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Taking advantage of auto-fill is a good strategy for this. The location search result will be displayed with a red push-pin icon. At the top right there is a share icon, which can be used to share the results of the search.

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The distance from your current location is also displayed. To use different viewing options of the Maps app: Use the Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite tabs at the top center to indicate which view of the map you need. In the Standard view you get a visually simple view of a map with no satellite imagery. In the Hybrid view, the gorgeous maps include neighborhood names and sections of cities such as Little Italy or Old Town. The Satellite view displays imagery with no overlay of the road names or attractions.

Below is a view of Los Angeles with Standard on the left, Hybrid in the middle, and Satellite on the right. The images below are the result of using 3D mode.

How to Use Favorites With the Mac Maps App

To display your current location: Click on the navigation icon at the far left of the toolbar at the top. Your current location will be displayed with a blue dot in the center of the screen if location services are turned on on your Mac. The suggested routes will be displayed below. For walking directions, click on the icon of the pedestrian in the top left of the sidebar.

Directions can be saved by clicking the Share icon and choosing Add Bookmark. To view traffic, construction, and alternate routes: When you are getting directions, click on the cars icon on the top left to see traffic and roads on your route that are under construction. The sidebar on the right will indicate how many suggested routes there are at the top.

In the map, alternate routes are indicated with the transit time displayed for that route. Clicking on the time changes the turn by turn directions on the sidebar in the right to that route. To share locations or directions: The sharing icon at the top left of the Maps app allows you to share directions or a location by Email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and via iCloud to iOS devices that are logged into the same iCloud account.

It also has options to add a location to bookmarks or contacts. To show the scale of the map: The scale of the map can be displayed by choosing View on the main menu and then clicking Show Scale. The scale is displayed at the bottom left. The globe view is also accessible from within the Find iPhone app by simply switching to satellite view and then pinching to zoom out.

Is this a confirmed limitation of the Mojave version of Maps? If you just set to satellite and then zoom in, as indicated above, you will not see the globe view. That method only works on macOS High Sierra and earlier versions. It works on my MBP with Beta ver. You need to be in 3D mode for it to work. Sometimes it gets stuck in 2D mode.

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