whole process?

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For those who prefer to save much time in uninstalling Sophos Anti-Virus, the undermentioned solution could be a better choice. Considering that some users may get lost in the manual solution, we suggest Mac beginners to utilize a reputable tool to perfectly uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus. Which tool is more suitable for all-level users and high-efficient in the uninstall task? Featured with an user-friendly interface and powerful engine, Osx Uninstaller enables you to achieve a clean uninstall.

Fix Installation & Uninstall Issues

Now watch the clip to know how this app works. Step 3. Click Complete Uninstall, and then click Yes to execute the uninstall. Step 4. Click on Back to Interface button to re-scan currently installed apps.

With Osx Uninstaller in hand, you can get rid of any unwanted apps within a few clicks, and there is no need to worry about app leftovers or incomplete uninstall at all. How about give it a try now?

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You will love the convenience it brings. This guide lists two options of uninstalling Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac. Does any of them help resolve your issue? When I attempt to start it from the program itself, the error window says, "Check with the developer to make sure Sophos Anti-Virus works with this version of OS X.

You should be able to find that in the "Applications" directory.

Installation failed on Sophos Home Mac – Sophos Home Help

But if it's not there you can grab a new copy from here. User Help.

Site Search User. Free Tools. Blog Members Knowledge Base Cancel. This group requires membership for participation - click to join. Thread Info. State Not Answered Date valamis. Have a cool product idea or improvement? Sophos won't start Turned on the Mac this morning, Sophos didn't start on boot and I tried starting it manually, popped up an error screen with nothing helpful.

Thanks Hey Valamis, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. One thing I should ask is: what version of SAV are you running? Sophos ver.