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The album version of the song contains a sample of " The Message " by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five ; and the song was later sampled in "Jambo " by Tonex. The official music video for the song was directed by Paul Hunter. In position fixing navigation , a position fix PF or simply a fix is a position derived from measuring external reference points.

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In nautical applications, the term is generally used with manual or visual techniques such as the use of intersecting visual or radio position lines rather than the use of more automated and accurate electronic methods such as GPS ; in aviation, use of electronic navigation aids is more common. A visual fix can be made by using any sighting device with a bearing indicator.

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Two or more objects of known position are sighted, and the bearings recorded. Bearing lines are then plotted on a chart through the locations of the sighted items. The intersection of these lines is then the current position of the vessel.

Usually, a fix is where two or more position lines intersect at any given time. If three position lines can be obtained, the resulting "cocked hat", where the 3 lines do not intersect at the same point, but create a triangle where the vessel is inside, gives the navigator an indication of the accuracy in the three separate position lines. A file is set of documents maintained by the US government for members of the United States armed forces. A file may also contain personal information such as home of record, and awards documents.

Typically, a file contains one or more of the following:.

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The file is an important document for service members to maintain, as the documents it contains are important for access to benefits such as the VA Loan and the GI Bill. Clone elements to automatically create XML code for deck 2, 3, Picture highlighter that analyses all XML code and highlights every position in the picture that has been coded. You will never miss a button again. First Name. Last Name. By the way, I'm running windows 7 at x Posted Sun 06 Nov 11 am.

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I am getting the invalid skin file error line 0 in the xml. I cannot find anything useful posted in the forums to try. I am running Win7 I don't know what to do from here.

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Please help. Posted Sun 25 Dec 11 pm. Posted Mon 26 Dec 11 am. Keith Posted Mon 26 Dec 11 am.

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And the virtual dj folder is in the documents folder under the administrator. I am just unclear why it is not working. I am also running windows 7 64 bit Posted Mon 26 Dec 11 am. I am experiencing the same thing and have tried everything suggested on the virtual dj website. I am running XP. Posted Mon 26 Dec 11 pm.

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