Mac mini 2012 i5 geekbench

Running two 23" external monitors. Performance is very nice no numbers , and no more spinning beachballs! I'm new to Macs, and love both the Air and the Mini! More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Geekbench: New iMacs Up To 25 Percent Faster Than Models – The Mac Observer

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. View answer in context. Loading page content. User profile for user: steve steve Apr 14, PM in response to Mark Thornton In response to Mark Thornton Even if you did not ask for our thoughts on the i7, a "happy post" here in the emergency room is always welcome. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Apr 14, PM in response to steve In response to steve Sorry but what does "happy room" mean? Apr 14, PM in response to Mark Thornton In response to Mark Thornton If you meant to write "emergency room", it means this forum usually only gets questions about problems instead of "I am happy" statements, like the emergency room at a hospital.

User profile for user: John Galt John Galt. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Thank you for that, John. Apr 14, PM in response to BDAqua In response to BDAqua Wow that's not much more than my mini but i guess the i7 results are with the stock rpm hard drive, i'd like to see the same results but with a rpm drive like mine. Anyway I think the higher ones here must be a faster drive Excuse me while I bounce off the ceiling. User profile for user: woodmeister50 woodmeister I get a Geekbench score of , in 64 bit test.

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Integer Processor integer performance Floating Point Processor floating point performance Memory Memory performance Stream Memory bandwidth performance Apr 15, PM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister50 That's some score! Prior to that, a CPU ran at one speed — perhaps two if it had an energy saving mode. But with the Core i family, the published speed is just a starting point. Turbo Boost allows one or more cores to run faster than their nominal speed, but just how much faster makes a huge difference.

That all pales in the face of the 1. Turbo Boost allows it to run at close to double its nominal speed — 2. Why is the nominal speed so low? Because this is a CPU designed for low power consumption, particularly in notebooks. Honestly, this is not a model you sell based on its rated CPS speed.

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  • Geekbench: New iMacs Up To 25 Percent Faster Than 2011 Models.
  • As with most Apple products, you sell it based on what it does and how well it can do it — not to mention the longevity and long-term value inherent in most Apple products. Put another way, the 2.

    Impressions of the 2012 Mac mini (updated)

    It would make me happy. How many USB ports do you want or need? Do you want a built-in SD card slot? Do you want a faster SATA hard drive bus? What about the graphics chip and video output? The and Minis use 1. A as their hard drive bus. And Minis, 6. A, but if you want to put in an SSD for maximum throughput, Rev. C is blazingly fast, while Rev. B is pretty darn fast in its own right.

    Except for the Mac mini servers, all Minis through the Mid model have built-in optical drives. None of the servers and no Minis introduced since have the option of a built-in optical drive. The and earlier models have UltraATA optical drives. Post models have SATA optical drives, making it easier to swap in a second hard drive should you choose to do so.

    The Mac mini went back to 4 USB ports in In , Apple went back to four USB ports with its redesigned case. If you want USB 3. The original spec is now known as FireWire , and it is standard on all Mac minis through With the model, Apple moved to FireWire , which is backward compatible with FireWire devices with the right cable. FireWire was standard through With the models, Apple dropped built-in FireWire completely, although you can use a Thunderbolt adapter if you need to connect FireWire devices.

    Speaking of Thunderbolt, that first came to the Mac mini with the Mid revision with 10 Gbps of bandwidth. The Late model bumped that to 20 Gbps. The Mid and later models support output to one display using HDMI and another using Thunderbolt digital video output.

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    In , some models the 2. The entry-level 1. OS X Apple raised the bar with the Early Mac mini, supporting up to 8 GB of system memory, which is adequate for most users running most versions of the Mac OS.

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    However, the Late Mac mini has its system memory soldered in place, so be sure you buy it with enough memory going forward. The Mid Mini has built-in Apple built Bluetooth 2. The Mid model moved to Bluetooth 4. Every Mac mini through the Late models uses an external power supply.

    Welcome to Low End Mac

    Every Mac mini starting with the Mid model has a built-in power supply. If you want to run anything newer than OS X If you have a lot of open apps or open browser windows, seriously consider going to 8 GB.

    New 2012 Mac Mini 2.3Ghz i7 Quad Core Geekbench

    At this point, only the most serious power users need more than that. If you opt for the Mac mini, be sure you buy it with enough system memory. My library file is about 17mb and xml file is about 34mb and the media folder about gb inc some movies on an external drive. I keep looking at upgrading but just based on your raw single thread horsepower numbers above the very latest mac mini is about 2. Do you have any experience of this sort of thing?